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Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 9Get the latest episode recaps of Ru Paul’s Drag race season 9 from one of the world’s biggest RPDR superfans. Put the kettle on because THIS. IS. THE. T.

Be sure to check back in here each week for the latest episode recaps! Just make sure you’ve watched the latest episode, as there are obviously spoilers aplenty.

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Episode 1

C’mon season 9 reviews – Let’s get started! OK, so Season 9. Get into this gig. Episode one is finally out and it was EVERYTHING!


First of all I think it’s safe to say we were all GAGGING for Gaga! She was so humble and sweet to all the queens. She really is everything that we all aspire to be.

So this season, I’m gonna just run through the queens 1 by 1 and say what I thought of their performance in the episode. So let’s go:

Aja – I LIVED for Aja’s Gaga look. She looked so good and it was so unexpected I really think she turned it out. I thought her Statue of Liberty outfit was cute but it was a little but basic, wasn’t the worst hometown look though.

Shea Coulee – Both of Shea’s looks SLAYED me. I think she didn’t get the recognition she should have for this episode. Both of her looks were so put together and polished and I just think she should have been top 3.

Eureka Ohara – I LOVED Eureka’s home town look. It was so funny and I think she did something unexpected but it worked for her. And her Gaga look was a good look on her. I think if someone like Valentina or Sasha tried to pull that look off it would flop, but Eureka pulled it off and that’s why I think she was in the top 3!

Nina Bo’nina Brown – Now I’m not exactly Nina’s No.1 fan, but I have to give her props, this episode was HERS for the taking! Right off the bat her entrance was my personal favourite out of any entrance look EVER from the show, and then her peach look…She has a way of turning something kinda simple and basic into a fully realised conceptual piece. She completely deserved the win in my opinion

Sasha Velour – Sasha didn’t really stand out to me this week, I was LIVING for her Applause Gaga look, that was one of my faves from the episode, but other than that she was very in the middle for me… Wasn’t the best and wasn’t the worst.

Jaymes Mansfield – I actually felt really sorry for Jaymes because I LOVED her hometown look. I thought she did really well in that area. Her Gaga wasn’t my favourite but I just felt as though she was being almost kinda attacked in Untucked (Laganja-style). I hope she brings it next week because she’s so fierce. She just needs the chance to show it.

Valentina – For someone who’s only been doing drag for 10 months, Valentina is POLISHED to perfection! I think she was very glad it wasn’t a sewing challenge since she doesn’t sew.

Trinity Taylor – Her hometown look had me GAGGING! I don’t knpw why the judges didn’t like it but I LIVED FOR ITTTT! Her Gaga look was cute but I wished she had more detail in the blood.

Farrah Moan – Farrah really impressed me this week. Her Gaga look was SO ACCURATE I just wish she did the reveal. Her vegas look was BREATHTAKING!! She’s one to watch for sure.

Alexis Michelle – Alexis stands out to me so much. Both of her looks had me truly living for her and I totally do not understand why she wasn’t in the top 3! Most robbed of the week for sure.

Kimora Blac – Kimora kinda faded this week. She was very safe and didn’t stand out too much. Her looks were stunning but other than that she didn’t impress me that much.

Peppermint – GURL…As the first openly transgender queen, she represented her part of the community SO WELL! Her 3 looks were so different and I think she was very under appreciated this week…My only problem with her was her lace. It made her wigs look like they didn’t fit her head so I’m hoping that doesn’t happen every week.

Charlie Hides – CHARLIE KILLED THAT GAGA RUNWAY! She’s doing the UK so proud and I’m so happy with everything she did! Her reveal was bad but that doesn’t make me hate the look…She did so well I’m so proud of our UK fish.

THE 14th QUEEN – GURRLLLLL THAT IS THE GAGGARINIE! Let’s be real, there’s only one queen that it could be…cu-culd it be anyone else? I think not mis amores :-)

So that’s it guys! Tune in next week to VH1 to watch the next episode and find out who the 14th queen really is!

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Pre Season T (Feb 2017)

With season 9 right around the corner this season is shaping up to be the best yet!

So before the season begins officially, let’s get into it with some of my pre season predictions and my thoughts on the queens and the show!

Gagging for Gaga

Okay, so now that we can officially say that the mother monster Lady Gaga is here and will be a guest judge on season 9. It’s already got us all gagging!

With Gaga’s guest appearance, I’m assuming we will be getting a Gaga runway, and a definite Gaga lipsync for your life.

There have been many Gaga songs in the past. We’ve had ‘Bad Romance’, ‘Born This Way’ and ‘Applause’, so I’m guessing that the lipsync song will either be ‘Paparazzi’ or ‘Telephone’. We know it won’t be anything from her latest album ‘Joanne’ as it wasn’t officially released during filming.

I also love how the first lipsync of both S8 and S9 will be Gaga songs!

The first challenge

So for the first challenge it was/is heavily rumoured that the queens would be tasked with creating an outfit of flowers. But if Gaga is the judge for the first episode, I think it could be to recreate a Gaga look on the runway from scratch?


I think the first photo shoot could be something with maybe an alien/futuristic vibe as these queens are heavily labeled as the “next generation” of Ru Girls.

I think winner of the first challenge will be either Shea or Aja. She made her outfit for the promo looks and it was stunning! She has an eye for fashion and reminds me of Lashawn Beyond (Why it gotta be black?) because of their ability to create breathtaking lewks. Aja creates a lot of her outfits herself too.

