JustForFans – Jay Donahue


INTERVIEW – Jay Donahue opens up about his JustForFans account. Find out why he started it, how it’s going and why you should follow him!

JustForFans – Jay Donahue Interview


Little Gay Blog – What made you decide to join Just For Fans and how’s it going so far for you?

Jay – Kind of the same reason I started doing porn in general. I’m an exhibitionist who gets off on the pleasure of other people. Thus, knowing that what I’m doing is making someone horny is a win in my book.

Oh and the fact that there’s money to be made in it isn’t a bad deal either!


What do you like/don’t like about Just For Fans?

I love how responsive Dominic is whenever I message him.

I’m the guy that manages to break everything, so there have been several times I’ve messaged him with unique problems that other users on the site hadn’t encountered yet. He always responds right away, and we work through the troubleshooting together. Usually he deploys a fix within a day or so.


Why should people follow you? What can they expect that they won’t find anywhere else?

People should expect weekly releases of authentic sex with a full spectrum of fetishes represented. I look all innocent and naive but I’m a wild child freak underneath.

I make it a point to try and put out content that my audience love to watch, but ultimately it’s mostly just me documenting my wild-ass sex life.

In a lot of kink porn, you can tell the actors are only pretending to be into the activities…with me, it’s 100% authentic. I love being a freak and embracing the dark side, and I believe it shows!


Want more JustForFans action?

JustForFans features many of the world’s top gay porn stars. From some of the biggest names in the industry – to new and rising stars – you’ll find something to satisfy your every fetish, kink and desire on JustForFans.

Here are just some of the hottest gay JustForFans accounts worth following:

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