Global Pride Summit

The world’s first online Global Pride Summit will bring together some of the greatest LGBT celebrities, teachers, business leaders, healers, coaches and artists.

Each carefully chosen speak will share their own personal, inspirational and informative stories. The best news? It’s all happening online – and it’s FREE!

What is the Global Pride Summit?

The Global Pride Summit aims to help people all over the world to:

  • Grow in self-love, acceptance, and personal empowerment.
  • Surrender any remnants of old or current beliefs that you are not enough, or flawed, because of being LGBT.
  • Ignite courage to stand strong in who you are here to be.
  • Know you are never alone – you belong and you matter!

In recent years, ‘Gay Pride’ has become associated with not much more than great big parties. So it’s great to see an event like this, which is so squarely focused on broader, more spiritual and universal issues which affect all of our lives. The Global Pride Summit stands on three premises:

  1. The LGBT world is a perfect, necessary part of humanity.
  2. Inherent within all LGBT people is the freedom, personal power, love and acceptance that they are seeking.
  3. We need each other. In coming together we can and will create a greater world for ourselves, each other, and the world.

The Creator and Host of the virtual summit is Mark Anthony Lord. Mark has been inspired by his own transformation. He also has a keen understanding of the limitations of support systems for those seeking freedom from internalised shame and homophobia beyond more costly approaches like therapy, personal growth seminars, etc. The intent is to make personal pride more accessible.

“My youth was filled with self-hatred and rejection. Today I know what it means to fully love myself. I want every LGBT person to know that for themselves.” He sees the on-line approach as an opportunity for LGBT people all over the world to come together in a stand for greater freedom.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Mark. We spoke about the Summit, what it hopes to achieve and how people from all over the world can be involved.

Little Gay Blog – Where did you get the idea for the Global Pride Summit, and what do you hope it will achieve?

global-pride-summit-markMark – I tried to do a live conference in Los Angeles back in 2010, but it flopped. I poured my heart, soul, and money into it, so I figured I was just done. But the vision of helping LGBT people feel amazing about themselves wouldn’t leave me. I have a friend, Tommy Rosen, who does online Summits for people in 12 step recovery, and he was really making a difference. (Check out So, I decided to follow his lead and let technology make it simpler, more cost effective, and even more impactful.

LGB – We’re at an interesting point in our history where on the one hand, we’re making great progress in terms of our civil rights, yet on the other hand, we still have such a long way to go to really be equal and integrated fully. What role do you see the Global Pride Summit having in this current landscape of today?

Mark – Great question. The current progress in LGBT equality cannot be denied.  There’s a lot more work to do there, but it is happening. However, will being granted equal rights end homophobia? Will bullying suddenly stop? Will religions that rejected you all of sudden open their arms to you in embrace?

Most importantly – will the emotional and psychic wounds that LGBT people have endured for centuries disappear? No! That is our work to do. We must go within ourselves and do the deep, personal healing. This is where TRUE freedom is. And this is what the Global Pride Summit is here to help facilitate. It’s personal, but we can do it together.

LGB – For some people, the concept of ‘gay pride’ has become entwined with a month of celebrating and partying. What I love about the concept behind the Global Pride Summit is that it puts the focus squarely on spiritual, internal and individual matters. Why do you think we tend to overlook the internal so much, in favour of the external?

Mark – Ha! Because who the heck wants to go within and face the internal darkness, loneliness, and fear? Getting drunk and seeing half-naked people being free is much more sexy, for sure. But, the sexiness of our LGBT world is not really beautiful when it’s covering up wounded hearts and unhealed pains of being laughed at, rejected, bullied or even beaten up. I don’t ever want us to lose our parades or the power of our creativity – but it’s time to do the inner work so we’re balanced and whole on the inside. That will make for an even better party on the outside!

LGB – A great thing about the Global Pride Summit being online is that it’s accessible to people all over the world. Can you explain how people can participate and join in? Will there be an option for people to view all the speakers, irrespective of the time zone they’re in?

Mark – The Summit is really easy to access. People can register on the website.

Each day – June 1-5, you will receive in your inbox the videos for that day.  You are free to watch them throughout that day, on your time and on your own device.

LGB – There are so many amazing speakers lined up. Is there anyone you’re personally looking forward to, and who might you recommend checking out from the lesser well known speakers?

I have been personally blessed to interview them all – and I can seriously tell you I think they are all amazing … of course. But, I get where you’re going …

I highly recommend the interviews of the bisexuals – Robyn Ochs, Zachary Zane, and Dr. Herukhuti. They bring such brilliant perspectives and insights into this part of the LGBT world.

Alexandra Billings – OMFG!! She is brilliant, inspired, and so candid. I adored interviewing her. Katie Hendricks is a therapist who brings to the Summit such simple tools that will change your life!

Jordan Bach is a sexy, spiritual gay man. Garbrielle Bernstein – an Ally who is so steeped in personal empowerment it’s mind-blowing. My personal teacher and mentor- Michael Bernard Beckwith is a mystical man that causes awakening of the soul just by speaking!

LGB – Thanks for your time Mark.

Mark – My pleasure!

Global Pride Summit speakers


The speakers at this year’s Global Pride Summit represent all cross sections of our diverse community. There are close to two dozen speakers at the event including:

  • Dustin Lance Black – screenwriter, director, film and television producer, Academy Award winner for Milk.
  • Bria & Chrissy – lesbian singing duo, activists, and YouTube sensation with over 48 million views.
  • Chaz Bono – actor, writer, musician & advocate.
  • Greg Louganis – four-time Olympic champion and NY Times Best Selling Author.
  • Michael Bernard Beckwith – renowned author, television personality and Founder/Spiritual Director of Agape International Spiritual Centre.
  • Gabby Bernstein – a “next generation thought leader”, author, featured on Oprah, and a regular guest on the TODAY show.

The event is free to join. It’s totally up to you which speakers you’d like to listen to. To sign up, please visit the Global Pride Summit on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also follow Mark Anthony Lord on FacebookTwitter and Google+!

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