gCircuit 2018: Asia’s #1 Gay Party



14 real guys who have been to gCircuit Songkran share their real thoughts and insider tips. Updated: Get gCircuit Songkran 2018 latest details.

But first….

What is gCircuit?

If you’ve never heard of it before, gCircuit is held in Bangkok and it’s Asia’s biggest annual gay circuit party. Held over a weekend in April, it coincides with the Thai new year holiday of Songkran. That’s why it’s sometimes referred to simply as Songkran. In 2018, it will be the 12th gCircuit, so it will be known as Songkran 12.

gCircuit sees thousands of gay men from all over Thailand, Asia and the world partying like crazy. The event hosts a number of different parties, each with their own themes, world class DJs, spectacular shows and amazing lighting.

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gCircuit Songkran 12 (2018) details

This section will be updated as details for gCircuit 2018 are released. The most recently released information is presented first.

Early Bird Tickets Are Selling Fast

11 January 2018 – Lords of the Empire (DUSK)

Songkran12 - Lords of the empire Dusk

The main party for Songkran12 is a celebration of all things Japanese. Partygoers can choose to come dressed as a mighty samurai or a mysterious ninja or as any of the multitudes of anime characters available.

DJs Chu, Head, Twisted Dee, Ivan Gomez and Nacho Chapado (b2b) will be on deck so expect a wild night of fantastic music and crazy partying!

11 January 2018 – Lords of the Empire (DAWN)

Songkran12 - Lords of the empire DawnSongKran12 is a celebration and expression of dualities. For the photo above (which is part of the Empire Of The Sun campaign), there are 2 versions: Dawn vs Dusk. From 2 halls to back2back DJs to double the shows and 2 troops of gogo dancers each night, SK12 will have double the fun and entertainment in store for everyone.

8 January 2018 – The official long-form promotional video for gCircuit 2018 has just been released.

25 November 2017 – Super Early Bird tickets are selling at a record pace. In just 3 days, over 30& of tickets to the ever popular pool parties are already sold out.

Here’s the ticket sales update so far:

  • Boy Pool Party: 30% SOLD
  • VIP Tickets (all types): 25% SOLD
  • All Access Boy (all types): 30% SOLD

So get your tickets now if you want entry to all parties.

Where To Stay

24 November 2017 – If you’re looking to find and book accomodation for gCircuit 2018 (which is a good idea, especially to do it early), the gCircuit organisers have just released the official list of Songkran 12 hotels.

According to the organisers:

“These are the hotels with the best room rates offered only to gCircuit customers who are attending #K12! You can make your hotel booking directly through our website using our hotel booking system. Simply go to the Host Hotel page on our website and make your booking!”

You can view all the available hotel deals here.

Super Early Bird Tickets Available Now!

gCircuit 2018 - Early Bird Tickets

23 November 2017 – Super Early Bird tickets for Songkran 12 have just been made available. Super early bird tickets will only be available from now until 3 January 2018!

The organisers have said that VIP, All Access and Pool Party tickets are limited, so be sure to get in early to avoid disappointment!

2018 Event Schedule

gCircuit 2018 Event Schedule

22 November 2017 – The full schedule of events has just been announced:

Binomio AND SR.EDU (BACK 2 BACK), Yinon Yahel
7pm until late

Spectrum K Sungyoosiri
Javy Jin
1pm until 7pm

Nacho Chapado AND Ivan Gomez (BACK 2 BACK), DJ Twisted Dee
DJ HEAD, Chu TadayoshiAoki
7pm until late

Preeda Tony
Jay Santos
1pm until 7pm

Mauro Mozart AND Renato Cecin (BACK 2 BACK), ENRRY SENNA
Spectrum K Sungyoosiri, Sun June
7pm until late

DJ Lineup

gCircuit 2018 DJs

18 November 2017 – 2 dance halls – back to back…

For Songkran 12, gCircuit is bringing more DJs than ever before. Plus, they’re featuring the music in a dual-hall presentation. That means partygoers will be able to enjoy more music, more shows, more gogo dancers and more spectacular productions than ever before.

The venue for all this parting fabulousness will be the Zen Event Gallery and GMM Live House located on the 8th floor of CentralWorld.

Songkran 12 will also feature the latest gay circuit trend. I will have 3 pairs of the most popular DJs back to back for each of the night parties! That means that in 2018, there will be 9 international superstar DJs and 9 Asian DJs! That’s a total of 18 amazing DJs from all around the world.

The talents come from all over the world including: the United States, Brazil, Spain, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Philippines and Thailand!

