Behind The Porn: Johnny V

Johnny V

In the world of gay porn, Johnny V stands out for not only his good looks, but he’s also one of the most down to earth performers around.

Welcome to the sixth (can you believe it?) instalment of Behind The Porn. I never imagined when I first came up with the idea, that you guys would love it as much as you have, so thank you for embracing it.

If this is your first time to the blog, the Behind The Porn series is a bit of a behind the scenes look at some of the biggest gay adult stars in the world. Sure, we know them from their scorching performances or by following them on social media, but how well do we actually know them as just regular people?

In this series, I aim to discover a different side to them, while being mindful of their right to privacy. I like digging a bit deeper to try to find out what makes a person tick and how they view the world. It’s a great way to get a better understanding and appreciation of other people.

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One of my favourite things about Johnny is that he really seems to be a genuine, down to earth kind of guy. I don’t know him personally of course, but you can get a small glimpse of a person based on how and what they post on social media.

My initial thoughts were confirmed in the process of working with Johnny on this interview. He has been so polite and friendly, that I’m really excited to be sharing this interview with you all. It’s so great to see someone who has achieved huge global success remain true to who he is. He’s also super busy, so I really appreciate him taking the time to chat to Little Gay Blog readers.

We had a really great conversation about a number of different topics. So, I hope you guys enjoy getting to know a different size to Johnny V!

Johnny V - Little Gay Blog

Little Gay Blog – Thanks for your time Johnny. You’re one of the biggest names in the industry. I’m curious to know, how do you feel about the porn business having been in it for a few years now?

Johnny – Having been in the porn business for a few years now, I feel extremely comfortable with where I am at in my career, at the moment.

I have found an amazing company/studio to work for (Falcon Studios Group) and I love my Falcon family! So happy I was scouted by them, as they have helped me in my career up to this point, and continue to do so. I have had some amazing opportunities and look forward to many more to come!

You’ve branched out and created your own website American Muscle Hunks. What inspired that move, and what’s the response been like so far?

The inspiration, regarding creating my own website was inspired by getting into the porn industry.

My partner at the time, Joey D and I brainstormed this years ago, when I first got into the industry, and said to one another, “We can do this!” It all started from there. Joey then taught himself how to build a website from scratch, and that is how it all began!

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Johnny V - Gay

You’ve got an amazing body. Realistically, how much work and dedication does it take – and what’s your own relationship to your body like? Are you happy with how you look?

Thank you so much for the compliment. It is much appreciated!

It takes A LOT of work to maintain a constant regimen of going to the gym and keeping up a healthy diet. I am in the gym 6 days a week for one hour and 30 minutes at a time. I work one body part/group a day and I swear by that, for now.

I LOVE my body and love to see my progress pay off over the years which keeps me going. I strive to be the best and push my body to its limits in regards to mental wellness and physical wellness.

I am definitely happy with how I look, but it is a constant keep-up to maintain and push myself. I love it!

Body image issues are rife in the gay community. What advice do you apply in your own life when it comes to accepting and loving yourself?

I know this first hand. Being well-known in the gay community, I like to provide advice regarding physical fitness and physical wellness to those who are struggling with body image issues in their life. I take very good care of myself and continue to do so.

It is all about loving yourself, yes, but you have to be active and WANT to help yourself. Having a healthy and positive mindset is key to creating the environment to move forward and progress.

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Johnny V - Interview

If you had 24 hours to do anything you wanted to do, what would you do, where would you go and who would you want to be with?

The real answer to this question is that I would probably go the gym and go about my day as per usual.

But, in all reality I would want a day of pampering with my closest friends, some cocktails, manicure/pedicures all around and a day at the beach. I’ve heard good things about Thailand, or perhaps some place exotic is in order.

And lastly:

First concert you ever went to?
The Dave Matthews Band.

Last Netflix show you binge watched?

Favourite book?
I do not like to read, but The Great Gatsby.

How will you look back on 2017?
For the most part, it was a pretty good year, except for my break up.

Life motto?
Live life, laugh, and always maintain a positive attitude.

You can follow Johnny on Twitter, Instagram and Only Fans (NSFW).
You can also check out his American Muscle Hunks website (NSFW).

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