The Hottest Gay OnlyFans Accounts Worth Following


OnlyFans is a way for digital influencers to interact with their biggest fans. Check out some of the hottest gay accounts worth following.

Hottest Just For Fans accounts

UPDATE: The Only Fans platform has been experiencing some issues recently. You can still read about Only Fans in this article, however, you might also be interested to learn about Just For Fans. It’s a new, similar platform and is seeing many stars switch over to it.

This includes guys like:

READ About Just For Fans here

The best OnlyFans gay accounts…

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: The online/tech revolution is reaching in and changing almost every single aspect of human existence.

With the barriers to entry so low, many people are turning to a social media network, a blog (hello!) or a video channel to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. Over time, some people acquire a large following and become well known.

Yet online fame is slightly different to the more traditional kind of fame. Traditionally, you’d become famous for having a talent (singing, acting) – and not necessarily for being yourself and sharing that self with others.

But the advent of reality TV changed all of that. Ushered in by the likes of Paris Hilton (remember her?) and now obviously, the Kardashians, the rules of the game changed.

Fame pivoted to being based on identity and branding. The talent component became about how you could successfully commercialise your brand.

The Kardashians are an excellent example of this. Although people criticise them for having no ostensible talent, they’ve managed to use their platform and create multiple income-generating opportunities for themselves.

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This approach has trickled down into the online world. People who have amassed a large social media following or reached influencer status through their writing, speaking or activism are now understandably asking – how do I make some money here?

After all, as great as it is to have hundreds of thousand of followers, or readers, or subscribers – that doesn’t pay the bills. Social currency and actual real currency are not the same thing.

And trying to get people to pay for what you’re offering, even the people who follow your work and generally ‘like’ you – is tough. People are so used to getting everything online for free – whether it’s news, porn or instructional videos or guides. And if someone’s not providing it for free, they’ll easily be able to find someone who is.

But creating content takes time and effort – and I believe that it does deserve to be compensated. The tide seems to be turning, as I think more and more people are coming around to this way of thinking too.

Sure, you can get a lot of stuff online for free, but if you’re looking for quality and you genuinely care about people’s time and talent, paying a few bucks to support them continue doing what they love isn’t really such a big ask, is it?

Enter: OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a platform that allows people with large online followings to create a deeper connection and relationship with their biggest fans. In exchange for a small monthly fee, fans get access to content the creator isn’t sharing anywhere else.

It’s an interesting business model and still only in it’s infancy. Will it work? Time will tell. In the meantime, us early adopting gays are making our presence felt on the site.

Which is how I came up with the idea for this article. I wanted to provide a platform to showcase some of the gay artists, trainers, porn stars and creative types using OnlyFans. If you’re a fan of these guys, or become a fan after reading this piece, why not show them some support for the work they do?

And now, in no particular order, are some awesome gay OnlyFans accounts I think are worth following and supporting:

Billy Santoro


My OnlyFans is truly only fans. You’ll find 350+ homemade videos of my hook ups from Grindr, Scruff and Craigslist.

(Oh, and if you’re a Billy Santoro fan, be sure to check out my awesome interview with him here).

You can follow Billy on OnlyFans here.

Mason Brookes


I started OnlyFans because I was skint. I mean, we can all honestly say that the reason we all do it is because you’re are able to be paid for fame that doesn’t include being known by millions.

People should subscribe and follow my life, not just my sex journey and the art of sex and pleasing people with different sexual pleasures and letting them see something maybe they wouldn’t like to be comfortable actually doing.

We all have a private part of our life and sometimes it’s nice to escape. I think I show a lot of my journey both sexually and non sexual, and I’d like people to follow with me.

You can follow Mason on OnlyFans here.

Michael DelRay

OnlyFans - Michael DelRay

My OnlyFans page is a compilation of some awesome threesomes with your favorite stars, and a plethora of over the top sexy homage videos of yours truly!

You can follow Michael on OnlyFans here.

