JustForFans – RopeTrainKeep


INTERVIEW: RopeTrainKeeps opens up about his JustForFans account. Find out why he started it, how it’s going and why you should follow him!

JustForFans – RopeTrainKeep Interview


Little Gay Blog – What made you decide to join Just For Fans and how’s it going so far for you?

I decided to start the fan page because I’ve created bondage content for a few years now and built a following for my particular perspective as a bondage player.

Having a fan page allows me to take a more robust approach to showing what I’ve been doing in my sessions. Plus, it helps me out financially which is great because it’ll allow me to keep having sessions and showing them. That’s exciting for me – and a giant relief.

The fan page is going well. I can’t know what doing well really means without anything to compare it to, but there has been enough interest to make me feel encouraged and hopeful that I have found a way to showcase my aesthetic and make a modest living from that. It’s such a blessing.

Also, I had a session with Dolf Dietrich and he’s the one who encouraged me to start a Just For Fans page. He knows the creator of the site and helped me get approved really fast.


What do you like/don’t like about Just For Fans?

The site overall is great. I’ve heard that the navigation is much nicer than the other fan site option. It’s very professional and responsive. I do wish I could upload 4K quicker though.


Why should people follow you? What can they expect that they won’t find anywhere else?

People should follow/subscribe to my fan page because I have a variety of subjects that I’ve built a series with. My page is much more diverse than anything else out there, I’m sure.

Also, my photo sets are very extensive, so that portion of my content is literally going to end up in the tens of thousands. More than that actually.

I don’t think anyone who follows my fan page will see anything as extensive as mine. I’ve only had the page for a about 6 weeks and I’ve put a lot up. In a year the amount of content I’ll have in there should dwarf anyone else’s page. (More than likely.)

Plus my page is only $10.99 which is a great deal compared to paying for a full site.


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