19 Gay Instagram Accounts To Follow in 2019

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Gay Instagram accounts are growing by the day. Here are 19 of the best LGBT Instagrammers you should be following.

These guys are all different and unique. Yet they share a number of qualities that I really admire and respect. They’re out there, they’re confident and they express themselves.  We need to be visible and have a voice. In their own unique ways, these guys are doing just that.

These are important qualities, because the sad fact of the matter is that there are still a lot of people in the world who hate us. Social media gives us a chance to find and connect with one another, wherever we may be living in the world, whatever we may be going though in our own lives.

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Which leads me to my next point. I also think it’s really important that as gay guys, we support and build each other up. There are enough people who want to tear us down. Sure, we may not always agree. And we may see others doing things we would never do. But that’s OK. Our support and celebration of each other should be stronger than our differences.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m supporting and celebrating these 18 wonderful gay guys who I follow on Instagram. Here are 18 awesome gay Instagram accounts I love following (in no particular order):

Hunter Harden

A self-described “furball and trouble maker”, Hunter’s account is great to follow if you’re into hot, scruffy guys with a vintage, throwback vibe. He’s comfortable with his body and his sexuality – and it shows in a really confident, not cocky and inspiring way.

Yes, he’s a good looking guy. But Hunter also manages to convey a sense of being comfortable with himself, and I really like that. One of my favourite posts of his was what he wrote on National Coming Out Day:

Happy National Coming Out Day!!
It’s been 9 years today that I came out to my family and friends.
Those years were full of fun and challenges
but overall I was just glad to be out of the closet
and being comfortable with who I am.
I’m finally getting my self-esteem back
from years of telling myself I was not good enough.
I hope I’ve turned out to be someone my past self would have looked up to.


Click here to follow Hunter

Justin & Nick

Justin and Nick are the epitome of #RelationshipGoals. Whether they’re spending time with their beloved pooch Theo, chilling out at home or exploring the world around them, these guys give a great slice of life insight into their lives.

i think it’s really important to see positive images and projections of gay love. In part because visibility is important. People need to see that we exist.

But also in part because it serves as an inspiration to younger gay guys, or guys of any age who may not be out yet, that true love is possible and achievable. I remember being younger and not having any role models to look up to. It’s great to know that these guys are being that inspiration to a whole new generation of gay guys.


Click here to follow Justin and Nick

Chris Puckett

As I’ve written about before here, I have a love/hate relationship with gay travel. But one guy who is making me seriously reconsider my position on this is Chris. He’s the founder of Puckett Excursions, and by the looks of things, this could be my kinda gay travel.

As Chris states on his website:

“I believe in the active adventurer in all of us.
This is deep exploration travel.
We push ourselves to find new paths, see new vistas, and learn about ourselves.

Our guided group adventures take place all around the world,
that focus on off-the-beaten-path experiences that you won’t find on your own.

Most trips include hiking and camping in the most beautiful places on earth;

We keep the trips small, no more than 12 people, allowing for individualised attention.

Connecting with nature and its surroundings are key to a great experience.
Our small groups give you some alone time as well as group interaction.”


Click here to follow Chris

The Gay Passport

Keeping with the travel theme for a moment longer, the Gay Passport does a wonderful job of showcasing some of the best gay clubs, bars, saunas, restaurants and hotels throughout Asia. Their website is a great resource if you’re planning on visiting the region.

What I love most about their Instagram page is that they feature travellers who submit images using #TheGayPassport hashtag. It’s a great way to find new people to follow, plus you get an even deeper, more personalised insight into the region, from gay guys who have been there before you.

I remember when I was travelling through Europe as a teenager, about 15 years ago now. I felt like I was the only gay traveller. Now, thanks to accounts like The Gay Passport, gay travellers don’t have to feel so alone.


Click here to follow The Gay Passport

Two Free Guys

#Travelinspo might be easy to find on Insta, but um, what about the money needed to fund adventures all over the globe? High-end, luxe travel never mentions money, right?

That’s where Two Free Guys come in!

They showcase a range of completely free (and awesome!) things to do. So, that no money excuse is just that! Now get to following these dudes!


Click here to follow Two Free Guys


This is hands down, one of the most visually stunning accounts on Instagram. Sansserifit is a truly unique combination of typography, natural elements and body poses captured in a stunning series of photographs.

Now I’m not a great reviewer (of anything: music, art, movies), so I may not be able to describe the work with the eloquence it deserves. I just know that it moves me. When I see the images in my Insta feed, they stop in my tracks and they illicit a response, a thought, a feeling. And I love that!

Here’s Sansserfit discussing the meaning of the work.

“It’s an experiment about the similarities and differences between the human body and letters (thin, bold, tall, short, round…), the language that makes us civilised vs. tribes and playing with technical graphic design tools in artistic-theatrical way.”


Click here to follow Sanserifit

LGBT History

Gay history is still unfolding. But without a doubt, all of our progress today has come from the brave people before us. People who were prepared to fight, scream, shout and in some cases, even die in order to progress our cause.

