Radar.tv: Next Level Live Streaming

Radar TVRadar.tv is an app for the gay (LGBTQ) community. Combining the power of video and social media, this groundbreaking app is taking live streaming to the next level.

Radar.tv is a welcoming and inclusive LGBTQ app that gives its users the power to live stream their lives, passions and experiences from anywhere, at anytime, creating meaningful real-time interactions with an entire community.

Radar also enables influencers and aspiring talents to connect with their fans and followers while getting rewarded with virtual gifts that can be exchanged for real money.


“Live streaming is now on center stage, and we believe it’s the perfect time for Radar,” said Phi Vo, General Manager. “We’re excited to be making history with the launch of Radar, the first LGBTQ live streaming app of its kind,” Phi added.

I recently reached out to Radar and spoke with their marketing manager, Fabio de Lima about how the app came about and and what the response has been like so far.

Check out our chat below.

Little Gay Blog – How did the idea for Radar.tv come about?

Fabio – Radar.tv was created with the intent of being a social platform where LGBTQ individuals could feel free to express themselves and share their passions and daily lives with like minded people all over the world. The whole app is catered to the LGBTQ community, from its gender selection option, the overall layout and language, to the gifts and animations in a stream room.

The idea came about when we were planning to create our first app, called Livestar, and we wanted to provide a safe space to all forms of individuality expression, however, we still live in a society where not everyone can still venture in being who they are without suffering the judgement and harshness that populates any social platform – and that’s where Radar came about. A live streaming platform dedicated to the LGBT community and its supporters.


For non-millennials, can you explain a little about what live streaming is, who’s doing it and how it works?

Live streaming is not new to most of people – Periscope has been around for some time now and Facebook and Youtube are investing a lot of money to make the technology more known and utilised in their platforms.

The idea behind Radar, however, lies on a social experience where anyone can start sharing their daily lives, passions and skills and interact with viewers through real-time messages and virtual gifts – that can be exchanged for real money.

Radar.tv launched in late 2016. What’s the response been like so far?

The response has been great. We have received so many heart felt messages from fans all over the world, thanking us for creating this special place where people can find like minded friends and start off relationships that go beyond the virtual scope.

Radar is succeeding in bringing the community together, creating new online celebrities and providing income to hundreds of talented people.


Lastly, how can people get involved?

It’s really easy. Users can either browse to find streamers live at any time of the day or use the “go live” button to start live streaming themselves. The only requirement is a quick sign-up to the app and the passion to make your streams a success.

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