The Globbers: Gay Travel Wanderlust

The Globbers

The Globbers – Luca and Alessandro – are pretty much the epitome of gay travel wanderlust. They’re living their passion for world travel together.

Since I’m in the midst of planning my own three month international travel adventure, I’m finding myself increasingly drawn to others who share a passion for long-term world travel. It’s one thing to see the world from within a tourist bubble, it’s another thing entirely to experience a genuine connection with another culture and people.

Here are just some of the awesome video diaries the guys have produced. This gives you a great insight into how they see and experience the world.

The Globbers in Thailand

The Globbers in Vancouver

The Globbers in Rome

I recently reached out to the guys recently and got their take on travelling together as a couple, the lowdown on South-East Asia (it’s not nearly as scary as many people might think!) and I found out what’s on top of their must-see bucket list.

Check out our chat below!

Little Gay Blog – Hi guys. Thanks for your time. How are you and where in the world are you at the moment?

Hey Paul. We’re based in Bali right now, so we’re very well :-)

How long have you guys been together for?

About two years and half.

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The Globbers 1

What made you decide to start a website and share your travel adventures with the world?

Our biggest and common passion for travel. We thought it was nice to tell about our adventures around the world, isn’t it? And so, two years ago, The Globbers was born.

What’s the best – and worst – thing about travelling together as a couple?

There aren’t best or worst things, because every traveller couple is different from each other. By our side we think that is really important to be synchronised to each other otherwise could be difficult stay together 24/7.

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The Globbers 2

I’ve heard you guys say you love South-East Asia. For people who have never been there, and might be feeling a little unsure about going, what advice would you give them?

South-East Asia is not dangerous. Maybe it’s safer than some western countries. All the locals here are so friendly and nice with everyone, and their cultures are beautiful.

Where in the world would you like to visit that you haven’t had a chance yet?

Are you sure you want to know our endless bucket list? Anyway The Philippines on top.

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The Globbers 3

What’s one thing that you’ve learnt about yourself while travelling?

That’s a good question. Maybe we know better about our limits and our abilities.

Lastly, where would you like to be – and what would you like to be doing – in 5 years from now?

For sure we would love to live in our favourite tropical place, planning our next trips!

For more, check out The Globbers website.
You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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