Phil La Rosa Releases New Song On World Mental Health Day


Philip La Rosa is an Australian singer-songwriter. He’s released his latest song “Drowning” to coincide with World Mental Health Day.

I love it when people use their talent and influence for a greater good. Philip La Rosa is currently one of Australia’s most talented rising stars – and he’s doing just that.

His beautiful new song – and accompanying music video – for “Drowning” is dedicated to those affected by depression and anxiety. That’s in part why it’s being released on October 10, which happens to be World Mental Health Day.

Philip was super kind to take time out of his busy schedule to chat with me. We spoke about mental health, overcoming hate and bullying, what inspires him and much more!

Check out our chat below!

Philip La Rosa Interview


Little Gay Blog – Thanks for your time Philip and congratulations on your new single (and video) “Drowning.” What message would you like people to take from the song – and the video?

Philip – The message I hope people take from the song is to stay strong and believe in themselves – there are plenty of moments in life where we feel like we’re drowning. Everyone has the strength to pull themselves out of the deep end, and to those who don’t feel like they can, should reach out for a helping hand to pull them up.

Talk about and express your feelings – there is always someone who will listen. It may not be your family, it may not even be someone you consider a close friend, but I guarantee you there is someone who will listen, support and help you through tough times. You’re not alone.

The track is being released on October 10 which is World Mental Health Day. How important is it to you to bring visibility and increased awareness to mental health issues?

We all know someone who is going through a hard time, or we could be going through a hard time ourselves. Depression and anxiety are just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more beneath that some of us don’t see or simply turn a blind eye too.

Mental health needs to be one big ongoing conversation – between friends, family, co-workers and just as importantly, the government. We need more support from the government and mental health needs to be taken far more seriously, just as any other health condition.

It’s important that the world is on the same page. These are feelings and emotions you can’t just “shake off.” Don’t wait until it’s too late, reach out to the people around you – everyone is going through something.

Philip La Rosa – Official Drowning Video

You’ve overcome bullying and intimidation in your own life. With so much of that unfortunately happening online and on social media these days, what advice do you have for people having negative experiences online about how to best handle it?

I’m so ashamed of how I handled bullying when I was younger. I retaliated, or I bullied someone else to move the spotlight away from me. It’s not fair.

That person who is bullying you, probably has something going on in their own life to make them behave that way. There is no need to retaliate. Simply close the app, put your phone down and go your separate ways and focus on all the positive things in your life.

There’s a 99% chance that the person who is bullying you knows nothing about you and how amazing you are. The less negativity in your life the better. And as always, speak to someone – don’t take it on by yourself.


Both “Drowning” and your previous single “Pride” contain strong messages, that resonate with many, but especially those within the LGBT community. What inspires you to create music that in many ways, gives a voice to the voiceless and shines a light on these important issues?

My music was a way of expressing my own feelings – I struggled with my own sexuality and bullying for many years and I was voiceless for too long.

Personally, I wanted to release music to send a message to those going through similar hard times, to simply let them know they weren’t alone. I’m grateful to have given them a voice, but I really want them to have their own voice.

Stand up, speak up and love one another. Be proud, be strong and don’t let yourself drown for any reason – you’ve got this.

And lastly, what can fans expect next from you?

Since releasing Pride in 2016, I’ve been in and out of the studio and have so much music I can’t wait to share with the world…dates to be confirmed!

For more information, check out Philip’s official website.
You can also follow him on facebook here.

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