Lady Gaga’s Superfans Review Five Foot Two

Lady Gaga Five Foot Two Review

Lady Gaga’s Netflix documentary Five Foot Two has got everyone talking. Find out what some of her biggest superfans think about it below!

Now I’m not a little monster myself. I’d describe myself as a casual Gaga fan. I love, love, loved her first album – The Fame. I think she’s an incredibly talented singer, songwriter and musician. And I love all the work she does for the gay community. Props to her for that.

So when I tuned into her Netflix documentary Five Foot Two, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Heck, I didn’t even know why it was called Five Foot Two. (Turns out – it’s part of the title of a song played during the baptism of Gaga’s band member’s child. The song is from 1925 and is called ‘Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue’ by Art Landy. I’m also taking a guess that it’s a reference to Gaga’s actual height:-)

And I have to say – I absolutely loved the whole documentary. I was hooked from the opening scene. I found it really insightful and interesting. Plus, it was beautifully shot. Props to the cinematographer for doing such a great job.

Lady Gaga Five Foot Two Netflix Documentary

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After watching and loving it myself, I was curious as to what her little monsters (that is, her superfans) thought. I was pretty sure they’d love it, but what in particular stood out for them as their favourite part, and did they learn anything new about Mother Monster?

Keep reading and you’ll find out. I’ve reached out to the world’s biggest Gaga fans to get their thoughts on Five Foot Two. And here’s what they have had to say.

Lady Gaga Now

My #1 favourite thing about the documentary was seeing how different Gaga’s life is compared to what her fans see everyday.

My favourite part was when Gaga played her new song Joanne for her grandma. Seeing all of her grandma’s photos of Joanne and hearing about her, made me appreciate the song more every listen.

What I learned about Gaga that I didn’t know before was how much she struggles from Fibromyalgia. Knowing that she puts so much effort into shows for her fans makes me love her even more.

You can follow Lady Gaga Now on Instagram here.


I loved seeing Gaga acting naturally. You got to see that she is a human, the same as you, me or even that guy in the neighbourhood. It’s awesome to get to know a person who you truly inspired by and Stefanie is definitely one of my heroes.

I kinda feel that I already knew everything about her. But I did actually learn a few new-ish things – her natural acting ability and that her family, friends and health are the most important things in her life.

You can follow Tracey on Instagram here.

Gaga Bollywood

Just like everyone else, we always see Gaga happy. I never realised what she is going through. The best thing is that she rises up against it all and stands up for what she believes in.

She worked hard on this album (Joanne) and we can see that in the documentary.

She’s the boss and she knows how to handle herself, even after all the hate she received in 2013. She’s made a huge comeback.

Plus, some parts of the documentary are funny too!

You can follow Gaga Bollywood on Instagram here.

Fight On Gaga

My favourite thing about the documentary was probably seeing how much she cares about her performances (like at the Superbowl).

As a long time fan, I already knew that she cares very much, but having her dedication be a part of the documentary shows other people who may not have been aware or a fan before, that she is not one who doesn’t care or is not a big part of her productions, because everything she does goes through her.

I feel like I knew pretty much everything before. The things I learned about her from watching the documentary were minor (she had braces when she was younger) and just more details given or shown.

You can follow Fight On Gaga on Instagram here.

Lady Gaga Bares All In Netflix Documentary

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DTD Gaga

I’ve seen a lot documentaries about Lady Gaga and everyone was like a biography (looking at when Gaga was born, where she lived, her music and road to fame, that sort of thing). They were they ‘typical’ type of documentary.

But this year, when Lady Gaga published her first collage photo of the poster for Five Foot Two on social networks, I said to myself, “What the hell is this?’ Then came the teasers and the trailers. I slowly started to understand what Five Foot Two is.

I waited until September 22. I created a registration on Netflix and I started watching. I had millions of questions but no answers.

In the end I finally understood who is Lady Gaga. So the #1 thing for me is that Five Foot Two is a real eye to world of Gaga. There were emotions, tears, love. I felt all of those things through the camera.

You know, it was like ghost behind her body. I saw everything. I thought that I was in her heart and head. And this is real documentary, showing the real world of a great human. My feelings when I watched it were like sadness and happiness, laugh and tears. Real emotions.

