Men Who Love Men In Underwear

Gay Men In Underwear

Gay men in underwear might sound pretty tame in an age of online porn. Yet for some dudes, seeing gay guys in underwear is a huge turn on.

That’s right, men just wearing underwear. Not doing anything sexual necessarily and not showing anything more off than their bodies and a bulge. In terms of classification, it would be on the soft side of soft-core porn. In some cases, it could be what you see in any underwear commercial in magazines or catalogues.

In fact, there was a catalogue of this very nature back in the 1990s. I’m (just) old enough to remember the International Male catalogue back in the 1990s. In those dark pre-digital days, that mail order(!) catalogue was one of the only ways I got to stare and drool over hot guys wearing very little.

(For more on International Male, check out this awesome article by OUT Magazine).

Men In Underwear – Unpacking The Appeal

Why is it that some guys enjoy and get off on seeing men in underwear, speedos, thongs or jocks? Why is it that in an age where we’re just a google search away from seeing the craziest, wildest, sexiest images and videos, the relative discretion and modesty of underwear turns so many guys on? Is there something about leaving something to the imagination that is just crazy hot?

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To help me answer these questions (and more!), I took a two pronged approach.

Firstly, I turned to some of the world’s best known and most popular male underwear brands. Given that they’re in the business of supplying men with underwear, I figured they could shed some light onto why underwear is so hugely popular at the moment, especially within the gay community. I also wanted to get their take on current and future trends in male underwear.

Then I turned my focus to regular gay guys who just happen to like wearing underwear themselves. I was curious to find out what it is about underwear that they like. Does it give them confidence? Make them feel sexy? Or is just a sense of comfort that they enjoy? I reached out to a number of guys to try and get a wide variety of different opinions and takes on this issue.

Below you’ll find the answers to these questions and more. Enjoy!


aussieBum is hugely popular with gay guys who love underwear

Photo credit: aussieBum

Let’s begin with one of the world’s best male underwear companies (and a local Aussie success story!) aussieBum.

aussieBum is one of the world’s most renowned, award-winning swimwear and underwear retail companies. Their products are all made in Australia and sold in over 253 countries across the globe. aussieBum is consistently recognised for the high level of innovation in design and manufacturing.

Little Gay Blog – Underwear has gone from a boring necessity to a sexy statement of style and confidence. aussieBum has played a massive role in this transformation. Why do you think underwear is so popular these days, especially with gay men?

aussieBum – The underwear you choose has become something of a statement. By wearing aussieBum guys around the world are choosing to express something about themselves.

They identify with our mission statement – confident, bold and unafraid. They are saying ‘I Belong’ to our global tribe.

You only have to look at the hashtag #aussieBum on Instagram to see how fanatical many of our tribe are!

What’s the hottest trend you’re seeing at the moment, and what do you predict could be the next big thing in male underwear?

Guys are looking for more ways to stand out and express their individuality. A brand like aussieBum, where we’re very selective in who sells our product and manage our own distribution, ties into that with a niche and underground following globally.

Our huge product variety means there’s something for everyone. A hot trend at the moment is the adoption of performance fabrics – moisture wicking and breathable – into everyday underwear, such as our new ‘WJ Air’ range.

For more, check out the aussieBum website. You can also follow aussieBum on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube here.

Dude Undies

Dude Undies sells a wide range of underwear for guys

Photo credit: Dude Undies

Dude Undies sells a huge range of sexy men’s underwear. They’ve got everything – heaps of the world’s leading underwear brands, and pretty much every underwear style you can think of!

Little Gay Blog – What style of underwear are you finding super popular at the moment with your customers, and why do you think it’s so popular?

Dude Undies – Boxer briefs are classic and of course selling more than others. However it is noticeable that the interest in boxer briefs and briefs with mixed fabric or those with colourful prints are getting higher attention.

In your opinion, what is it about underwear that makes men feel so strong, confident and sexy?

Underwear is a personal and intimate piece of clothing. Psychologically speaking, when a person regardless of gender or race, wears something that he/she truly likes under layers of clothing seen by the public, it automates our subconscious programming to feel sexy, confident and empowered. If this is not true, then the multi-billion dollar underwear and intimate apparel industry would have never existed.

Men loves to be comfortable down there and if that comfort is matched with designs that flatters their anatomy plus pleasing to they eye. Then surely, it affects the mental (mood) wellbeing as well.

For more, check out the Dude Undies website. You can also follow Dude Undies on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Briefsmania - for guys who only wear briefs

Photo credit: Briefsmania

Briefsmania is a really interesting site. It’s a bit of a niche within a niche really. Briefsmania is a site completely dedicated to guys who prefer briefs as their choice of style for underwear… no boxers, trunks or boxer briefs, in fact anything remotely resembling any kind of ‘shorts’ of any description. How cool!

Little Gay Blog – What is it about guys in underwear that you enjoy so much?

