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Need some Ru Paul’s Drag Race in you life? Then check out my kiki with one of the world’s most devoted and knowledgable Ru Paul’s Drag Race superfans!

With All Stars Season 2 fading into the distant memory, and the upcoming ninth season still feeling like it’s forever away, I had an itch to bring some Ru Paul’s Drag Race realness into my own life.

So, who better to reach out to than one of the most knowledgable and dedicated RPDR superfans in the world? Michael is the creator of the hugely successful RPDR Instagram fan account @Dragrace_facts. In it, he shares fun facts, trivia and behind the scenes info with almost 30,000 followers. Not bad for a 16 year old college student from Liverpool in the UK!


So I reached out to him to find out more about his love for RPDR, the recent controversies from All Stars Season 2 and his predictions for season 9 – and beyond! It was a pleasure chatting with someone who clearly has such a strong passion for the show, and a true appreciation for the art of drag.

Check out our chat below.

Little Gay Blog – Firstly, congratulations on the success of your DragRace Facts Instagram page. It’s such a great resource for fans of the show. How did the idea for the page come about and what sort of response has it been getting?

Michael – Thank you so much! Me and my friends who also watch it followed @rpdrfactsIG for a long time. Like we’re talking when they only had 5,000 followers long ago. And we used to always text each other whenever they would post to tell each other the facts. It was just something fun for us to know more about it.

So one day I thought, well I could do that…and then I made my account! Back then there were only 2 other facts accounts. I asked them both to follow and they did. They posted about my account and I gained some followers and it’s just grown from there!

Most people have great reactions to my account. People message me all the time telling me how much they enjoy my posts and that they love my account. It’s so sweet and I’ve made so many amazing friends from literally all around the world!

And lots of the actual queens from the show also have nothing but love for my account. Queens like Jaidynn Dior Fierce, Ginger Minj, Mrs Kasha Davis and Chi Chi Devayne have always been so sweet. Any time I message them they always respond. They always like my posts and comment. Some of them even follow my account! It’s nice to get recognition from the people you look up to!


Of course, I get negative responses from people all the time. But you have to rise above it and focus on the positives, because “Unless they payin’ your bills, pay them b*tches no mind!

How did you first come across RPDR? Have you been watching it since season one, or did you come to it at a later point?

I began watching in 2015. It kept popping up in my ‘Recommended for you’ section in Netflix. I never knew what it was so I thought, I’ll try it and maybe I’ll like it!

I watched season one and then binged the show. I thing it only took me 2 weeks to watch every season! So you could say I’m a bit of a super fan!

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Have you got a favourite season and a favourite queen from all the seasons so far?

Um, people ask me this all the time! Favourite season?…I’m not too sure. I love all the seasons to be honest.

But I think if I could only watch one season ever again, I would pick season 4. It flipped the switch on drag and introduced queens like Sharon Needles, who hadn’t been shown until that point.


I think if I had to pick a favourite queen it would be either Raja or surprisingly, Laila McQueen!


Raja was just so polished and she was always so humble. She was one of the most deserving winners in my opinion. And oh my God Laila! I can’t even explain why I like her so much. But something about her just captivates me.

I’m meeting Raja next year and hopefully Laila too, so I’m beyond excited to tell them what they mean to me!


You interact with a lot of RPDR fans. What is the question they ask you the most often?

So many people who message me ask me what you just did, if I have a favourite season or queen. People always want to know who and why. I think it’s something to do with people wanting to see if they have the same favourites as other fans of the show.


What did you think of the recent All Stars Season 2, in particular the three main controversies: Adore leaving, Alaska’s meltdown and PhiPhi not coming back for the reunion?

All Stars 2 in my opinion will ALWAYS be one of the best seasons of RPDR! It had everything we love! Drama! Catfights! Heart-to-hearts, and even the very first queen to quit the show!

I think Adore did the right thing, I think she wasn’t prepared and she wasn’t in the right frame of mind to come back and be critiqued so harshly. I think she did the right thing by leaving because it takes a lot of courage to say “Look, this isn’t right for me, I have to leave!”

And I think the hate Michelle got was so uncalled for. I’ve touched on this on my account in the past. People took it personally and it was just so over the top.


I think Alaska’s meltdown was unexpected to say the least…It showed us a side of Alaska that we had never seen before.

I felt a little thrown by it at first and it made me think she was undeserving of winning, but eventually I thought about it and realised that she acted like that because she was so passionate about winning the crown. I think she Just let everything fester inside of her and eventually it just exploded.


And Phi Phi and Alyssa…Listen I’ve talked about this A LOT on my account, I feel like Phi Phi was edited in a negative way. There were things that I know of that she isn’t allowed to tell people that happened, and it was just not fair to her.

I think Alyssa when she told Phi Phi to ‘calm down’ was very condescending, because she’s the reason Phi Phi was angry in the first place. I love them both and they’re both amazing entertainers.

And I think Phi Phi made the right call by not going to the reunion..In my opinion the reunion, with the whole ‘Ru being shady’ thing, was just uncomfortable to me and a lot of fellow fans!


Of all the previous winners, who do you think will have the most longevity in their career and why?

I think Alaska will have the brightest future career. She’s been a fan favourite since even before season 5 and I think not only that, but the fact that she is the most recent winner will help. She has already had albums and hit songs and sold out shows. Her career will just keep rising in my opinion. And I’m excited to see it do so.


Are you excited for season 9 of the show and what would you like to see?

Oh my God, I’m beyond excited for season 9! I’ve heard rumours through the grape vine of the cast and I think it could be the best season yet! It definitely has the potential to be.

I’m hoping for more comedy challenges, since I love those. And I’m hoping one of my favourite queens will be on it, Aja! She’s a Brooklyn queen who was inactive on all social media during the filming dates so you never know. But if she’s cast she will be AMAZING! I just know it.

When (if ever) do you think RPDR should wrap up?

I think Drag Race will keep going strong for a few more seasons, but I can’t see it still being on air in say 2020. I think by then we will have a good 12, maybe 13 seasons, but after then I think it will come to an end.

I love the idea of the final season being all the past winners competing against each other, but I think that if that ever happened, it would be the FINAL season!

But like Mama Ru says, “As long as that check clears, I’ll be there”

If you liked what you read, be sure to follow @Dragrace_facts on Instagram.

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