Is This JFF’s First Super Couple?


The internet is buzzing over a possible new romance. Are two of the world’s hottest porn stars – Gabriel Cross and Griffin Barrows – a couple?

Now as far as I can tell,¬†Gabriel Cross and Griffin Barrows didn’t know each other, that is, until they recently filmed a series of super hot scenes with one another on their respective Just For Fans accounts.

So if they are a couple – and it’s still purely speculative – they could very well be the first couple brought together by Just For Fans!

A couple that JFFs together – stays together!

Wait, what’s Just For Fans?

Think of Just For Fans as a social media channel. Except it’s for well, porn stars. each star creates their own channel, which you can then follow. They usually post at least a few times a week. You’ll get to see all sort of sexy, x-rated content you won’t find anywhere else.

Now it is a paid platform. Most stars charge a small monthly fee (usually around the $10 mark), which hey, if you’re a true fan is a small price to pay to support your favourite stars.

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Back to Gabriel and Griffin…

Neither Gabriel or Griffin have commented publicly about their couple status. However, I have been in contact with Gabriel (via email) and this is what he had to say:

“Griffin’s a great guy. We have an amazing connection and a great time whenever we’re together….Are we a couple? Who knows? There might be some clues in our videos!”


So, in the absence of a definitive answer, I’ll let you judge for yourself. Here are just some of the pics the guys have been sharing on their social media from their recent (romantic?) trip to Italy.





Now these are just the PG-rated pics that I can share on the blog. As I mentioned at the start, Gabriel and Griffin (hmm – they need a cute couple name, just in case :-) have recorded a series of scorchingly hot videos that I can’t share here.

So if you want to see the good stuff (and believe me, it’s GOOD), you can follow the guys on their respective Just For Fans accounts. Enjoy!




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