Global Pride Summit Reflections

EXCLUSIVE – Founder of the Global Pride Summit, Mark Anthony Lord shares his reflections on creating the world’s first ever Global Pride Summit and how it went.

This is a guest post by Mark Anthony Lord. I’d like to thank Mark for taking the time to share his honest thoughts and feelings.

global-pride-summit-markCreating the Global Pride Summit was a work of love and sweat.  For many years I have felt a pull in me to serve the LGBT world.  I hated that I was gay when I was a kid. I LOVE being gay today as a man. After many years of therapy, 12 step meetings, and meeting some really great people along my path, I’ve learnt that I am perfect as I am.

I knew there were countless LGBT people who also felt shame and pain around their sexual orientation, and I felt inspired to give back to them and help them discover the freedom and self-love that I now know for myself.  This was the intention of the Global Pride Summit.  So, I amassed a great team of people who helped build the technical back end and I worked many hours to pull together some of the best leaders and teachers I could find – gay, straight, lesbian, bi and trans.  Then I interviewed 30 of them and pre-recorded the interviews, which turned into the Summit.  This aired June 1-5.

READ – Global Pride Summit – Coming Soon!

How did it turn out?  Well, that can be measured from a few different vantage points.  First, the quality of the product was stellar, I believe.  The interviews were amazing and everyone brought their hearts to the conversations.  My team and I worked very hard to get the word out about the Summit through social media channels and marketing.

We promoted and promoted and promoted … but we couldn’t seem to find the right way to present this to the LGBT world in a way that made them say, “I’ve got to be a part of this!”  Maybe it was because it’s the first of it’s kind.  Maybe because it’s such a new platform – a free, online conference … what’s that?

Even with all of that, we managed to get over 5000 people to register, with much less actually taking the time to watch the interviews and participate in the discussions. Those who did were very, very moved.  I got wonderful emails filled with gratitude and appreciation.  I heard from every letter sharing with me a break through they experienced from participating, and that is worth it all!

We are planning on doing another one.  My team and I feel strongly that we have something that will make a difference for LGBT people and that alone is worth the time and effort.

Our next Summit is currently scheduled for Feb. 8-12, the week before Valentine’s Day.  So, we are focusing that one on how to create HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS & LASTING LOVE.  So many LGBT people want to find real love.  And those that are in relationships are wanting to learn HOW to keep the love going and growing.  So, we are going to help answer that question.  I myself have been in a relationship for over 19 years so I do know a little something about how to have a successful relationship.  :)

I’m also going to be teaching an online class in October for gay men on how healthy dating.  It’s called – “From dating to I DO”  So, if you know any guys that are interested in a focused, 4-week, online class to help them break through resistance, fear, and uncertainty when it comes to dating and relationships – send them my way!

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