Being Gay And Conservative In The Trump Era

gay conservative guys interviewed

4 guys share what it is like to be a gay conservative, their thoughts on the Trump presidency and how we can bridge the political divide.

To say that these are politically divided times is kind of an understatement. The bridge between the progressive left and the conservative right seems to only be growing, fuelled by social media, an insatiable 24/7 media cycle – and yes, the election of Donald J Trump as the president of the United States.

(Full disclosure: I am an Australian “liberal leftie”. However, I am interested in American politics and followed the 2016 campaign closely.)

Like so many people and political polls leading up to the election, I thought Hillary Clinton would win. So the election of Trump came as a big shock.

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Gay Conservative - Trump Wins

I remember watching Chelsea on Netflix the day after the election. Chelsea was in shock and in tears (literally) throughout the show, processing the enormity of what had just transpired.

Through her tears, she said something that has stayed with me. She said that despite everything she was feeling in that moment, she was going to use this as an opportunity to talk less – and listen more.

Sadly, since the election, I don’t think that the ‘talk less, listen more’ approach has been applied. People are doubling down and reinforcing their own entrenched ideas and opinions, sticking close with those who share their worldview and attacking with vehement anger those who see things differently to them.

All of this chrystalised for me recently when I came across this tweet:

Gay Conservative Tweet

Two things became apparent to me. One: there are gay guys who are conservative, some who support Trump and others who don’t. Two: we as a ‘community’ need to support one another, even when (actually, especially when) we disagree with one another.

So, it’s in that spirit that I’ve gone about reaching out to 4 gay guys who identify as conservative. I’m genuinely interested in hearing their points of view about how things stand politically at the moment, as well as get a better understanding of their experience of being conservative gay guys.

I assured each guy that this wasn’t going to be a negative or critical article – and it’s not. My intention is simply to have a conversation with people who have different views than I do. I’m also open to changing and challenging my own views and ideas.

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Gay Conservatives - Love Trumps Hate

Something I’ve noticed is when we see or hear someone who we agree with, we ascribe them positive personal attributes like “he seems smart” or “she seems nice.” However, when we disagree with someone, we go the other way and think “she’s an idiot” or “he’s ignorant and a loser”.

I don’t believe that any opinion you have can be used to determine whether you’re a good, decent person. An opinion is just that – an opinion. It’s not (necessarily) a broader reflection on a person’s personality.

So, as you’re about to hear from these conservative gay guys, I’d ask you to focus on two things.

One: talk less, listen more. This is an opportunity to hear from people with opinions that might be different from your family, friends and your own.

Two: don’t get personal if you happen to read something you disagree with. Just because someone has a different opinion or set of beliefs to you, doesn’t make them an asshole. Judging them personally based on their beliefs actually says more about you, than it does about them.

I’d like to thank all 4 guys for taking the time to speak with me and share their thoughts.

Conservative Gay Guy

Conservative Gay Guy

Age: 23 years old
City: Near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Twitter: @ConservGayGuy

Little Gay Blog – Can you tell me a little bit more about the negative reactions you’ve experienced due to being politically conservative?

In many college settings, where students should have their ideas challenged, conservative and libertarian views are often viciously ridiculed and immediately dismissed. I have even been accused of internalised homophobia.

Many leftists have convinced themselves that their views, particularly ones that involve social “justice,” are the objective moral positions, and anyone who disagrees with them is an awful person. I am naturally very inquisitive, and being told “it’s even bigoted to question a certain idea” is not an intellectually satisfying answer.

Surprisingly, my dating experience has not been affected by my conservative views; similar to straight men, most gay men prioritise physical appearance.

As far as my tweet goes, let’s just say the two people now use they/them pronouns and spend way too much time on Tumblr.

How long have you been a Republican and what appeals to you about the conservative side of politics?

I have been a registered Republican since I was 18 years old, and I cast my first vote for Mitt Romney in 2012.

Being that my father is a small businessman, I was initially attracted to the economic side of conservative politics, such as tax rates, regulation, and balanced budgeting. However, I later noticed that my views on foreign policy and some social issues did not fully align with the Republican Party’s platform.

Therefore, I started to drift more toward the libertarian angle of politics. I researched the philosophy of Ayn Rand, studied the economic ideologies of free market economists (e.g., Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell), and started paying closer attention to libertarian politicians, such as Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Justin Amash.

However, over the past year, I have gained a stronger interest in cultural issues, particularly critiquing identity politics and social justice warriors. It is important to understand that ‘social equality’ and ‘social justice’ are not synonymous.

Individualism, not assuming one’s best interest based on their identity, is a core component of social equality. Contrary, social justice generally involves leftist authoritarian policies on race, gender, and sexuality, comprising of a system of punishments and rewards.

