A Simple Message To Marriage Equality Haters

As momentum for marriage equality builds in Australia, it’s inevitable that the voices of marriage equality haters get louder as well. Here’s my simple message to them.

That’s fine. We live in a pluralistic, inclusive democracy where everyone is entitled to have their opinion, and express it as well.

So here’s mine. It’s a simple message really because I realise just how complicated the idea of two people loving each other and wanting to get married can be for some people. I’ll also keep it short because I realise that for some people, “gay marriage” isn’t an important issue. It’s a distraction, like say running three word slogan campaigns against boat people, carbon taxation and the like, while our economy tanks and we have no new viable industries on the horizon for the 21st century. But I digress…

If you are against marriage equality and you self-identity as heterosexual, my message to you is simple. When Australia passes marriage equality and enshrines it into law (and it will, sooner hopefully than later) –


Just take a moment, and let that sink in.

You can continue ranting on social media about it, posting your thoughts about how evil or unnatural it is. You can even continue using the whole ‘But what about the children?!’ Mrs Lovejoy-inspired line from The Simpsons. But if you’re really concerned about the children (and I’m sure your concern is genuine, not just a last ditch attempt at patching together a losing argument), your focus might be better directed towards the Catholic Church. They’ve got a whole thing going on about children you might like to look into and get outraged about.

You don’t even have to change your opinion about marriage equality one bit. You can continue to be as against marriage equality as you are now. It’s just that you might start to feel like the only smoker in the office. It’ll be an increasingly lonely club, but hey, by all means, continue clinging to your beliefs with all your might. Because that’s a great strategy for life, right?

So, given that you can continue raging against marriage equality, you can keep all your opinions and express them freely, and (assuming you’re straight) I’m guessing you yourself won’t be getting gay married any time soon (damn, I think I just broke my gay nail while I was gay typing this gay article), given that your lives will not change with the introduction of marriage equality one bit, the question becomes – why do you even care?