Trevor Wayne

OnlyFans Account - Trevor Wayne

I set up an OnlyFans account to have a safe place to post dirty things. I’ve always been about everyone being confident in themselves and sex.

A long time ago I made nudie postcards and mini-mags. Since then I’ve been noticing how produced photos and videos aren’t getting the good response they used to.

I think more people (myself too) like the do-it-yourself, gritty, selfies and videos. It feels a little more personal and real. I didn’t really think I wanted to go back to physical product because Im concentrating so much on my art, but was just waiting for the right vehicle to get back to making sexual content.

OnlyFans is perfect for me. Its anonymous, which I like. I have no idea who is signed up unless you change your screen name or tell me who you are. Its safe for people to sign up and not feel a little weird if they don’t really want to be known.

I try to post pretty often. Its mostly all just nude selfies and jerk off videos…and me experimenting with some toys. I sometimes also like to post ridiculous things like me showing you how to put on a tank top – while naked from the waist down. I like a little sense of humour.

Its $10 a month (I know), I only get $8. The site takes $2. The money I make from OnlyFans is incredibly helpful. It all goes into my business account and has allowed me to buy equipment, printers, supplies for art. It also is helping me put up money for travel so that I can fly to different cities and do one night pop up art shops.

The biggest help from OnlyFans is that it has allowed me to have more time to create new paintings, since I have more funding and don’t need to take side work from other people.
Its the real reason I have the account – to support my art, and elevate my art.

Its much better than a lame old Kickstarter, right?

You can follow Trevor on OnlyFans here.


OnlyFans - Chris JacobsWell on the OnlyFans site, I post solo videos and pictures. It’s all amateur stuff with nudes and my playing with myself. Some videos include toys.

Plus, in a few new of the new ones, I have been practicing my self sucking skills. I’m also pierced so have various pictures with different metalwork in.

I ask fans for what they want to see more of to comment and message.

You can follow Chris on OnlyFans here.

Joel Devereux

OnlyFans - Joel Devereux

I’m a photographer, so if you follow me on OnlyFans, you’ll get to see exclusive behind the scenes content, previously unreleased shoots, previews of DVRX (my regular publication) and much, much more.

If you enjoy cheeky male photography, this is the page for you!

I want to know what people want to see. So, drop me a message anytime with ideas and suggestions for content.

You can follow Joel on OnlyFans here.

Topher Drew

OnlyFans - Topher Drew

Well, my page features a lot of content with my boyfriend, Jullian Pierre and myself. We make content and try to keep to posting at least once a day.

We make videos solo, together, with one or two other boys, with a few porn stars and occasionally, in groups. There will be a lot of exciting porn star hookups soon. We have made some plans with some very hot men.

Our fans can also expect a lot of collabs with other OnlyFans members too! The more our content is interactive and social on the page, the more dynamic the user experience will be.

OnlyFans has opened up a brand new avenue of expression for folks like Jullian and I. We don’t have a porn studio backing us, but we have prominent social media followings, and we have things to express that people want to see. And now they can! And we can be (rightfully) compensated for it.

My earnings have increased by 60-120% over the few months I’ve had an OnlyFans account. New fans and renewals – the two main ways one earns new deposits – have been steady and daily. I average, say, 10 fans a day.

I enjoy doing this for a living. It is a primary source of income for me now. I have to do well, because I do rely on it. But with the success I’ve had and the hookups we’ve got planned, I think we’re going to have a very successful future with this.

You can follow Topher on OnlyFans here.

Jake Ashford

OnlyFans - Jake Ashford

The content on my OnlyFans page consists of flirty or nude photos and solo or sex videos.

You can follow Jake on OnlyFans here.

Dominic Ford

OnlyFans - Dominic Ford

I’m the owner of a porn site called People always wonder what happens behind the scenes in porn. Do I sleep with my models? What is the audition process like?

Well, now people can follow my personal life on my OnlyFans page to find out.

