Just For Fans Turns 1!


Just For Fans, one of the world’s leading fan sites, is turning 1! And they’ve achieved A LOT in just 12 months.

In a post-porn Tumblr world, fan sites have emerged as the new go-to for porn. But not just any, run of the mill kinda porn. The content you get on fan sites is exclusive and unique content you won’t find anywhere else.

Just For Fans has emerged as one of the world’s leading fan sites. It hosts some of the biggest names in the adult industry, as well as people just taking their tentative, first steps. Just For Fans celebrating its first full year in existence is not just a great achievement in its own right, it’s also a signal heralding that the era of fans site has well and truly arrived.

What Is Just For Fans?

OK. So think of Just For Fans as Instagram or Facebook, in that you choose to follow your favourite performers. It differs in that it’s a paid site. So you pay a small fee to receive content from your favourite performer that you won’t find anywhere else.

Given that there’s enough free porn on the internet to satisfy every sexual whim for several lifetimes over, I think it’s great to see a site that puts performers in control. And if you’re truly a fan, what’s a few bucks a month to support your favourite content producer, right?

Why Performers Love Just For Fans

The freedom performers have on Just For Fans is truly groundbreaking. For the first time ever, they’re no longer at the behest of studios. They are now their own mini-studio. They can choose where and when they work, who they perform with, the types of scenes they shoot and more.

That’s a big part of why so many performers – both big names and emerging stars – have flocked to Just For Fans.

But look, there are other fan platforms out there. What makes Just For Fans better than the competition is their amazing, industry leading features, their unrivalled customer service and just the simple fact that everything is easy to use and works well on the site.

Here are just a few of the things performers love about JFF –

Billy Santoro

billy-santoroDominic Ford is a friend of mine. When he told me he was launching JustForFans, I got on board immediately. There is nothing better than joining a site owned and operated by a gay porn professional.

I love the quick uploads, the ability to sell apparel, the ability to communicate directly with fans through personalised texting and the ability to do promos.

The features are endless and challenge me to create something unique.


Griffin Barrows


What I like about JFF: I like that it loads vids quickly! That’s the most important thing for me when I watch other guys’ vids too.

I also like that models can release previews of their vids so potential fans can actually sample what they’re going to get. I take full advantage of this feature because I want people to trust that they’re getting vids that are worth a damn!


Oz Gym Boys


We love everything about Just For Fans – faster uploads, we can sell movies, sell items, put out hashtags to reach a bigger audience. There’s nothing to dislike really.


Gabriel Cross


Just For Fans is empowering models and allowing them to make a serious income. You no longer have to be an exclusive to achieve real success in the industry, or fit that precise studio mould. There’s room for so much more diversity. This independence makes me a lot happier as I find the casting process extremely frustrating.


Ryan Carter & Digger


I like that Just For Fans is easy to configure and manage. There’s not a limit on data/file size, so we can post HD content without worrying if it’s gonna load.

Dominic, who runs the site, is also incredibly responsive and that makes the experience all the more enjoyable.


Over the last year, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing over 130 Just For Fans performers. You can read all of the interviews here.


3 More Reasons To Love Just For Fans

In addition to being the preferred performer platform, there are a number of other awesome things about Just For Fans that I really like.

Here are my personal favourites –

  1. They offer their models an affordable health care plan. This is such an amazing thing for them to do, especially where in the US, health care is a complete cluster fuck.
  2. They have free content too. There are a number of Just For Fans channels that are completely, 100% free. So if you’re one of many Tumblr refugees, check it out!
  3. They’re always updating their features. The creator of Dominic Ford is from the industry, so he knows first hand what features performers want and need. Plus, he’s super responsive to requests, which is a telltale sign of a smart business person. Giving performers the features they want keeps them happy, and makes the site better for everyone. A total win-win!

Just For Fans Is Throwing A Party!

On 12 March 12 2019, Just For Fans will celebrate its one-year anniversary in style by throwing one of its world famous parties.

The company is throwing a huge private party in the Real World Suite of the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas for JFF models, as well as models interested in joining Just For Fans. This event is closed to the public. The party will be fully catered and have an open bar from 9-12. The after-hours party, where anything goes, starts at midnight. All models (male, female, trans) are welcome to attend.


On 13 March 2019, Just For Fans models will attend the underwear party at Charlie’s, a club in Las Vegas. This event is open to everyone. So it will be a great chance for you ro meet your favourite Just For Fans performers.

RSVPs are required for the event. You can find the invitation here.