Hit Gay Series ‘I’m Fine’ Returns on Dekkoo

I'm Fine Dekkoo

I’m Fine, the breakout hit series returns for a second season with 8 all-new episodes on gay streaming service Dekkoo.

Set in West Hollywood, I’m Fine tells the story of Nate, who just broke up with his boyfriend – BUT IS TOTALLY FINE!.

The show touches on subjects from Grindr to sex parties, to family and depression, while taking a fresh, honest, and humorous look at gay male relationships and friendship, and the often-blurry line between the two.

The first season of I’m Fine received some rave reviews including the Los Angeles LGBT newspaper The Pride calling the series “stunningly on-point” and national website Pride.com praised the show as “the perfect counterweight to programs like ‘Fire Island’ and ‘What Happens at the Abbey.'”

With such high praise come high hopes for the second season. Still set in West Hollywood, season 2 continues the story of neurotic, self-absorbed Nate, who broke up with his boyfriend Joey, has fallen out with his best friend (Jeff), and is surrounded by somewhat happier friends (Andy, Brian, Nicole). But, if asked he’ll tell you, after an exasperated eye-roll, that he’s still “Totally fine!”

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I'm Fine Season 2

What’s really great about I’m Fine is that it examines darker, interior lives of a group of gay friends living in an otherwise sunny neighbourhood. “I like the way that this project captures a nuanced anxiety in this world that doesn’t get a lot of coverage or exposure,” says Perry Powell, who plays Nate.

“My motivation to make “I’m Fine” was the end of HBO’s ‘Looking,’ and how there is no series dedicated solely to how we as gay men experience friendships and relationships,” says show creator, writer and director Brandon Kirby.

“Beyond what ‘Looking’ was able to achieve, I want to talk about gay male friendship in the way Noah Baumbach’s “Frances Ha” and the “Broad City” series have explored the fluidity found within female friendship.”

About Brandon Kirby

Brandon Kirby

Brandon Kirby is the creator, writer and director of I’m Fine. Currently the director of home entertainment sales and acquisitions at Strand Releasing, he began his career in L.A. five years ago at The Hollywood Reporter.

When he’s not endlessly scrolling through Twitter, you’ll find him on a bike, training for AIDS/LifeCycle. He also pulls together events for OutFest LGBT Film Festival.

He’s also the co-creator of another series, The Exorcists, with his writing partner Jessie Katz. The project was a finalist in the 2016 Austin Film Festival digital scripted competition.

You can follow Brandon on Twitter here.

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Dekkoo is available internationally via iTunes, Google Play, AppleTV and Roku, and in the U.S. and U.K. via the Amazon Dekkoo Channel. Dekkoo original series include Feral, Love is Blind and I’m Fine.

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