PASH – Getting Real About Hooking Up

New gay hook up apps seem to be popping up all the time. PASH is one of the latest gay hook up apps – and one of the few to come from Australia!

People hold a wide variety of views about hook up apps. Personally, I’m all for them. There’s nothing wrong with the pursuit of love, sex or whatever it is you’re after. The more ways we have of finding what we’re looking for, the better!

One of the biggest gripes of hook up app users is that people aren’t always who they say they are. Outdated pictures and a misrepresented (misguided?) online identity are amongst user’s biggest frustrations. But there’s no way around that, right? If someone wants to use photos from the 1990s, there’s nothing to stop them….Well, until now.

PASH is a gay hook up app that has come up with a really cool and innovative way to address the issue and frustration caused by outdated profiles and pics. It does this by allowing its users to add up to 6 photos to their profile. The cool thing? All 6 photos must have have been taken with the user’s camera. This same rule is applied to all PASH members, so everyone knows that what they’re seeing is the real deal.

But this still doesn’t address the issue of currency. Someone could still technically have old images on their phone from several years ago. PASH closes this cheeky little loophole by expiring and retiring all profile images every 30 days. This means users need to upload brand spanking new images every month. Pretty cool, huh?

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It’s this philosophy that has led to the company’s tagline – Real Profiles, Current Pics. Founder Andrew Baietta wanted to create something a little more socially responsible and meaningful for the gay community. His belief is that authenticity leads to better interactions and ultimately more fun for everyone. By enforcing the ‘real and current pics’ rule, Andrew hopes to create a more meaningful experience for all PASH users.

(In case you’re wondering, the word Pash is Australian slang for kissing someone, using your tongue:-)

I recently had the opportunity to interview PASH Founder Andrew Baietta. Here’s what we spoke about:


PASH Founder, Andrew Baietta

Little Gay Blog – PASH was born out of your own personal frustrations when you yourself realised that you weren’t being 100% honest in your own profiles on other gay hookup sites. It seems like this is a pretty common occurrence, and one that many people fall into by accident, as opposed to it being their intention to be dishonest. Was that your experience?

Andrew – Exactly. I think most people just forget to refresh their pics, or just don’t feel like they need to change them. Perhaps they haven’t seen changes in themselves that others do notice.

LGB – Starting any business is hard work. What’s been the most surprising thing you’ve learnt so far since starting PASH?

Andrew – Patience is a virtue. I’ve worked in product marketing and management for quite a while, but having the resources of a big company behind you is very different to doing it yourself. Things will take longer and be more difficult than you expect. I’ve learnt that keeping your eye on the end goal is really important.

LGB – I like how you make the point that using current pictures isn’t about being vain or showy, it’s about being real and connecting authentically with others. How have users responded to PASH so far, given that this focus and commitment to using only real profiles and current pics is so different to any other gay hook up app platform? Has it been a bit of a culture shock for some people?

Andrew – Guys either love it or hate it, and that’s completely OK. Some people don’t feel they are photogenic so shy away from selfies that need to be regularly updated. Other guys LOVE the camera and love the concept, so they have jumped on it straight away. We’ve had some really positive feedback about the app and it’s really nice to hear.

LGB – You’ve created a really cool 10 step guide called ‘Pashing Like A Pro’ which is one of the most real online dating guides I’ve ever read. (Readers, you can check it out here – Why did you decide to be so honest and candid?

Andrew – The article really fits with what we are trying to achieve – honesty and authenticity. We want people to live in the real world when it comes to online dating, and I think the blog post sums that up.

LGB – Is there anything you can reveal exclusively about what PASH users can expect in the future? Where would you like to see PASH in say, 5 years time?

Andrew – We are in the process of designing an inclusive version which will appeal to anyone, not just gay guys. We are excited about this and releasing on Android. I’d love to be playing with the big boys (I don’t need to name them) in 5 years time, I think there’s a place for many different apps in the market, and I can’t wait for PASH to be up there in terms of consideration when people are looking for something a little more meaningful in the future.

To find out more, you might like to check out the PASH website.
You can also follow PASH on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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