For instance, some universities set higher admission standards for white and Asian students because they believe black and Hispanic students have been institutionally setback solely based on their race. Similarly, many STEM programs are eager to increase female enrolment despite women already making up approximately 60% of all college graduates. It should also be noted that social sciences are not at all concerned about the low enrolment of males.

What annoys you the most about liberals?

It annoys me how many modern liberals believe their worldview is the objective truth, striking a major contrast with classical liberals, such as Dave Rubin and Christina Hoff Sommers, both of whom have an open mind toward differing opinions.

In fact, many liberals have immediately dismissed my opinions as simply being “right-wing” even when I cite credible evidence to support my viewpoint, and some liberals even interpret any disagreement as a personal attack.

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Gay Conservatives and Fake News

Do you believe that outlets like CNN are “fake news’?

I believe every media outlet has a bias, and I think everyone should recognise that. It is quite apparent that the mainstream media has a liberal bias but dismissing it as ‘fake news’ is an overstatement.

There are some commentators I enjoy on Fox News, but I am a much bigger fan of alternative media.

How would you rate the Trump presidency so far? What’s been his biggest achievement and what’s been his biggest weakness?

I think Trump’s performance should be evaluated on three measures: executively, legislatively, and personally.

In my view, Trump has performed the best at the executive level; he has terminated many unnecessary government regulations through executive orders.

Legislatively, the president has been somewhat unsuccessful, despite tax reform being passed. Every Republican politician campaigned on repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act. Yet, both Congressional Republicans and the Trump campaign failed to have a competent healthcare replacement bill ready once Trump took office.

Being that my family’s health insurance premium doubled following the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, actually causing us to make the decision to not have insurance for a certain period of time, health care is an important issue to me.

At a personal level, I am not a huge fan of the president. I think it is fair to state that much of his behavior has not been presidential.

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Trump & Gay Conservatives

Do you think Trump (and his policies) are gay-friendly, and how important is that to you?

I do not believe Trump is hostile toward the LGBT community. In fact, he is the first incoming president to support same-sex marriage.

A politician’s view on LGBT issues is important, but it is also important to evaluate a candidate’s views on other issues, such as the economy and foreign policy.

Why do you think America is so divided right now, and what’s one thing you think could improve the situation and bring people closer together?

I think identity politics has divided America, particularly following the 2014 Ferguson shooting of Mike Brown. Before this incident, the Obama campaign used race as a political advantage, but the former president’s response to Ferguson had an even greater impact on racial division. Rather than asking for peace until the judicial system had time to investigate the case, he promoted the myth of Officer Wilson killing Mike Brown in cold-blooded murder.

Even after investigators concluded that Officer Wilson acted in self-defense, Obama refused to condemn Black Lives Matter, a movement that continued to accuse police officers, many times fallaciously, of cold-blooded murder before any forensic evidence had been examined. Black Lives Matter makes the argument that white police officers are hunting down unarmed, black civilians, but FBI statistics suggest that the high rate of violent crime in the black community explains why black Americans are more likely to be killed by police officers.

Besides race politics, the left uses women as political pawns, often citing the debunked gender wage gap and skewed victim statistics. Additionally, being pro-Muslim and pro-illegal immigration is also mixed in the rhetoric.

I think Donald Trump tapped into the anger many Americans felt toward identity politics, but I do not believe he is the best spokesperson at explaining its flaws.


gay republican david

Age: 25
City: Near Cleveland, Ohio
Twitter @GayRepublicswag

Little Gay Blog – Can you tell me a little bit more about how you become a Republican and what conservatism means to you?

I was raised as a Republican as a child. I left the party during high school because it was, at the time, closed off to gays. I was unable to become a Democrat because Democrats have never understood finances. You can’t spend more than you make forever.

I became a Libertarian. It was very freeing. The Party focuses heavily on personal Liberties. However they are very weak on immigration. Immigration is the issue that decides all the issues.

The quality of people we let into our country determines the quality of the country. We should be bringing in only the best of the best. Our immigration policy shouldn’t be designed to help all the world’s poor (that’s what their immigration policies are for). It should be designed to help the people already living here first.

When Donald Trump came on the scene, I was reluctant to support him. But after hearing his immigration positions, I was drawn to him. I became increasingly less enchanted by the Libertarian Party, which has become nothing more than an angry herd of open borders, pot smokers.

Donald Trump, despite what you’ve heard, is very gay friendly and is truly reshaping the Republican Party into a far larger and more accepting group of people. He is putting the needs of Americans of all backgrounds before the needs of foreigners.

Donald Trump has said several times that “Americans are dreamers too!” He is fighting for us, when no one else will.

