QueerPlans: Vacay With Gay Celebs


QueerPlans offers LGBT tourists the opportunity to travel with their favourite celebrities/influencers for a 7-day action-packed vacation.

As the impact of social media influencers is increasing around the globe, the demand of their followers for a chance to meet them in person becomes clear.

QueerPlans is a global travel agency, based in Spain, which provides personalised vacations. It connects fans with their favourite LGBT personalities and influencers. Bringing them together, they get to have a week long, unique travel experience in gay-friendly Spain.

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So far, more than 30 celebrities have been confirmed, with new names are added every week. Influencers come from all sorts of different fields and include: adult film stars Brent Everett and Diego Sans, TV series actor Murray Swanby, Village People’s singer Jim Newman, London’s Aladdin musical star Niko Wirachman and international models like Kevin Benoit, Kyle Goffney and Andee Chua.

Each trip is limited to one hundred participants from all over the world willing to meet their idols, make friends, have fun and party. Spanish residents will be able to purchase passes for individual events, or season passes for all trips in the year, not including accommodation.

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Monthly trips began in March 2018 to Madrid, with more destinations being added in the future. All trips will have specific activities for every LGBT niche including jocks, BDSM, bears, drag queen superstars, twinks and daddies, with all of them featuring several international celebrities for fans to meet.

The trips are open to everyone. Whatever their interests, age or body types are; solo travellers or not, followers will meet and share the trip with the guys they like. There’s a really cool option of online chat groups for participants to get to know each other and plan activities together before they set off on their travels.

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There’s also the option to take part in a room match program, where solo travellers can arrange to share a room with someone they like, saving money and making friends.

Trips are all-inclusive, and can be customised with the endless activities aimed at the gay and general public available in the uber-touristic sunny Spain, always led by the expert personnel of the company.

The vacations have been adapted to all pockets, ranging from the budget packages with great discounts for early-bookers up to the Luxury-VIP packages easily crossing the 5 digits barrier.

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QueerPlans always gives away a free place in each trip and items from its own sports and summer clothing line among active followers on its social media channels (links at the bottom of the article).

With QueerPlans, the LGBTQ+ audience has a new exclusive way to travel that bridges the relationship between celebrities and their followers in a really unique and interesting way.

QueerPlans Interview

I recently chatted with a spokesperson from QueerPlans to find out a bit more about how it all works, what the response has been like so far and what plans they have in store for the future.

Little Gay Blog – Thanks for your time. Firstly, how did QueerPlans come about?

QP – QueerPlans was the result of a long and demanding market study.
Alex, the founder and CEO of the company, saw an opportunity in the influencers market.

While the digital celebrity endorsement in the fashion industry or in hospitality have been famous for a few years, never before had the influencers presence itself become the main reason for tourists to buy vacation packs.

Followers all over the world are able to, for the very first time, travel with their favourite digital celebrities during a whole week.

Considering that gay tourism has been targeted as a strong market with a great potential of growing continuously, and that Spain has been considered for years to be one of the most gay-friendly destinations in the world, there was a great opportunity for QueerPlans to succeed.

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I believe you had your first trip in March. How did that go?

The first trip we did was in March indeed. We were very lucky to have 4 beautiful influencers who spread out good energies wherever they went to and with whoever they talked to.

It was an unforgettable week, not only because it was our first trip, but also because we were seeing an idea coming to life and working out perfectly.


What types of men went on the first trip (ages, nationalities etc) and what was the feedback you heard from them?

In every trip, we try to add a mix of cultures. For our first trip, we had two Canadians, an Italian-American and a German. All of the guys in their late 20s and early 30s.

While coming from different parts of the world, the influencers developed a great relationship with each other throughout the week. When meeting fans, they showed their sociable personality.

As all of them host different gay parties in Europe & America, it becomes clear that they developed a talent to deal with other people.

Our influencers´ positive feedback from the trip reflects how in fact Spain is a great choice where gay people are widely accepted and where activities and events never stop to happen.

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Starting a new business is always hard. What’s one business lesson you’ve learnt that’s surprised you?

There is nothing more satisfactory than working hard and seeing clear results from that hard work. It was a surprise for me and for my team to see how fast a new business needs to adapt itself to give an answer to the market requests.

This is an innovative business, it is pioneer in the market and for that reason it puts a high pressure in every single member of QueerPlans team. Even so, each day can be a constant surprise and that brings a huge dynamic to the business.

What are your plans for the future?

Our plan for the future is to continuously expand our business. Firstly throughout Spain and then increase our market in other destinations as well.

We work directly with a strong group of influencers and therefore we are capable to partner up with travel agencies worldwide and provide our service of traveling with digital celebrities in different times of the year.


And lastly, what would you say to guys who are thinking about coming, but not quite sure yet?

To guys who are thinking about coming but are not quite sure yet, I would say that this is the opportunity to enjoy the best gay “tailor-made” vacations. Our know-how relies on local people who have the knowledge to provide the best itinerary options.

Furthermore, I would suggest that there is no other place in the world where tourists will be able to meet these digital celebrities from different areas whose career and life experience results in great conversations and provide a guarantee for great moments throughout the week.

And lastly, sunny Spain talks for itself. The Spanish culture and the spirit lived by the Spanish people are absolutely unique.


For more, visit the QueerPlans website.
You can also follow QueerPlans on
Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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