I am a Little Monster since Just Dance came out and I can tell that I never felt nearer to Lady Gaga than I do today.

The documentary also showed a weaker side of Lady Gaga. She spoke about her pain and about fibromyalgia. She’s received some really hard throws.

There was the scene about her examination in the hospital. It was this moment that really showed something so kind about Gaga. Despite her illness and condition, she really wants to do everything for her family, fans and friends.

Here’s a thing that I didn’t know and I learned about Lady Gaga: Never give up, no matter if you are living with illness all your life, there are people who really love you. Your family and friends. Life of humans is short so we have to give away love. Maybe these words are empty for some people but it is the truth.

You can follow DTD Gaga on Instagram here.

Lady Gaga Fan

My number one favourite thing about the documentary was when she was diagnosing her health issues. This is something that we (her fans) didn’t know about until seeing it in the documentary.

That really broke my heart up. It’s my favourite moment I guess because up until then, Gaga never told the truth. She’s so, so, so brave for doing that.

I learnt so many things watching the film, but the only new thing I learnt was her kindness with each other. She’s actually trying to make this world so much better with equality for everyone. In fact, Joanne is her personal life.

And finally Lady Gaga is so brave for you and me. She just wants to change the world and make it a better place. I love her soooo much!

You can follow Lady Gaga Fan on Instagram here.

Lady Gaga Facts

The documentary is really very emotional. Five Foot Two shows us the making of Gaga’s most personal album, Joanne.

My favourite thing was that Gaga is so hardworking. She puts in 100% in all her shows, songs, everything, even though she was going through crucial physical, mental and emotional pain.

After many years of insecurities, she now recognises the extent of her talents. She loves her little monsters and her family.

The best example was when she was preparing for her Superbowl half-time performance while her best friend Sonja was battling with cancer. This moment was really crucial for Gaga as it caused her severe emotional pain, but she did not stop and gave her best in the performance.

I also learnt that behind the mega pop star Lady Gaga, there is another girl named Stefani Germanotta (Gaga’s real name) who is fighting her insecurities for years and is battling debilitating pain for years.

She is really kind and soft hearted. She is beautiful from heart and soul, inside and out. She really is a goddess who has saved millions of lives by inspiring them.

You can follow Lady Gaga Facts on Instagram here.

Gaga Legend

I liked the documentary in general because it showed more of the artistic side, rather than the pop star/commercial side of Gaga.

I learned that life as a famous personality (like Gaga) is much more complicated to manage than I had thought. I saw for the first time on the screen a really depressed Gaga and in so much pain. I learned how much a celebrity can feel alone despite his/her popularity, notoriety and success.

You can follow Gaga Legend on Instagram here.

Lady Gaga Watch Five Foot Two

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I loved having content from our account being credited in the ending credits. But besides that, my number one favourite thing about Five Foot Two would have to be getting to see inside her life. We got to see things that we’ve never been able to see before. I really loved getting to see the making of her recent album Joanne.

The one thing I’ve learned would have to be her chronic pain. Seeing someone who is so strong  for her fans 24/7 just laying there on a couch asking if she looks pathetic. That just broke my heart.

You can follow LadyGagaRazzii on Instagram here.


One of my favourite moments was when Gaga said she wanted the world to see who really she is. But she also realised and said, “I don’t think that the world was ready to see who I really am because I wasn’t ready to be myself. I’m saying this is me with nothing.” That was revealing.

I also learned that fame really can destroy people. There was that moment when she said, “If I’m going to be sexy on the VMAs and sing about the paparazzi, I’m going to do it while I’m bleeding to death and reminding you of what fame did to Marilyn, the original Norma Jean and Anna Nicole Smith.”

You can follow DOAA on Instagram here.

Lady Gaga Team Turkey

My favourite part of Five Foot Two was seeing Gaga being real. I never knew how much pain she was in and watching it, I felt her pain deeply.

You can follow LG Team Turkey on Instagram here.

Germanotta Babe

My favorite moment in the documentary was when Gaga showed the song Joanne to her grandma for the first time. It was so beautiful and it made me cry like a baby!

