Meet 2 Guys Who Run Gay Tumblr Pages

Gay TumblrGoogle the term “Gay Tumblr” and a veritable feast of Tumblr pages featuring gay porn covering every desire, kink and fetish is literally at your fingertips.

Which is great! After all, porn is a natural and healthy way to explore and experiment sexually.

In case you’re not familiar with it, Tumblr is essentially a cross between a social networking site (like Facebook and Twitter) and a blog. It is often described as ‘microblog’ as people usually post short snippets of text, or visuals (such as images and videos) on it –  as opposed to longer entries found in more traditional blogs (like this one!)

Our relationship to porn is a funny one. It’s such a huge industry, so it’s obviously meeting large consumer demand. But try to find someone to speak honestly and openly about it, and you’re met with tumbleweeds.

Me being me of course, I was curious about the rise of gay porn on Tumblr. The gay community have long been early adopters of technology, so it’s little wonder that we’ve found a way to use Tumblr as an avenue for sexual expression.

I was particularly interested in the people behind these gay porn Tumblr sites. Who are they? Why are they doing it? And what has their experience been like?

So I decided to reach out to several fellow Aussie guys who run their own gay Tumblr porn pages. I wasn’t sure they’d respond to my interview request, or what to expect really. Which goes to show that when it comes to porn, we often forget there are ‘real people’ working in the industry, behind the scenes.

I was pleasantly surprised to experience both of these guys as articulate, polite, friendly and professional in their approach. I think these guys offer a fascinating insight into something that so many of us do (i.e. watch porn), but so rarely ever talk honestly and openly about. I really respect these guys and appreciate the time they’ve taken to answer my questions. Out of respect for their privacy, I will only be using their initials in the interviews below.

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Gay Tumblr Page – My Aussie Gay Self

LGB – When did you start the Tumblr site, and what made you want to do it?

JB – I started my NSFW Tumblr site back in November 2010. Before that I had a personal Tumblr site where I was able to be and express my emotional self that I wasn’t able to project in my real life. So to my surprise, when I started finding people reblogging pictures of soft-core porn, I thought to myself that perhaps Tumblr is a place where I might be able to express other parts of myself.

After a few keyword searches on Tumblr, I found a countless number of sites of soft and hard core porn, all with different “themes”, kinks and fetishes. I had stumbled upon a whole community of people who were free and happy to explore their sexuality in a way that was relatively safe and without limits.

This was an exciting revelation to me. At the time I was not out, and I was fighting with myself in coming to terms with my sexuality.

So, starting this blog was a way for me to explore all the different aspects to my sexuality in a more relaxed and unrestricted manner, surrounded by like-minded people.

Do you tell people you run the site, or is it something you keep to yourself?

Until this year nobody in my real life knew that I had this site running. This was a conscious decision on my part. I believed that people in my real life didn’t need or want to know about the more sexually adventurous parts of my life, what sort of kinks I may or may not be into or the fetishes I have, or even the sex that I have.

It’s not that I wouldn’t trust them with my “secret”, it’s more to do with people I know in real life are a little more conservative with their sexuality, than I am now. So it’s more about keeping boundaries and keeping them comfortable, which is okay with me. And if the time comes where they ever feel like they want to explore more of their sexuality, I’ll be able to point them in the right direction.

Rest assured, I have made real life friends outside of Tumblr that know my site exists, and as far as I know, they are avid fans.

How much time and effort does it take on your part to keep the site up and running?

To be honest, very little effort at all. My Tumblr site is based on the idea that I reblog whatever turns me on. I simply click reblog.

But, because my real life is a little more demanding than I would otherwise like, when I get a chance to trawl through blogs and find stuff I like, instead of clicking “reblog”, I set up a queue and let it post itself for when I’m not there.

Sometimes I’ll take time to type a post, providing a random thought, idea for sex, or revelation that I’ve had and ask for comments or answers to the posts. Other times, I’ll answer questions that people put in my inbox. Quite honestly, I love posting on my blog. I spend a lot of time reblogging other things, so when I write a word post, it’s exciting. Other people seem to enjoy it as well.

I guess consistency and variety is the key, but my hormones take care of that part for me.