Briefsmania – I’ve always had a thing for seeing guys in briefs. I think my ‘obsession’ or whatever you want to call it started way back when I was around the age of ten, maybe even younger. All I remember back then was constantly flipping through the home catalogue pages until I came to the mens underwear section and then just staring at the guys in their briefs and thinking WOW!

Growing up virtually every guy wore briefs. I remember eagerly waiting for ‘PE’ lessons (That’s Physical Education here in the UK) to take a peek at what colours of briefs my fellow classmates were wearing. As most of the lads wore basic Y-fronts or A type briefs, the major difference were the colours.

Seeing a guy in his briefs is like seeing a christmas present all wrapped up in nice paper and guessing whats inside, waiting with anticipation before you tear in to it and to be honest I kinda get more turned on by seeing a guy in his briefs rather than naked…. I would have said, “do you think that’s strange?” but not now as I think every member of Briefsmania says the same!

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Briefs obviously enhance your package too and that’s probably why most guys prefer to wear the dreaded boxer briefs now a days as those certainly don’t and as it’s now more of a thing to play down what you have rather than enhance, then for the average guy it’s better for them to do so.

But for us guys who just don’t care either way and are completely comfortable with how we look or what we may or may not have down there, well, we wear our briefs with pride and I can absolutely guarantee you, we are far more comfy with what we wear.

It’s just a shame that so many younger guys out there get ‘ribbed’ if they wear briefs. The amount of younger members we have who have all said that they prefer to wear briefs but have to conform to the pressure of having the ‘pee’ taken out of them if they wear briefs is ridiculous. Instead they wear boxer briefs until they get home then change to a pair of briefs for comfort.

Oh how things changed since that day when Mark Wahlberg first appeared in the CK campaign and changed everything for men’s underwear. Before that advert, if you wore anything but briefs it was the opposite, you were classed as wearing ‘granddad’ pants if you wore boxers or anything like them.

I’ve worn briefs all my life except for a brief time when that famous advert aired. Then every guy on the planet wanted to be like him and changed to wearing the dreaded boxer briefs. Even though I hated them and god how they were and still are so uncomfortable to wear, I gave them a try just to fit in! I lasted probably a week before switching back.

Completely no support and they felt like I was wearing carpet wrapped around my waist. I just cannot understand why you would want to try and fit a pair of leggings down another pair of leggings and be uncomfortable all day! And don’t get me started on guys who wear them under a pair of shorts.

Anyways, like I say I’ve always liked the sight of a guy in briefs so whilst trawling the net for images of guys in briefs on mens underwear sites it was always a case of, you’d find a few and then after that the site would just be full of guys in boxer briefs, which does nothing for me whatsoever.

So even though I thought I was the only one with the same thoughts, I thought right, I’m gonna set my own website up and only post pics in briefs and everything would be ‘briefs’ orientated and I would NOT have anything boxers or boxer briefs published.

Can you tell me a little more about your website, why you started it and what sort of feedback you’re getting from users about it?

Originally the website started off as just a blog on blogspot. I was inspired by another blogger doing roughly the same thing. He’s real nice guy who runs a site called ‘Undies10.’’ But after a few months, I realised that I was not the only one out there. I was getting messages from all sort of guys saying it was a breath of fresh air seeing and talking to someone who felt exactly the same.

After a year or so, I move from a blog and created my own website. Then maybe another year after that along with my partner, we added ‘Briefsbook’ and literally everything exploded from there onwards as the name got out.

I think we originally went from 50 odd members to a couple of hundred within a few weeks, all mainly UK based. Now we have members from all over world all saying the same thing: that they thought they were the only bloke with the same thoughts about guys in briefs.

What’s even more amazing and I never thought I’d say this, but this site is not just for gay guys. We also have straight and bi guys too, who feel the same way when if comes to wearing briefs and seeing guys in briefs. How cool is that?!

I have some real nice things said about the site from members such as “I read your site explanation page and I have to say I thought I wrote it! We are so alike in so many ways.” and “I wish I had joined sooner. What a great idea. Gather all people far and wide of different type and go mad on one thing we all love. Briefs … Genius!” to the more naughtier ones like ” I just find the pics on the site are hot! Every time I log in I just get hornier” ….l I could go on….

For more, you can check out the Briefsmania website. You can also follow Briefsmania on Twitter here.

Men and Underwear for guys who love undies is a one-stop shop for everything related to men in underwear. It provides daily updates of all the latest underwear trends, news from leading underwear brands and stores, as well as features on models, interviews, editorials, reviews and of course great photography!

Little Gay Blog – What inspired you to start, and what sort of response have you received?

It was more about sharing my passion for underwear with other guys. I found it weird that everyone wears underwear but almost no one talks about it. There was a lack of information on the internet about what is new in the industry, where to get new pairs, what new collections look like, or even information about the numerous labels there are.

