The Only Way To Live: A M/M Age Gap Romance (The Mechanics of Love Book 1)


The Only Way To Live: A M/M Age Gap Romance is crackling MM romance for lovers of daddy/boy age gap, with some BDSM thrown in for fun!

It’s first book in the Mechanics of Love series by the wonderful MA Innes (who also writes under the name Shawn Montgomery).

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I am a huge fan of MA Innes so I don’t know why it was that I was a little nervous when I started to read The Only Way To Live. I guess it might have had something to do with this book potentially going either way – it could have been really good, or it could have been a complete disaster. I’m always a little on the fence when the storyline concerns a guy going from straight to gay.

Of course, in the very capable hands of MA Innes, it was a pure and unmitigated success. any fears I had about the straight to gay aspect of the story were put aside, given how expertly it was handled.

Age gap + BDSM story telling done right!

The story is about Derek who has his eyes set on Sean, the father of his best friend Ethan. I think the story works so well because Derek’s bubbly, outgoing, and out there personality really shapes the way we see things. Also, the handling of Sean’s sexuality is done so beautifully. It never feels one-dimensional. It was something really well thought through and tied in beautifully to some of the BDSM elements explored in the story.

That’s one area where MA Innes truly shines, the ability to weave BDSM into a love story, and infuse it with some humor and even dare I say it, normality. It stops it from becoming this big, bad scary thing, and something accessible and fun to read, even if BDSM is not your cup of tea.

It’s a slightly shorter story, coming in at around 200 pages, but it is well crafted and full. Nothing feels rushed, and there are some interesting supporting characters which make an appearance further down in the Mechanics of Love series.

The Only Way To Live is a great start to the series and another great entry in the long line of books from MA Innes.