What sort of responses do you receive from people? Have there been any memorable responses?

So far all the responses I’ve had from people have been positive. Getting feedback from followers of my blog or casual followers (people who look at my site, but aren’t on Tumblr), is appreciated. Sometimes you can forget that you have people that follow your site and see what you’re posting, so it’s always good to be reminded that I’m doing a good job (their words, not mine).

I’ve had some pretty interesting conversations with fellow Tumblr users, some are just random one-off conversations, others have blossomed into friendships in real life. And I’ll tell you, it’s a lot more comforting to know that there are people behind all these sites that you look at. And they can be fun people to hang around and talk with about your sexual proclivities. No sex needs to be involved. I recommend giving it a try.

How has having so much access to gay porn, changed your perceptions of it? Are you ‘porned out’, or do you still enjoy it?

The $64,000 question. I am asked this question by almost everyone.

I feel there are two answers to this. The obvious answer would be that having so much access to gay porn changes your perceptions of it because after a time, it will get boring and you’ll need some sort of new stimulation to get going.

The other answer to this question is, it’s great! No self-respecting gay man has ever gone without having watched gay porn at some point in their youth, just to make sure they feel it’s what they want to experience later. The good thing about having so much access to gay porn is the variety.

Ever wanted to see a guy in a sling take 20 loads while wearing a latex body suit?
Ever wanted to see two guys dressed in fur suits humping each other like dogs?
Ever wanted to see a group fist session?

The point is, at some point in your life you’ll get curious about some sort of sexual activity, and the good news is, Tumblr/ the internet will find it for you. Some of the kinks and fetishes I have, I probably wouldn’t have been discovered if it wasn’t for seeing gay porn. I’d still be a boring, vanilla gay man who would probably freak out if I ever saw a jockstrap.

With studio produced porn, you know that it’s all fake. Especially their acting. But with studio produced porn, the idea is that it’s all a fantasy—making you watch and think in your mind that it’s you blowing your university professor for extra credit.

Am I ‘porned out’? I guess not. I have definitely become incredibly desensitised from my years of being on Tumblr. I came to this realisation a couple of months back when I saw a photo series of guys fisting each other (and a couple of the pictures has serious prolapses going on) and I didn’t have a reaction to it. Before, seeing a person take more than two knuckles would have made me clench so hard I could have produced diamonds. Now, I see it as a part of sexuality.

When you ask if I’m “porned out”, my problem is not with porn, it is with society’s idea of “porn”. Seeing middle-aged women and fellow gays lose their minds over ‘Magic Mike’ movies, or ’50 Shades of Grey’, annoys me. When they watch/ read such fantasies, they are thinking about doing things that are not considered part of “normal” sexuality. But somehow, watching porn videos is too extreme? Why, because it’s too honest?

To be perfectly honest, Channing Tatum never did anything for me and Mr. Grey is a bit annoying.

Why do you think people’s attitudes to porn are still somewhat negative?

The extremist in me thinks that people’s negative attitudes towards porn are a direct result of their inability to express their own desires, and take it out on others who are expressing it (people in porn), or are using porn as their avenue to express it (watching porn and using the ideas they get from that in their own sex life).

People’s perceptions of porn are tied to their inability to understand human nature. It is human nature to want to express your desires, what you want in life. The problem is, people don’t want to understand that their desires might be different from the next persons.

Okay, you might not want to see a woman bent over a desk taking it from behind by another woman in a strap-on. But why should anyone else be horrified by that image?

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own Tumblr page?

  1. Always be consistent with your posts. No matter what. Everybody hates when there is a sudden break from their favourite tv show.
  2. It doesn’t matter what sort of blog you are running, always go for a bit of variety. Whether that be in what you say or what sort of pictures and videos you post (whether or not they are your own or reblogged, like mine).
  3. Always try and connect to the community. You will find you are not alone. No matter how extreme you think your fetishes/ kinks are. You love looking at that site where twinks are involved in golden showers? Send the person running the site a message telling them you love their work. They will appreciate it. Don’t be afraid to connect.
  4. Ask questions to your audience. Try writing a post every once in a while that engages your audience with a response. Perhaps telling them a hot story about the best sex you’ve ever had and asking for comments, or ask questions like, “I’m thinking of going to a gay sauna for the first time, anybody got any tips for me?” Someone will respond.
  5. Don’t be afraid to express your sexuality exactly how you see it in the moment. It will change over time. It will be all over the place. It will take you to weird corners of the internet. Show that. If you don’t, then just like porn, everybody will see how fake it is.

