Grindr Launches The Varsity Collection

Grindr, the world’s most well known gay social app, has just launched its first clothing line. The best bit? All proceeds are supporting sports equality.

Grindr is like the Google of the gay online dating, social and yes, hook up world. Even if you’ve never used it (like me – I’ve been in a relationship since before it launched), you’ve definitely heard about it.

Which is why it’s so great that a company with such a massively huge profile within our community is using it to highlight an important issue – inequality in the sporting world.

They’re doing this by launching their first-ever full range menswear line. It’s called The Varsity Collection.

The goal?

To increase awareness and raise funds for LGBTQ athletes. All proceeds will go to Athlete Ally’s Principle 6 campaign, which is a non-profit focused on ending homophobia and transphobia in the sports community.

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The Varsity Collection references queer pop-culture, Ancient Greek motifs and will include anoraks, windbreakers, patterned swim trunks and briefs, track pants, mesh tops, sweatshirts, jockstraps, zip duffels, bandanas and novelty fashion pins. Prices are reasonable too, ranging from $25 – $130 USD.

Landis Smithers, Creative Director of Grindr had this to say about the collection:

As we keep evolving, we are looking for ways to combine things people enjoy with ways to help the community globally. The collection feels sexy, cheeky, fun, but in the end, all profits are going to an amazing group that helps athletes with the issues the gay community faces all around the world. It felt like a different way to approach sports, and every partner in the mix has been amazing.”

Here’s a sample of The Varsity Collection –






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