I fuck famous porn stars, amateurs just starting out and guys who want to audition for me. Expect twinks and jocks of all races both bottoming and topping.

Also, fans get a discount code to – so people get both sites for the price of one!

You can follow Dominic on OnlyFans here.

Steven Lewis Barrett

OnlyFans - StevenLewisBarrett

Since appearing on Naked Attraction on Channel 4, I have no problem in being naked – but this is definitely not porn, hehe…

I have lots of videos of me at work in my work gear. I guess being a gay builder, they like to see what happens at work too. Fans seem to especially like seeing me wearing my hi-vis etc, so I’ll post photos that you can’t post on Instagram.

I film the photoshoots I do so my fans get to see what really goes on when you’re doing a shoot. I chat to everyone individually and on a level where they get to ask me anything. They can even sometimes request certain photos to post if I’m comfortable with it.

I’ve posted lots of gym videos too and maybe me getting changed in the changing room. All done very tastefully, but they can be a little titillating.

You can follow Steven on OnlyFans here.

Seth Knight

OnlyFans - Seth Knight

So on my OnlyFans page, not only do you get the real stuff – you get the real me.

These days, I see so many people doing this for a buck. I do it to give back to my fans and followers at a low price.

You get all kinds of threesomes with stars, four-play, foot play, trans FTM, toys, lots of loads and real good up close angles. You won’t be disappointed.

You can follow Seth on OnlyFans here.


OnlyFans - Massimo

The OnlyFans page I have, is together with my boyfriend Klein Kerr. On our page, you will find a lot of content of our day to day life together as a couple, as well as backstage stuff from our work. You will be able to see us having sex at home, between us or with other people, as we have an open relationship.

What is more, as we are both porn actors, you will see unseen content from backstage in shooting porn movies or naked photoshoots. When you subscribe to our page, you will get to see all the unseen content of our life as a couple and behind the scenes footage of our hot work!

You can follow Massimo (and his partner) on OnlyFans here.

Ricky Blue

OnlyFans - Ricky Blue

If you subscribe and follow me on OnlyFans, you’ll get to see exclusive videos and hot pics of me masturbating and cumming. You’ll also get to see me have sex with girls, guys and trans people too!

You can follow Ricky on OnlyFans here.

Leon Teal

OnlyFans - Leon Teal

Basically, my OnlyFans page consists of me having sex with top guys using amateur cameras.

It’s a great way for me to have my own hand in making my own material. It’s a great experiment and to have fun with. It allows me to make pretty much whatever I want to.

It’s going really well so far with people loving the content.

You can follow Leon on OnlyFans here.


OnlyFans - Bruno

I opened my OnlyFans because my Twitter followers were asking a lot about seeing me do sex videos. It’s basically like a gift for loyal follower. It’s also chance for them to show me some support and thank me for horny posts.

You can follow Bruno on OnlyFans here.

Nick Stracener

OnlyFans - Nick Stracener

On my OnlyFans page, you can expect to find some images that Instagram won’t allow.

I work hard for my body and went to school for kinesiology for 4 years to learn all about it – and I like to show it off.

You’ll also find my top secret workouts that have helped me get to where I am, muscle mass wise. Fans are also able to message me for even more explicit content and for fitness-related advice.

You can follow Nick on OnlyFans here.

Josh Moore

OnlyFans Josh Moore

My OnlyFans site mainly looks at me and my boyfriend, Ricky Roman. There’s lots of hot fucking between us too. The stuff we make is super hot and personal, lots of home made videos. We also film in lots of different places.

As a porn star, there’s a lot of behind the scenes hot clips and pics. I film a lot of hook ups with fellow porn stars such as Austin Wolf and Billy Santoro. Plus, a lot of private hooks ups too with hot guys I’ve met over the months. You’ll also get regular updates with hot home made movies.

You can follow Josh on OnlyFans here.