I think it’s such a shame that our history isn’t taught in schools, alongside first nation history and world religion. As a result, so many of us (myself included) really don’t know a whole lot about the roots and beginnings of the gay rights movement.

That’s where LGBT History comes in. Every day in my Insta feed, I see images, quotes and info that gives me a glimpse into the rich history of our community.


Click here to follow @lgbt_history

Casey Conway

Casey is only one of a few local (Aussie) guys on the list this year and he’s someone I have so much respect and admiration for.

In case you don’t know, Casey is a bit of a trailblazing figure. He uses his platform as a former rugby player to shine the spotlight on the issues surrounding stigma, stereotypes and discrimination within both the gay and aboriginal communities.

Being an out Aboriginal man places Casey in a unique position to be both a role model to people within the gay and aboriginal communities, as well as a bit of a spokesperson and educator to the wider community. He always handles himself with grace and class, and is a wonderful role model.

It’s just nice to see good people doing good things with their life.


Click here to follow Casey

Conor McKenzie

I had the pleasure of interviewing Conor and I can personally vouch that he is a truly lovely, down to earth and all-round cool guy. He’s a super talented dancer, but more than that – he’s super switched on. All that, and he’s only in his 20s!


Click here to follow Conor


Shane’s another local boy (this time from my home town, Brissie!).

One of the things I love about following Shane, is that you get an insight into an often overlooked demographic within the gay community – country guys. And while you may be able to take the boy out of the country (Shane now lives in Brisbane), you can’t take the country out of the boy.

Shane’s love of horses, the outdoors, fitness and a passion for living life to the fullest comes through in his posts.


Click here to follow Shane

Easton Mountain

Easton Mountain is a place for the soul.

It’s a community retreat center and sanctuary created by gay men as a ‘gift to the world’. It provides a number of workshops, programs, and events that aim to celebrate, heal, transform, and integrate body, mind, and spirit.

I cannot wait to visit one day!


Click here to follow Easton Mountain

Surge Underwear

Underwear brands are synonymous with using models that promote completely skewed and unrealistic body ideas. Well, not Surge.

Their central ethos is about celebrating every different type of body. And it’s not just empty words with these guys. They follow through by using models of all ages, races and sizes. That’s a huge risk for a business in a highly competitive, intensely crowded market.

I really do wish them well and hope you guys show them some love too!


Click here to follow Surge Underwear

Josh Sabarra

I had the pleasure of interviewing Josh to discuss the book he wrote called Porn Again.

Josh was so awesome and friendly to deal with. Since then, his writing skills have been snapped up Gay Times mag, where he contributes as their sex advice columnist. His Instagram account gives us a sneak peak into all the cool, celebrity-filled adventures he’s having.


Click here to follow Josh

Jared Techau

Sometimes you can tell when a guy is happy in life and in love. Jared’s one of those guys. Jared strikes me as an upbeat guy sending out positive Cali-vibes with pics of his gym progress, lovely partner and other fun glimpses into his life.


Click here to follow Jared


There is an unfortunate, small undercurrent of racial tension within the gay community.  It’s a sensitive issue that manifests itself in many ways within our community – from hook up apps to the nightlife scene.

By giving an insight into his own life, and his own interracial relationship, David’s playing a small, subtle, yet important role in showing a different side to the issue. One that simply involves two people in love. It really is as simple as that.


Click here to follow David

Damon Bell

Sometimes it’s nice to follow someone who looks like they’re having fun in their lives.

Damon fits that bill. He seems to travel a lot and shares pics from all the amazing places he visits (Sydney, NYC, Hong Kong to name a few). And if you’re after fitness inspiration, he’s definitely a guy worth following.


Click here to follow Damon

Pansy Ass Ceramics

Being such a visual channel, it’s no wonder I’m attracted to Pansy Ass Ceramics. Firstly, their name. I mean, c’mon. How fucking cool is that?

I love the juxtaposition of beautiful, traditional, formal looking ceramics and plates, emblazoned with words such as “Cunty”, “Hung 4 Hung” and “Gay As Fuck”.  It’s one of those things you look at and think, ‘How on earth did someone come up with that idea?’

Sure, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if it is yours, then you need to be drinking that tea from a cup that says “Step Your Pussy Up.”


Click here to follow Pansy Ass Ceramics

Army of Men

Army of Men is an awesome Australian company making leather gear for guys into the leather/kink/fetish scene.

Their Instagram account not only provides a nice dose of eye candy, it proves that the leather/kink/fetish is not just surviving – but thriving – amongst the younger generation/s.


Click here to follow Army of Men

Jonny McGovern

The grand daddy of faggotry himself, with a loyal army of gay angel babies worldwide, the one and only Jonny McGovern is truly a force of nature. He’s exuberant, loud, brash, fun and intelligent. All qualities that make him a perfectly suited host for his show ‘Hey Qween’.

If you love drag, art, subversive and alternative gay culture, you’ll love Jonny. His passion and genuine excitement are palpable. Whether he’s interviewing a drag queen or fooling around with his she-larious sidekick, Lady Red, Jonny’s having a good time, and bringing everyone else along with him for the ride.


Click here to follow Jonny

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