In a shock announcement, fan favourite Just For Fans power couple Oz Gym Boys – aka Matt and Steve – have broken up.

In the past few years, Oz Gym Boys have been everywhere. In a super short space of time, they became a powerhouse, multi-award winning gay couple who have developed a massive worldwide fanbase.

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Hailing from Australia, the duo won people over with their amazing good looks. But it was their chemistry and charisma that ensured they were no flash in the pan trend. Their appeal also lay (for many – including me) in the fact that they were a gay couple in porn – who were monogamous.

When I interviewed the guys in 2018, this is what they said about monogamy –

I guess in a way, being monogamous has made us more popular as our fans love to follow our life and see what we are up to and the new kinky things we can do during sex (not many left hahaha).

Which makes the news of their breakup even more sad for fans who really rallied behind these guys, and wanted to see them stay together.


The guys broke up in late 2018, but delayed the public announcement until a few months later. This is completely understandable.

Imagine having to go through all of the post-breakup emotions of a breakup in realtime, on social media. That Matt and Steve took the time to deal with this privately is a really good thing.

Oz Gym Boys – Matt

Here’s Matt explaining what the past few months have been like for him –

“The last few months where hard in the beginning but I don’t dwell in the past and I keep moving forward in life. The memories will be with me forever but it’s time for me to make new one with some else. Everything in life makes you stronger and teaches you something to make you the person you are today.”


So what does this mean for Oz Gym Boys?

The good news is – Oz Gym Boys will continue!

It wasn’t just a side hustle for the guys, it became their main source of income – and business. So the brand Oz Gym Boys will continue, but obviously not as Matt and Steve anymore.


Here’s what’s next –

  1. Matt will take over the Oz Gym Boys (re) brand. You’ll start seeing new logos and banners across all social media platforms and cam profiles soon.
  2. Matt will introduce his first new scene partner – a willing 18 year old wanting to be trained – to join him on the first of many, hot sexual adventures.
  3. Oz Gym Boys 2.0 will feature Matt exploring his newfound sexuality with other guys – in all sorts of sexy combinations.


Picking yourself up after a breakup is always hard. Which is why I think it’s important to continue supporting Oz Gym Boys in its new incarnation. Here’s what Matt has to say about his hopes for how fans will react to the new Oz Gym Boys –

“I’m hoping they will love it. I have put a lot of time into reading message fans have send about what they want to see. I think the new Oz Gym Boys is going to give them what they want plus more.”


Oz Gym Boys Interview 2018

Below is my original article and interview with Matt and Steve that I wrote back in 2018….


I’ve been fortunate to interview over 100 guys about their experience with the Just For Fans platform. Matt and Steve, who go by the moniker Oz Gym Boys, stand out for a number of reasons.

Firstly, they’re super nice and professional to deal with. They seem like genuinely nice guys who are enjoying what they do – minus any ego and self-inflated importance. That’s as rare in porn as it seems to be in the world in general.

Secondly, and related to the subject of rarity, even though they’re technically in the porn business, they’re also 100% monogamy. How can that be? Well they only film scenes together, and only with one another. So no extra guests.


This is one thing that really resonates with me on a personal level. In fact, one of the very first articles I ever wrote on the Little Gay Blog (waaay back in 2013) was called “5 Myths About Gay Monogamy”. People still contact me about it all these years later to tell me how much they appreciate it.

As someone who has been in a monogamous relationship for coming on to 10 years, I love that Matt and Steve are showing the world that monogamous sex is just as hot, fun, exciting and sexual as open relationship sex. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against open relationships. But open relationships are plenty represented in porn. Monogamy on the other hand, not so much. Until now, at least.

And thirdly, they are fellow Aussies. So how can I not love them? Anyways, check out my chat with the guys below!

What made you decide to join Just For Fans and how’s it going so far for you?

We decided to join Just For Fans because it actually works! We love the site and we love Dominic Ford!


What do you like/don’t like about Just For Fans?

We love everything about Just For Fans – faster uploads, we can sell movies, sell items, put out hashtags to reach a bigger audience. There’s nothing to dislike really.


You guys are having a stellar year this year and killing it on Just For Fans (and everywhere else too!) I’m noticing that one aspect of your appeal is that you guys are monogamous. Guys seem to really dig that. Is that your experience and why do you think guys seem to like that so much?

We think guys love the monogamy because it’s not very common in the gay community. We have been told we give people hope that they too will find a love like ours one day.

We spend many hours having sex a day so our chemistry looks great. We know what each other likes and that shows on camera.

We just have a very passionate love for each other and sharing our life naked and clothed is something people just love. We are real, we are so happy together and everyone just wants love and happiness.

I guess in a way, being monogamous has made us more popular as our fans love to follow our life and see what we are up to and the new kinky things we can do during sex (not many left hahaha).


How do you balance your private lives with what you do publicly? I mean, if you guys have a fight in the morning, I’m assuming you won’t film a scene in the afternoon. How do you strike that balance there?

Honestly. we share everything. People on social media always say people share only the good parts of their life, but we really are exactly the same as online.

We do live cam shows and we will have little disagreements along the way, which always ends in laughing. We don’t fight and say things we later regret. We communicate and joke about it late. In fact, some of our best work is after a little fight, haha.


Do you guys still have day jobs, or is this your main focus at the moment?

No, we do not have day jobs anymore. We both worked full time, did our studies, but have  pushed all that to the side to focus more on this.

We now have a new Youtube channel which will share even more intimate parts of our lives, but obviously stuff that’s at least M rated. We try our best to educate and also help young people or even older people in the LGBT community find themselves and to not feel like outsiders and that they don’t belong.


Do you tell the people in your lives (family, friends) that you’re doing this and what’s their reaction when you do tell them?

Everyone knows on both sides of friends and family. We post our magazine covers, articles and everything all over our Facebook pages. Our biggest supporters are family and friends. They love what we do and are so proud that from where we started, we now have a voice within the LGBT community.

A lot of peoples first reactions are always “I should so get into that with my boyfriend/girlfriend!”


What’s the craziest fan request you’ve received?

We’ve had quite a few. One person has asked Matt to stick his foot in Steve’s ass. Another request was to watch us sleep live for the whole night.

This one isn’t so crazy but when you’re on cam and someone asks, you immediately giggle, but they asked to hear us fart close to the microphone haha


What can fans expect in the future from you guys?

We are hoping to just become so involved within the LGBT community and to help as many people as possible. We want to be the voice we needed when we were growing up confused.

People can expect more sexy videos, more awards and more love.


Why should people follow you? What can they expect that they won’t find anywhere else?

People can expect to see real love, passion and intimacy on our Just For Fans. We don’t get with other guys so it’s all us. We range from sticking heavy chains into Steve, fisting, water sports, to passionate love making in the bedroom.

We also won best duo at XBIZ so you know we’re good!


Want more JustForFans action?

JustForFans features many of the world’s top gay porn stars. From some of the biggest names in the industry – to new and rising stars – you’ll find something to satisfy your every fetish, kink and desire on JustForFans.

Here are just some of the hottest gay JustForFans accounts worth following:

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