Love Your Penis

Love Your PenisPretty much the only guys that have porn star sized penises are well, porn stars. The rest of us need to learn to love the penis we have.

Penis size obsession is everywhere, and its amplified within the gay community. For something that we have relatively no control over (extreme surgical procedures aside), it takes up a huge proportion of our time and energy.

Personally, I think this needs to change. The ‘size is king’ approach to penis desirability is shallow if it’s the only approach we take. It’s like thinking that only slim, young guys are hot. Which may be well and good to a point, but what happens when you turn 25 (the horror!) and your BMI goes up? Focusing on just one facet of appearance just isn’t sustainable in the long run.

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This also applies to penis size. Only seeing a large penis as desirable doesn’t factor in all the great and wonderful shapes, sizes and colours penises can be. There is more to a penis than just its size. It is after all, attached to a wonderfully complex creature known as a human being.


It would be great to see more penis sizes shown and celebrated within our community. Do the bulges in underwear ads these days need to look like the guys are carrying a small animal down there? Yes, it’s probably just Photoshop, lighting and padding, but it goes to the heart of the matter, which is that size is linked with desirability.

In the same way that Dove had a ‘real woman’ campaign a few years ago, where they included non-model women in their advertising, maybe we need a ‘real man’ campaign to highlight that penises of all sizes are normal and can be seen as beautiful.

But I know that this isn’t likely to happen any time soon. The pressure and the fall out would be too huge. What guy in their right mind would want to stand up on TV, print or on the internet and proudly announce he has a small penis? He’d be a laughing stock and cop flak from every corner. But it’s precisely this culture that’s obsessed with penis size that we need to address.

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This might seem like a trivial issue, but it does have potentially important ramifications. Penis size, along with many other facets of appearance, is important to a lot of guys. By living in a world that is so focused on large penises, what message, and what effect does this have on guys who don’t measure up to these unrealistic standards? How many guys feel ashamed and embarrassed, and how long does this need to go on for?

The world is starting to change and we are beginning to become more accepting of different types of appearance. Whether it’s becoming more accepting of women with curves, or guys with beards, exposure to new and different things (hopefully) opens people’s minds to other new and different things. But we have a loooong way to go, and our collective obsession with penis size doesn’t show any real signs of abating anytime soon.



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