JustForFans – Griffin Barrows


INTERVIEW: Griffin Barrows opens up about his JustForFans account. Find out why he started it, how it’s going and why you should follow him!

OK, so when you think of the term ‘breaking the internet’, who comes to mind? For me, it’s this guy, Griffin Barrows. He came seemingly out of nowhere – and within a few months was everywhere.

And it’s not hard to see why. Yes, he’s good looking. But being good looking isn’t a unique feature in porn. I think it’s Griffin’s laid back, approachable and relatable style that has really connected with viewers all across the world.

It’s that combination of unique features that has made Griffin arguably one of the biggest names to emerge in gay porn in recent times. And now he’s joined Just For Fans and is already one of the biggest and most popular stars on the platform.

JustForFans – Griffin Barrows Interview


Little Gay Blog – What made you decide to join Just For Fans and how’s it going so far for you?

Griffin – I joined Just for Fans because I was looking for a stabler and faster platform to share my vids. So far, it’s going very well!

I’ve had a lot of fans message me to say how much of an improvement my choice has been, and literally nobody has complained to me about the decision to move to JFF from my old platform.


What do you like/don’t like about Just For Fans?

What I like about JFF: I like that it loads vids quickly! That’s the most important thing for me when I watch other guys’ vids too.

I also like that models can release previews of their vids so potential fans can actually sample what they’re going to get. I take full advantage of this feature because I want people to trust that they’re getting vids that are worth a damn!

What I don’t like about JFF: JFF doesn’t have the notoriety of sites like OnlyFans, ManyVids, and Chaturbate yet, which sucks on two levels:

A) People don’t immediately look to it for porn awesomeness, and

B) I think people still, mistakenly, wonder if it’s a scam or is otherwise fishy. Hopefully articles like this – and model endorsements – will help make JFF a mainstream name in porn.


Why should people follow you? What can they expect that they won’t find anywhere else?

To be honest, I was puzzled when I started gaining internet traction. I don’t have giant roid muscles, a 10” cock or a cumshot like Mt. Vesuvius.

But then my friends pointed out that I’m a down-to-earth guy like you could legit find in your gym or neighbourhood – and I get really into the sex. I stopped doing most studio work because it was (for the most part) a fake industry.

On my Just For Fans vids, I get to have real sex with authentic excitement, lust, and connection. I get to worship bodies, milk cocks and be myself.

A lot of my partners are regular Joes, not industry people (which is why I do so much POV — they don’t usually show their faces since they have real lives with jobs, families, etc.) It’s a rush for them to video me servicing them in a POV.

Also, I can deep throat any dick, so oral fans love that!follow-justforfans-griffin-barrows

Want more JustForFans action?

JustForFans features many of the world’s top gay porn stars. From some of the biggest names in the industry – to new and rising stars – you’ll find something to satisfy your every fetish, kink and desire on JustForFans.

Here are just some of the hottest gay JustForFans accounts worth following:

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