Kilted Bros

OnlyFans Kilted Bros - Under The Kilt

Our OnlyFans page is a behind the scenes look at what happens at our kilt company. You get to see the the model’s backstage during the photoshoots, the naughtiness that happens after the shoots, exclusive and explicit pics of our customers in and out of kilts and all of the naked, sexy, stupid things that make us one of the most unique businesses in the US.

Just $4.99/month guarantees you to see fresh content you won’t see anywhere else!

You can follow Kilted Bros on OnlyFans here.

Nigel March

OnlyFans Nigel March

On my OnlyFans account, I’ll be documenting my life and my adventures with my amazing group of friends. You’ll also get to see my daily life, me going to parties, being silly, having sex and traveling the world.

You can follow Nigel on OnlyFans here.

Fran Manent

OnlyFans Account - Fran Manent

My followers on OnlyFans will find my account photos and videos without censorship. The images and videos I share are very hot, with the sensuality that characterises me.

In short, this is a profile for all those lovers of the male body in all its splendour!

You can follow Fran on OnlyFans here.

Nick Dent (formerly Reece Rideout)

(Nick Dent was formerly know as Reese Rideout, from the gay porn website

I  love using OnlyFans to turn out some of the hottest daily blog photos and videos on the web. Doing nude, artistic creative images and sharing it with the world is something I really enjoy doing.

Everyone is giving me such great reviews and I’m really just having fun being a part of this new platform. I also post great behind the scenes photos and videos of my naked music videos as well.

Here’s a sneak peek of my upcoming new calendar, that fans can only see on OnlyFans right now.

OnlyFans Account - Nick Dent

You can follow Nick on OnlyFans here.

Steven DiCosta

My Onlyfans page contains uncropped versions of images that appear on my Instagram, and some others that have never been shown at all.

I also put up some well-lit selfies from time to time, just to keep things fun.

OnlyFans - Steven DiCosta

You can follow Steve on OnlyFans here.


OnlyFans - Hot Gay Accounts

My page basically features my more playful photos that Instagram often sensors or blocks altogether.

In addition, there are some videos of different workouts that work well for me and occasionally fitness advice, tips and tricks to help people reach their goals.

Although my husband has his own page mainly featuring him, there will be a few cameos here and there on both our pages of some of our more passionate and playful moments.

The best aspect of my page is the responsiveness to messages with questions about pretty much anything from fitness to any aspect of my life. Helping people is a big part of what make me happy and this is an awesome way for me to do just that.

You can follow Marcus on OnlyFans here.


OnlyFans - Matt

If you want to see hotter material than my Instagram, join my OnlyFans page. It has nude pics and videos of my big ass, dick, bedroom, bathroom and sex life. I lift 6x times a week and I post almost daily. I like to keep it fun and sexy.

You can follow Matt on OnlyFans here.

Jason Vario

OnlyFans - Jason Vario

So as some people know I have a partner. But, we also have a third because we’re both mainly tops. So people subscribing to my OnlyFans can expect a lot of videos of us playing around. Along with some jerk off vids, and random naked pics.

I’m also thinking about incorporating some gym video of myself working out.

You can follow Jason on OnlyFans here.

I also recently spoke to Brian who has created an awesome Twitter account, Sexy OnlyFans Guys (that’s also worth following!) In it, he showcases the hottest guys on OnlyFans to an ever growing (and hungry!) audience.

Check out our chat below:

Little Gay Blog – OnlyFans is still a relatively new platform. How did you discover it?

Brian – For me it started four months ago. I saw guys posting teaser videos mentioning their OnlyFans pages on my Twitter feed.

When I found out that Michael Walker signed up for OnlyFans (@immichaelwalker), I immediately signed up myself. He’s a hottie I loved following on Instagram because of his hot pics and him showing his big booty. He suddenly showed much, much more than the usual bum selfies. Great stuff.

OnlyFans - Michael Walker

What prompted you to start an OnlyFans fan-page on Twitter?