International DJs


Asian DJS:


Early Bird Tickets

Songkran 12 (2018) - Official Poster

16 November 2017 – It has just been announced that super early bird ticket sales will start on 22 November at 0:01 BKK-time. Tickets will be exclusively and only available through the offical gCircuit website. No word on pricing packages or special deals yet.

Closing Night Party – Latex

gCircuit Closing Party 2018 - Latex

15 November 2017 – Slick, Dark, Tight & Sexy…The closing party for SK12 is called Latex, and it’s all about the exploration of dark hedonistic fantasies. gCircuit 2018 is going to close the weekend with a deep dive into the dark side. For this night you get to dress sexy in black (and latex as well, of course!)

Main Party – Japan-spiration

gCircuit 2018 - Main Party

13 November 2017 – In 2018, the gCircuit Main Party will be celebrating the rich culture of Japan. So the theme and dress code for the night will be all things Japan-inspired!

You can come dressed as a samurai, ninja, geisha, an anime character or anything that you love from Japan pop culture. The choices are limitless. Prepare yourself for a fantastic night of revelry in the land of the rising sun!

Opening Night Party – Zodiac

9 November 2017 – One of the many things gCircuit is known and loved for is it’s themed night parties.

The organisers realise that partygoers are spending more time and effort to dress up, so they’re going to be announcing the themes for each night party earlier. This will give attendees more time to prepare their outfits. How very thoughtful of them!

Since 2018 will be the 12th year doing Songkran, the Opening Party will be named ZODIAC. The theme and dress code will be the 12 zodiac signs.

Here’s the official promo video for the 2018 Opening Party – ZODIAC: 

Official Promotional Video

3 November 2017 – The first official promo video for Songkran 12 (2018) has just been released. Check it out below!

Stay tuned for more details….

gCircuit – The reviews are in…

OK, I have a bit of a confession to make.

Part of the reason why I am writing this article is because I’ve come across gCircuit on my Instagram feed and I like the look of it. I thought I’d reach out to some guys who have been to a gCircuit party to a) get a good idea of whether it’s actually any good and worth going to and b) write an article about it at the same time :-) Two birds, one stone, right?

Sometimes things look great online or on social media, but the truth is very different. So I reached out to guys who have all been to either the 2017 or 2016 gCircuits. I asked them for their honest opinions – both good and bad. After all, I wanted to get the real deal myself.

So, what do the guys think?

I went broad and wide, asking guys from a number of countries – Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and more – about what they loved about gCircuit Songkran, and whether they would go back again. You can check out their responses below.

But here’s a quick summary of what the consensus seems to be:

  • gCircuit is one of their favourite gay dance parties, from anywhere in the world.
  • The friendly crowd, awesome music and high production values are huge stand outs.
  • Pretty much all the guys would love to go back again!

Below you’ll find their thoughts about gCircuit, as well as links to their Instagram profiles if you’d like to follow them on there. Comments have been slightly edited for spelling, grammar and clarity.

(Also, please note that none of the guys were paid or compensated in any way to be a part of this article. Their comments and feedback are their own, honest opinions.)



The number 1 thing about gCircuit would have to be the atmosphere – it is positively electric.

I would definitely go back again. The organisers (Tom and Oui) don’t rest on their laurels. Every gCircuit has been progressively larger in scale with more lavish sets, world renowned DJs and hot dancers.

Many people would also agree that it’s also a great opportunity to catch up with friends from all over the globe.

gCircuit - Colin

You can follow Colin on Instagram here.


My favourite thing about gCircuit has to be the music. I am definitely going back next year. I only go two two gay dance parties a year, and this party is my number one!

gCircuit - jack

You can follow Jack on Instagram here.


I love getting to meet and know so many cute guys at the gCircuit event. I would love to go back again as it’s so much fun and such a happy time!

gCircuit - Nick

You can follow Nick on Instagram here.


My favourite thing about gCircuit has to be the amazing experience i get from meeting new friends and also the chance to see some familiar faces I have not seen in awhile. Dancing to the music with my gorgeous friends like it’s nobody’s business and making unforgettable memories. I LOVE that feeling!

I would definitely go back again. Me and my boyfriend have been going to the gCircuit party for the past 3 years and we can’t wait to be at the next one. Aside from the friendships we make along the way, we love the production and it’s in one of our favourite cities in the world ~ who wouldn’t want to go?

See you all at the next gCircuit!

gCircuit - Antonius

You can follow Antonius on Instagram here.


I love the people. It’s a gay crowd and a friendly crowd. It’s good to meet gay guys from Asia, especially Thai guys because it feels very safe and gay-friendly here.
I will be back for the White Party in December and I’ll also be back next April for Songrkan for sure!

gCircuit - Alief

You can follow Alief on Instagram here.


