Some Good Gay News

Tuning in to the news these days can be depressing. So here’s a news grab of five interesting, uplifting and positive gay news stories, from media outlets all over the world.

Gay and transgender dairy farmers break down barriers in rural Victoria

This is a great article from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). It showcases a number of gay, and one trans couple, living in rural Victoria, Australia. While attitudes to gay people are often though to be slightly, let;s say backwards, in rural regions, there is some hope that things are slowly starting to shift.

I myself live in a semi-rural region of Australia (about an hour away from a major city), so this article definitely gives me hope.

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Boxer Orlando Cruz Knocks Out Homophobia: Gay Iconography

Homophobia is sports, especially sports traditional considered to be “macho”, is being tackled head on by awesome athletes such as the first openly out while competing boxer Orlando Cruz. This article recaps his history and the important contribution he’s made as an out gay athlete not only to boxing, but to sports in general.

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LGBT History Lessons Heading for California Classrooms

The struggle for gay rights is a lesson in civil rights more broadly. That’s why it’s so great to see that starting in second grade, LGBT families and history will be included in the curriculum. What I really like about these changes coming in, is that they don’t make a huge big fuss about it. LGBT topics are simply included in a way that gives us some visibility. Hopefully this will translate to a new generation of youngsters who don’t see sexuality or gender identity as anything more different than a person’s eye colour or height.

Read the article >>>

BBC orders historic gay drama from author Patrick Gale

I’m not a huge fan of historic or period pieces (I have for instance, never watched an episode of Downton Abbey), but this looks good. ‘Man In An Orange Shirt’ will air on BBC1. It’s two interwoven stories, one set in the 1940s/50s, the other in the present day. Not a whole lot of detail has been released about the two love stories, so this is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Read the article >>>

Gay political power reaching record as US attitudes shift

American politics is at a very interesting point in time. A tipping point has seemingly been reached on gay rights, but before we celebrate too soon, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. Rights may have been won, but that doesn’t mean they’re free from appeals and attempts to roll them back. This article outlines that challenges we face, and positions the gay power movement as stronger than ever.

Read the article >>>


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