WE Party: Men, Muscles & Music

WE Party

The WE Party is Madrid’s biggest gay pride party. But it’s huge popularity means that WE Party is expanding and taking the party on tour!

WE Party was born in 2010 in Madrid. Ever since, it’s grown steadily to become one of the best and biggest gay parties not only in Spain, but in the world.

As its popularity has exploded, WE Party has grown. It now holds 12 annual parties in Madrid, two festivals (WE Pride Festival and WE New Year Festival) and it travels to over 50 cities all over the world as part of the WE On Tour experience. Pretty impressive, right?

WE PARTY offers a truly unique experience thanks to its shows, visuals, decoration, animation and music, and the best of the best international DJs.I decided to take a closer look at WE Party and speak to some guys who have been – or are going – to find out what makes WE Party so special.

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The Pretty Boy

WE Party: The Music

Apart from having a great time with my friends (and meeting new ones), the thing I love most about going out is the music. For me, it’s what creates the mood and the magic at a party. I love hearing brand new, fresh tracks, remixes of current songs and old favourites too.

WE Party feels the same way. At any given WE Party, you’ll find some of the best DJs behind the decks.

Here are just 3 of WE Party’s resident DJs, along with links to some of their music on Soundcloud:

DJ Paco Johns

WE Party Dj Paco Johns

Listen to his music on Soundcloud here.

DJ Binomio

WE Party DJ Binomio

Listen to his music on Soundcloud here.

DJ Sr. Edu

WE Party Sr Edu

Listen to his music on Soundcloud here.

DJ Alex Acosta

Little Gay Blog – Which We Party have you gone to and what was your favourite thing about it?

Alex – The first one I was a part of was Inferno (last year). And what I loved the most about it was all the organisation they had put into it and the production of the event itself.

The energy that night was unique. I had the pleasure of sharing the decks with the maestro Carlos Gallardo (may he rest in peace). It was an amazing night!

Would you do it again and why?

Of course I’ll do it again. It was a very unique WE Party theme type of event, yet staying true to what WE Party is.

WE Party - Alex Acosta

You can follow Alex on Instagram.
Listen to his music on Soundcloud here.

DJ Dan Slater

I recently spoke with Dan Slater, who will be DJ-ing at his first ever WE Party in 2017. Here’s what we chatted about.

Little Gay Blog – You travel the globe playing at some of the world’s best parties. What’s unique about WE Party and what’s your #1 favourite thing about it?

Dan – This will actually be there first time that I’ve DJ’ed in Spain and for WE Party, so I’m pretty excited.

The event I’m DJ-ing at is PRIDE PARK. It is a collaboration with WHITE PARTY PALM SPRINGS and XLSIOR Mykonos, and one unique thing about this event that the venue has never been used for an LGBT event before.

My favourite thing would have to be the production. From staging and costumes, to dancers, lighting and theming. Every last detail has been in planning for months, and this event is going to be EPIC!

Without giving too much away, what sort of sound can people expect from you at WE Party, and how do you decide on the right sound for the party?

PRIDE PARK is going to be a massive day party at Parque de Enrique Tierno Galván. So my music will definitely be fun and uplifting with a mixture of commercial, class and vocal tracks. I think this creates the perfect energy for a day party.


WE Party - Dan Slater

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Listen to his music on Soundcloud here.

WE Party: The Men

While music is important to a great party, ultimately it’s the people who you go with and those that you meet, that transform a good party into an unforgettable experience.

The jewel in the party crown would have to be the WE Pride Festival held every year during gay pride in Madrid, Spain. This is one BIG party! How big? Well, in 2017 WE Pride Festival will for the first time in history be held at the same time as Euro Pride Festival.

All up, over hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world will be dancing, partying and celebrating together.

I spoke to some guys who have attended previous WE Party events to find out what you can expect at a WE Party. Here’s what they had to say!


Last year, I had the opportunity to be part of the WE Pride Party. I went to many parties  and the truth is, I would definitely do it all again.

WE Parties mixes something different in each of their parties – and all of them are great. It’s difficult to just choose on party – I would do them all again!

WE Party - Daniel

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I actually go to every WE Party Madrid. I love the music, the guys and the amazing group party atmosphere.

My favourite party is the Sandia Party because it is the freshest party they have.

I try to visit all the WE Parties we can – London, Madrid, Torremolinos and Barcelona. I’m really glad to be friends with the owners, Victor and Leo.

WE Party - Fran

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My first WE Party was in London a few year ago. The place was totally amazing. It was filled with handsome, muscly guys. I would definitely do it again, especially with friends. We’d all go crazy and party all night long.

WE Party Apolo

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For more information, check out the WE Party website.
You can also follow WE Party on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.