I never knew how bad the pain was that Gaga was enduring. It makes me appreciate her even more that she is in so much pain but pushes through for her fans. She’s so amazing!

You can follow Germanotta Babe on Instagram here.

Lady Gaga Netflix Five Foot Two

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Gaga Brasil

The quality of the documentary lies in its ability to slowly remove the personality of Gaga and portray the struggle of an iconic figure to let the expectations of others and reveal a genuine identity. We get to see how Gaga’s moods and mental states alter throughout the documentary.

You can follow Gaga Brasil on Instagram here.

Gaga Slayy

My favourite part was when Gaga played Joanne for her grandmother. I also really liked it when she was singing Bad Romance. I didn’t know that she had to deal with fibromyalgia.

You can follow Gaga Slayy on Instagram here.


I loved seeing Gaga’s dedication. She strives to do what she loves, despite continuing pain. She is brave and she doesn’t fear the risks.

I think she need to be more Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, and to leave aside her pseudonym. I think she lives under a lot of pressure from her fans. When you think you know Lady Gaga, she always reinvents herself and you do not know her again. But Joanne is authentic and simple, and so different from an era like Artpop.

You can follow Monstergag28 on Instagram here.


I love how Gaga is so sensitive, but she never wants to let us know. I think that she’s also so strong in her concerts and live performances. I had no idea how much she suffers, and that really moved me a lot.

You can follow Gagafotos on Instagram here.

Lady Gaga At The Superbowl in Five Foot Two

Lady Gaga Five Foot Two – The Little Gay Blog Review

OK, so we’ve heard from the superfans. If you’d like to be included and share your own thoughts about Five Foot Two, simply send an email to – [email protected] and let me know what you think.

But now it’s time for my own little review!

Like I said at the start, I really enjoyed Five Foot Two (and I’m by no means a huge Lady Gaga fan). I thought it was really well made, I loved the colours, filters and overall feel of the film and I think it covered a lot of ground, both personal stuff as well as things that were already in the public domain.

Here are a few of the things that really stood out for me.

The brutal, painful honesty

I’m sure that there is a larger PR/branding strategy behind the release of this documentary. I also know that there are many areas that it doesn’t cover. But all in all, we do learn and see a lot about the inner workings of Lady Gaga’s life.

Gaga opens up about a lot of personal things. This includes:

  • The end of her engagement to Taylor Kinney
  • Her very public feud with Madonna
  • Her current thoughts on men, getting older and sexism in the music industry
  • How much she really loves her family

The biggest and most surprising thing I learnt is the near constant state of pain and agony she’s in. A hip injury and a case of fibromyalgia requires constant massage and medical attention. A lot of it, not seeming to do a lot to actually minimise her pain. It’s hard to watch and it does give you a renewed appreciation for her ability to get so much done, in spite of what she’s going through.

READ – Feminism Lessons For The Gay Rights Movement

Lady Gaga Hip Pain

The unexpected humour

As serious an artist as Gaga is, behind the scenes she’s actually quite funny, silly and even a little clumsy (Exhibit A: the rear end of Mark Ronson’s parked car which Gaga accidentally smashed into).

One of the funniest scenes was when Gaga went into a Walmart, looking to find her just-released Joanne album. (After all, the music industry’s not what it used to be she informs the attendant). The store attendant didn’t recognise her at all, and had apparently never heard of the album either. Gaga took it all in her stride – and it was really funny to watch.

The scene unfolds in a really sweet way too. I love seemingly small moments like this. They really can (and do) reveal a lot about a person’s character and true nature.

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Lady Gaga Five Foot Two - Walmart scene

The overall flow and feel of the film

Gaga and Netflix have done a great job with Five Foot Two. It’s shot beautifully, it moves along at a great pace, it feels real and authentic and at the end of the day, it’s entertaining.

While it’s no big surprise that Gaga’s biggest fans love it, it really is a film that anyone can watch, enjoy and get something out of. I know I did.

But there’s really only one way to form an opinion about Five Foot Two…Check it out for yourself!..

Watch the official Five Foot Two trailer

Five Foot Two is now available to stream and watch on Netflix.

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