JustForFans – Topher Drew


INTERVIEW – Topher Drew opens up about his JustForFans account. Find out why he started it, how it’s going and why you should follow him!

JustForFans – Topher Drew Interview


I recently had the chance to sit down with the ever-busy Topher. In addition to having an awesome JustForFans page himself, Topher had just become the social media manager for JustForFans around the time when we spoke.

So he really is putting his money where his mouth is.

Check out our chat below!

Little Gay Blog – What made you decide to join Just For Fans and how’s it going so far for you?

Topher – I joined Just For Fans in the beginning of the site, after getting to know Dominic Ford, the site’s creator and a great friend. It was at that time that I realised he would design a product that was far superior than anything I’d used previously, such as OnlyFans, ManyVids, etc.

After my first two months, I was earning roughly the same amount on JFF as my OnlyFans page, which is remarkable considering I’ve had my OnlyFans page for over a year and JFF for only a few months.

But really, it’s not surprising, because JustForFans is better than the competition in just about every way.


What do you like/don’t like about Just For Fans?

What’s not to like about JFF? Truly. I can’t think of a thing I’d change about it. Customer Service: top notch. Features: incredible, functional, easy to use, new ones being added practically every day. Models: diverse.

JFF, to me, is exactly what a fan platform should be. It’s the fan platform I wanted when I began in the adult industry. I have personally converted a numer of models over to JFF now, because I believe that strongly in the brand. I’ve even been hired by Dominic to manage JFF’s social media accounts!

I cannot recommend the brand more strongly.


Why should people follow you? What can they expect that they won’t find anywhere else?

I would say people should follow me because I offer something that is truly unique: real exhibitionism. How many models do you know who actually go out in real public situations and risk everything for some hot footage? Well, I do that.

Also, my open boyfriend, Jullian Pierre (who has his own page) and I host and attend groups together. We have access to some of the hottest boys in Manhattan – and we’re getting all of our action on record exclusively for our subscribers!


Want more JustForFans action?

JustForFans features many of the world’s top gay porn stars. From some of the biggest names in the industry – to new and rising stars – you’ll find something to satisfy your every fetish, kink and desire on JustForFans.

Here are just some of the hottest gay JustForFans accounts worth following:

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