The OnlyFans pages kept popping up, also from guys that never showed more than an occasional ass picture.

The cam guys discovered the platform first, since they are the real entrepreneurs of the online sex industry. And the hotties who had been selling videos on Paypal for years. Also straight fitness Insta-dudes started to post on OnlyFans.

Hot gay couples that couldn’t show too much skin on Insta also jumped on the bandwagon. Then pornstars followed and it became more mainstream.

That’s the moment that prompted me to start my OnlyFans fan page on Twitter to promote the best pages.

Since the Twitter account became pretty popular soon, I decided to start an OnlyFans account myself, curating the best content. The page celebrates sexy OnlyFans guys. We give you a preview and review of the accounts you should follow.

The hottest men of OnlyFans sent us their favourite video to show. We update regularly to keep showing you the best guys. Guys like to subscribe to a page telling them who to follow. Just one week ago my own OnlyFans page ( opened for subscription and guys keep subscribing.

And it works, just check the fan mail I received:

OnlyFans feedback

What are your thoughts about the future of OnlyFans?

OnlyFans (and platforms like OnlyFans) will get much bigger: power to the people. It’s a very easy tool to start your own XXX shop.

While porn stars complain about company’s decreasing the wages, they can make a lot more on OnlyFans. They just have to act like entrepreneurs. Some guys are really clever in producing hot content and selling it: and they earn lots. Some stars have above 2500 fans, meaning a monthly income of at least 20K. The porn industry has always been ahead of it’s time.

Platforms making it possible to sell user generated content are a worldwide online trend. Artists use, journalists are moving to, naughty guys & girls are on

Who are your top 3 favourite guys on OnlyFans and why?

Can I give 5 guys, please? It’s hard to choose. So many great pages.

Lawrence London

OnlyFans - Lawrence LondonHe’s just a couple weeks on OnlyFans, but he’s the new guy on the block. From the UK. He’s got the looks, the ass, the tats, the chest, the voice, the cock… the full package.

His page does not contain full-on or cumming, but there is a lot more ass, and cock and some goofiness to keep you entertained. I love his sexy, personal vlogs too.

You can follow Lawrence on OnlyFans here.

Griffin Barrows

OnlyFans - Griffin Barrows

He’s the true star of OnlyFans. Literally thousands of fans. And that’s not for no reason.

This man has lots of fun and pleasure. He invites sexy guys (fuckbuddy’s, twinks, married men) to get sucked and let him fuck as well. He’s the King of giving head and the joy is sooo real. It’s amazing.

You can follow Griffin on OnlyFans here.

Diego Barros

OnlyFans - Diego Barros

Brazilian hottie Diego Barros is not just a regular fit guy on OnlyFans: he is a legend.

He is the master of tease. He loves showing off his super sexy body and teasing with his amazing big dick. His account is loved by hundreds of guys, who are begging for more. And that’s what Diego gives: more, step by step

You can follow Diego on OnlyFans here.

Jayson (Dash Three)

OnlyFans - Jayson Dash Three

You gotta love Jayson and his boyfriend. Two fit guys, probably the hottest couple on OnlyFans. A handsome white and very cute black man, both super athletic and very well hung.

Both are big names on Instagram and made me fantasise about their sex life. OnlyFans made it possible to experience what they do in the bedroom: they show their personal vids and pics, and it’s just very hot.

You can follow Jayson on OnlyFans here.

Josh Jakobs

OnlyFans - Josh Jakobs

I really love Josh as well. He’s a webcam guy that discovered the fun of OnlyFans in an early stage. A true pioneer. A cute boy-next-door with a huge cock and a sexy roommate. They love to mess around and fuck: it’s always fun to watch.

Josh has got a big cock and he cums like crazy, preferably in his mouth while self-sucking, that’s extremely hot to watch. He has lots of content up and it’s very varied.

You can follow Josh on OnlyFans here.

Thanks so much for your time Brian.

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