I also know Trinity makes lots of her stuff, but I feel like she will be given the pageant queen edit (along with queens past such as India Ferrah, Kennedy Davenport, Phi Phi (season 4 not all Stars 2) and Roxxxy). This edit often comes with the slightly bitchy edit also, so let’s see what happens there.

First queen eliminated

I hate to say it but I think the first eliminated queen could be Peppermint, Jaymes or Eureka.


They’re all fierce lipsync artists and fierce queens all round, but based on everyone else this season, they look like they could maybe be critiqued for not standing out enough.
I hope Peppermint is not first to go as I want to see her go quite far as the first queen to go into the competition as an openly transgender woman!

Most likely to get a bad edit

I feel like Nina Bo’Nina brown will get an extreme edit. As for whether it will be extremely good or extremely bad we are yet to find out, but Nina will not be a filler queen – TRUST and BELIEVE!

The thing I’m expecting for Nina to get critiqued on is either her sometimes negative or rude attitude, or her ability to give the judges exactly what they want. She may come across as Ben Dela Creme did, all character and no true emotion. But one thing is for certain, love her or hate her, nobody can deny that Nina has Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent!

Who will make the top 4?

Farrah Moan will probably do well, but I doubt she will make top 4. Same goes for Alexis, Valentina, Kimora and Charlie Hides.


My predictions for top 4 this season are:

  • AJA
  • Sasha Velour
  • Nina Bonina Brown
  • Shea Coulee (since she already spilled the T on her twitter that she is top 4)

So there are my pre prediction s, T and thoughts on Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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And I have just one thing to say…
C’mon season 9 let’s get SICCKKNINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!

Ru Paul’s Drag Race – Season 9, Cast Reveal

Meet the cast (and future drag superstars) of RPDR season 9.



Aja is the youngest competitor this season. She’s known for her sickening fashion choices and colourful lewks. I’ve had my eye on Aja for some time now. She’s already a fan favourite. She will be one to watch out for.

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Charlie Hides


Charlie is the oldest competitor of the season – and to ever compete on Drag Race! Charlie may be 52 but she looks half that. I don’t know much about her. From what I hear, she does celebrity impersonations so if she makes it to snatch game, then these season 9 bitches better watch out.

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Sasha Velour

ru-pauls-drag-race-season-9-sashaSasha reminds me of Thorgy Thor from Season 8. She’s a quirky New York queen with a very unique sense of style. It will be interesting to see if Sasha will be able to adapt from her cooky style into a glamazonian where she needs to, or if she will be too stuck in her ways to change? Only time will tell.

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Peppermint is the first queen to compete in Drag Race as an openly transgender woman! I’m so proud of her for being the first. And I’m so happy that Drag Race are shining a light on the trans side of drag from the beginning of a season, rather than at the end of one.

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Shea Coulée


Shea is fierce! I mean, she really knows how to beat her mug. She is a popular Instagram queen with an impressive wardrobe. And for the first challenge being a sewing one, I think she could possibly take home the first win of the season. Who knows?

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Nina Bo’nina Brown


Nina’s look for the season’s promo shots is one of my favourites. She really is different and I think she embodies what it means to have charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent!

The only thing that I think could hold her back is her mouth. She’s very quick to defend herself and her drag, which is a great thing. But from past experiences that myself and some other fans have had with her on social media, she can come across as kinda rude. Nonetheless, I am excited to see what she can do this season.

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Alexis Michelle


Alexis is a curvy queen. She knows how to work her body and she has an impeccable sense of style. She knows what looks good on her and what doesn’t and she can really work it. I think she is a fierce queen, but does she have what it takes to win season 9?

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Kimora Blac


I have to be totally honest, when I saw her in the trailer I actually screamed! I am such a huge huge fan of Kimora Blac. She is one of my favourite non-RPDR queens. Her body looks like an extreme plastic surgery high class rich bitch and her transformation from boy to girl is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen.

The only worry I have with Kimora is that she is rumoured to have a strong mouth. I hope she isn’t rude or bitchy ,or at least that she doesn’t come across as that, because it really could be a detriment to her in the race.

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The first queen who was announced was Valentina. She’s a spicy Latino queen (because every season needs to have a Latina in the mix) and she is so, so pretty. I’m excited to see if she can bring it to this season. I really hope she has more to offer than just a pretty face!

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Eureka Ohara


YAAAAASSS BITCH! I’m so happy that we have a big girl back on the show! Eureka is such a unique queen because she doesn’t just conform to the ‘Big Queen’ stereotypes. She wears things that people tell her she shouldn’t wear. She pushes the boundaries in drag for a big girl and I know she will deliver.

I hope she gives a big F U to anyone who tells her she can’t do something because of her size.

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Jaymes Mansfield


Jaymes is another queen who I don’t know much about. From what I’ve seen, she’s a funny queen. Her makeup is very traditional and she is a campy queen. Her promo shot is another of my favourites, her kind of new twist of a princess look…I like it, it’s cute!

I’m not expecting much since I’ve never seen her before but you never know?

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Farrah Moan


Farrah, much like Kimora and Aja, was quite popular on social media before the show. Her drag aesthetic is anything girly and pink. She is the fishy girl of the season but I hope she brings more than that. I have high hopes for Farrah, so I hope she won’t disappoint.

Trinity ‘The Tuck’ Taylor


Again I don’t really know much about Trinity. She is a self confessed plastic surgery addict. I know she’s a dancer. The outfits she wears on stage tend to be catsuits or bikini type outfits so she can move around in them…let’s she what she can show us!

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I also wanted to give a quick shout out to Michelle Visage because she looked SICKENING in the RuVeal for the first queen (Valentina) Facebook live stream!

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