My favourite part of gCircuit is dressing up in a theme together with my friends, and dancing up a storm!

I would do it again because all of my friends from around the world come. I also love making new friends and networking.

gCircuit - Jono

You can follow Jono on Instagram here.


The reason why I love gCircuit is because there are so many hot boys attending the party! There’s also an amazing performance, especially at the main opening party. There’s also the world class DJs and unbelievable lighting.

gCircuit takes place during the Thai national holiday of Songkran. The festival is celebrated with the world’s largest water fight. Water fighting along the streets of Bangkok was so much fun!

I’ve been attending gCircuit since SK8. The organisers are always improving the event and making it better and more interesting year after year. I will always support gCircuit and I can’t wait for SK2018!

gCircuit - Hycarl

You can follow Hycarl on Instagram here.

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My favourite part of gCircuit is the pool party because you can really interact with people.

But the night party , wow – I love it all, from the lighting to the dress code and theme. Some people can totally pull it off and they dress to kill. I love it!

I do gCircuit is almost every year. It’s fun, entertaining and the music. It’s also a great place to meet new friends.

gCircuit - Herman

You can follow Herman on Instagram here.


The party was so amazing! I saw guys from every country – both Asian and western. Everyone was united and everyone was enjoying it. The music was amazing. I probably enjoyed that the most.

It’s definitely worth going back again. In my country (Indonesia), the gay world is restricted by the government. But in Thailand, I can feel the freedom. I can’t wait to come back.

gCircuit - Wen

You can follow Wen on Instagram here.


My favourite part? I live in Perth (Australia) and most of my friends live in Sydney, so I love that we all came together. I was able to hang out with my friends – whether it was lazing by the pool, having dinner or especially attending the parties.

I would absolutely do it again. It was such a happy weekend. I got to hang out with my friends and also got to meet new people from all over the world.

Plus, the themes were fun. Any excuse to get into a costume!

gCircuit - Luiso

You can follow Luiso on Instagram here.

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I love the music, themes and venue, but my favourite aspect would have to be the high level of organisation, especially ticket purchase and pickup. Queues were well managed and this translated into a really friendly atmosphere.

I also really liked how there were clearly security and staff present for our wellbeing. At no time did I feel like they were intruding our space to enjoy ourselves. It was good to know they were there if we needed it.

I would definitely go again for the reasons above, but also because it’s a great time to visit Bangkok. Everyone is in really good spirits and the whole city is a great place to be at this time. To have niche parties to enjoy as part of the Songkran festival is especially fun.

gCircuit was a really well managed and fun event.

gCicuit - Sebastian

You can follow Sebastian on Instagram here.


My #1 favourite thing about gCircuit is that I get to meet and dance with friends, and new friends, from all over the world. At my first gCircuit, I was surprised to learn that the circuiters are not just from Asian counties, but also Australian, North American and European.

I would do it all again. Firstly, because I work as a creative for TestBKK, Bangkok’s largest HIV testing campaign targeting young gay men. Every year, we set up an interactive booth at gCircuit to give out condoms and share sexual information. We also offer free HIV testing to the circuiters.

Work aside, I will certainly come back. It’s a nice change from my regular gay night out on the weekends. The fantastic design and lighting, the shows, the festivity of the circuiters dressing up to the themes of the evening are just a few examples of what makes the gCircuit nights so special.

gCircuit - Safir

You can follow Safir on Instagram here.

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I’m actually one of the models at the gCircuit party. For me, the party is wonderful with so many great stage shows, models and people from all over the world. Even if I wasn’t working there, I would definitely go again for sure.

gCircuit - Anusorn

You can follow Anusorn on Instagram here.


I really enjoyed meeting old and new friends during the party. Everyone flies in not only to have fun, but it’s also an opportunity to catch up with one another from all over the world. It’s also a fantastic party with world renowned DJs.

I have been to every gCircuit party since 2011. Haven’t missed a single one! It’s definitely worth the ticket price.

gCircuit - Alvin

You can follow Alvin on Instagram here.

There are literally hundreds upon hundred of photos on the gCircuit Facebook page (link below) of the 2017 event. It really did look like everyone had such a great time. Here are just a few highlights for you to have a look at!

gCircuit Opening Party

gCircuit Aqua Bear Pool Party

gCircuit Superpower Party

gCircuit Closing Party

So there you have it. 14 guys sharing their real thoughts and opinions about gCircuit Songkran. I hope you’ve found it useful.

If you have any questions, comments or feedbck you’d like to share, feel free to let me know by sending me an email. You can also connect with the blog on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

If you’d like more information, check out the gCircuit website. You can also follow gCircuit on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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