You can visit JB’s Tumblr page here.


Gay Tumblr page – Australian Gay Boi

LGB – When did you start the Tumblr site, and what made you want to do it?

J – I honestly can’t remember when exactly in 2014 I created my page, but I do remember why I created it.

I was 22 and always horny. I love gay porn and a friend introduced me to Tumblr, a little app I could have to satisfy all my porn related needs in the palm of my hand (pun intended). So my page was born and suddenly people could follow my intimate viewings in a very public manner.

I went crazy following every gay porn blog that caught my eye and started sharing pictures and videos that got me racing and some of my secret desires. I was creating in my mind a way for voyeurs to view the things that I was getting off to and that just made it all the hotter.

Do you tell people you run the site, or is it something you keep to yourself?

I’m quite an open person and have little to hide, I don’t mind telling people I have a page dedicated to gay porn (and actually anyone who knows me well enough probably already assumed I had several without ever having to actually ask!)

But in saying that, it’s not like I walk around just blurting it out. Location and relevance on when I tell people is key, like telling a gay friend or when I’m flirting I may reveal it as my “dirty little secret” so to speak.

How much time and effort does it take on your part to keep the site up and running?

It actually doesn’t take up much at all. My page is always there and theres plenty more porn to sample. All it takes is a moment when I’m on the couch, in bed or when the need of relief hits and bam – another post has been shared!

What sort of responses do you receive from people? Have there been any memorable responses?

Well this is a sticking point in my page to be honest. But in all seriousness, I haven’t had a bad response yet. Most responses come in the form of a like or share a little token of appreciation but every now and then I get messages from my followers commenting on a particular post they enjoyed and requesting similar content to be posted in future. Some messages can get quite raunchy and may have a picture of an admirers favourite body part their way of showing that they enjoyed my post.

The most memorable response was actually from a man named Paul, wanting me to do this interview for his blog site – The Little gay Blog!

How has having so much access to gay porn, changed your perceptions of it? Are you ‘porned out’, or do you still enjoy it?

What is this ‘porned out’ you speak of? Is that even possible? Honestly, I think I will always enjoy porn because there is just so much of it out there. Everyday is another day to either stumble onto your new spankbank viewing or maybe today you’ll just view some grainy homemade porn that the title over sold.

With all the sub categories, I’m even finding new things to view that I wouldn’t have thought of just off hand. My perception of gay porn is simple. It’s for the purpose of enjoyment and pleasure and should be viewed to increase arousal and stimulate the senses. And I guess there’s always the chance of finding a new position or activity to try!

Why do you think people’s attitudes to porn are still somewhat negative?

Hmmmm, this is a tricky question. Things like beliefs and personal standpoints could be contributing factors, but that’s a can of worms I won’t open.

I think that it comes down to peoples openness to their sexuality and willingness to explore it. Some people can just let their hair down and go for the ride of their lives, while others may be more hair tied up and missionary position towards it. Like everything, porn will have fans and it will have haters, as long as they keep making more I honestly don’t care!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own Tumblr page?

To anyone wanting to start their own page and blog it’s really quite simple. Sign up to Tumblr and you have a whole page to be whatever you desire it to be. If you want it to be a singular topic page like mine “being gay porn” for instance, make sure the topic is something you just want to share more of, be passionate about it and don’t forget to give it a little attention whenever you can.

You don’t have to be posting 100 things a day. Post what you feel and however necessary you feel is going to make your page shine. If you want more page exposure, think where your target audience will best see an advertisement for it and get your page out there.

For a multi-topic page, I’d offer the same advice but would add that maybe a group of admins, people you want to help make your blog diverse, would be the best approach. Different viewpoints and interests forming a collective whole and maintaining a variety of subject materials would make for a perfect blog to read.

You can visit J’s Tumblr page here.

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