The response was great! It looks like there are a lot of guys with which we share the same passion! Moreover, over the last 5 years we made a lot more men aware of what they wear under their jeans.

What’s your take on the male underwear industry – why do you think male underwear is so popular right now?

I have seen it evolve quite significantly over the last 10 years or so but believe me, there is still a long long way to go. There is still a huge difference between the effort labels put on manufacturing underwear for women and underwear for men.

My guess is that in the next 10 years or so, men’s underwear will become a lot more interesting and a big part of male fashion. Apart from me, there are many other guys that write about underwear on the internet. I think all of us together helped to put the right underwear in the top drawer of more men, to establish it as a big part of a man’s outfit.

At the same time we see a lot more brands making the effort to create more and more interesting designs, pushing boundaries and offering a bigger choice than never before.

What’s your favourite current underwear trend at the moment and why?

Colour-wise, I would say I find this year’s melange trend very interesting. It is kind of retro, it brings sweet memories of the gym clothes we wore at school when I was a kid, but there is a freshness about it.

Style-wise, I am into the enhancing underwear trend. I see more and more brands experimenting with it in different cuts this year which is very encouraging!

For more, check out You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Men who like underwear

As I mentioned at the start, I also reached out to a number of gay guys to get their thoughts about what sort of underwear they like, and how it makes them feel. I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to them all for taking part.

Underwear is a personal and often private part of our lives, so it took some balls (pun intended) for these guys to share their thoughts and feelings so openly and honestly.

Check out their responses below. I’ve also included links to their Instagram accounts so you can follow them there too if you’d like to.



I love all types of underwear, but if I had to choose it would be briefs. I find them quite comfortable. With the right design and material, they can be quite sexy.

I think the right type of underwear can give you confidence or make you feel sexy. Even though most of the time, no one will see what underwear you’re wearing, just knowing that you are wearing something nice, sexy or naughty can give you that extra confidence, sexiness or the right type of attitude towards others.

You can follow Rodolfo on Instagram here.



Underwear is a secret a guy has with only himself (and the guy he’s sleeping with!) It’s a secret identity he keeps under his clothes, a part of their masculine and feminine mystique he keeps tucked away from the eyes of the general public.

What a guy chooses to don under his outfit also says a lot about his personality. Whether he prefers comfort to sexy, or spandex/lycra undies. A man’s underwear preference can give an insight into the type of lover he is.

Just think about it. Your underwear preference is completely personal. While we may be skewed by trends in our everyday outfit, our underwear choices usually remain constant. We wear only those undies we like.

For me, my favourite kind of underwear is a thong. Why? Because they fit perfectly, lycra thongs above all.  They are made of a light mesh material, you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. But you’re wearing a little, sexy thing that emphasises your bulge and your bubble butt.

Thongs aren’t my everyday underwear though. I usually wear cotton briefs during the day and when I go to the gym. They are comfortable, even though they’re not as appealing or sexy as a thong!

You can follow D on Instagram here.


men-in-underwear-frankMy favourite type of underwear is a brief. They’re perfect, neither too short nor too long. They’re tight for comfort.

I feel sexy with proper underwear. It gives me confidence when I feel comfortable and calm wearing good underwear.

You can follow Frank on Instagram here.


men-in-underwear-justinMy favourite type of underwear would either be a simple but low cut brief or a jockstrap. There is something powerful and sexy about having a little secret underneath your clothes.

If I’m just hanging out around the house, boxers are fun because there is some more ‘freedom’ for things to breathe :-)

Wearing underwear makes me feel sexy and confident. But to be honest, once I’ve put regular clothes on over the top, I usually forget what undies I’m even wearing.

The sexiness is in ONLY wearing underwear – and nothing else!

You can follow Justin on Instagram here.



I loved underwear when I hit puberty. I loved it before I knew I was gay.

I used to always go to the men’s department and see what new types of underwear was available. I always got a hard on and had to hide it. When I got extra cash as a kid I would always spend it on underwear.

My favourite types of underwear are vintage and white. White briefs really turn me on and love how they show off the shape of your dick. And they are a little see-through. 

I really love vintage briefs because the fit is a lot different and there are so many different kinds. I’m a big collector of vintage briefs and get a lot of them from eBay. It’s fun finding them from guys all over.

Some of my favourite newer brands are Calvin Klein, FTL and Hanes. I love more of the basic brands and cotton. Not into the spandex kid. Loved more of the older 2xist brands too. They used more cotton in them. I probably have over 200 pairs!

You can follow Allen on Instagram here.



I like Bonds underwear, like you can see in my photos. They are comfortable and show off my ass. With the underwear that I wear, I do feel confident. It supports me in all the right areas.

You can follow Dan on Instagram here.

So there you have it. A range of opinions from both underwear brands, as well as regular gay guys who happen to love underwear. Thanks again to everyone involved!

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