What’s one thing you think that liberals/the left misunderstand the most about the conservative side of politics?

The main thing Liberals misunderstand about Conservatives is their very souls.

The media is continuously pushing the narrative that Conservatives hate anyone who isn’t a white, straight, CIS gendered male. Absolutely not the case. Yes, there are some bad apples, but the vast majority of Trump supporters I encounter are very open and accepting.

Our movement has whites, blacks, straights, gays, trans, etc…. We truly don’t discriminate. We do care about legal status of citizens because it’s unfair to those who do go through the effort to immigrate legally. You also can’t vet illegal immigrants.


What’s been your experience of being gay and conservative? Have you experienced any negativity or backlash for your political views?

Being a gay conservative is a challenge.

You can be having a completely pleasant and flirty conversion with a cute guy. He looks at your page and sees you support Trump, and in the blink of an eye, this charming man becomes a monster. I go from being a nice, funny guy (and very attractive) to being a racist, sexist, Russia supporting traitor (of which I am none of those things).

Aside from adding extra challenge to gay dating, which is already a challenge in itself, I get an obscene amount of hate from Liberals.

On my YouTube Channel (The Gay Republican) it’s a daily occurrence that I’m told I’m a fag and that they wish Pence would send me away to “camps”. I’m told I’m a traitor (because apparently if you are gay you lose free will and must choose Liberalism). I get death threats etc.

I have lost a great many real life friends because they believe I am a monster, because I believe in limited government and job growth, but they just think I’m a racist.

You’re a Trump supporter. What would need to happen for you to stop supporting for him? For instance – if the Russia investigation found proof of collusion, would that be your ‘red line’?

The only way Trump could lose me is a betrayal on immigration.

What do you think has been President Trumps’ biggest achievement, and biggest failure, so far?

Trump’s biggest achievement so far is the tax plan. This has already triggered a chain reaction of bonuses and wage increases, along with many companies creating more jobs in the US. Most people’s taxes are going down.

His greatest failure so far would be giving DACA an extension. He should have let it expire and this whole DACA war wouldn’t be happening. They are illegals. They don’t deserve citizenship.

His possible biggest mistake to come would be granting amnesty to the DACA recipients, which would effectively end his Presidency and guarantee he loses in 2020.

The political and cultural climate seems so divided right now. What are one or two real, actionable steps we can all take to help bridge that divide?

The main way to bridge the divide really does start with the Democrats. Democrats in Congress have shown they are 100% unwilling to work with Trump, thus negotiation is not possible.

Trump is reaching out the olive branch but the Democrats in Congress keep pushing it away because they fear the backlash from their base. One could also just deport the illegals known as “Dreamers” then we won’t fight about DACA anymore!

Lucian B. Wintrich

Lucian Wintrich

Age: 29 years old
City: Pittsburg
Twitter: @LucianWintrich

Little Gay Blog – How long have you been a Republican and what appeals to you about the conservative side of politics?

Since my sophomore year of college, when I realised that I was guilty of blindly following the left (as many my age do) without understanding both sides of the conversation.

After I put my biases aside and began to study conservatism, I found it to be not only intellectually superior to leftist dogma, but better for this country and the culture within it.

You work as the D.C. Bureau Chief & White House Correspondent for The Gateway Pundit. What’s your take on the “mainstream media’s” reporting on the Trump administration? What do they get right, and what do they get wrong?

The MSM is run by globalists who attempt to keep Americans contained in their matrix of fake-news and progressive ideology.

Their reporting is, for the most part, based in fact – but it is what they choose to concentrate on; they will report that Trump asked for two scoops of ice cream before they’ll report on any of his wildly successful policies, the major gains in the economy, or the profoundly positive effect he’s having on American culture.

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Twinks 4 Trump

You organised a series of photographs called Twinks4Trump. What attracted you to Donald Trump as a presidential candidate and what was the reaction to Twinks4Trump during the campaign?

Initially, my dream ticket was Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina. When they both let me down individually, I was preparing to vote for Gary Johnson.

Then Trump began discussing policy, culture and his plans for America. Additionally, I loved his branding and persona; I saw it as something America directly needed. A re-set on the oppressive progressivism and social marxism that is spreading like a virus and ruining the Western world.

Twinks4Trump was initially loved by both the right and the left; then Trump secured the nomination and I became a villain to the left and further embraced by the right.

On a scale of 1-100, how would you rate the Trump presidency so far? What’s been his biggest achievement and what’s been his biggest weakness?

60. The economy is thriving, but adequate immigration reform is stagnating.

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Trump LGBT tweet

Are there any LGBT policies that you would like to see from the Trump administration and in general, how gay-friendly do you think Trump and his policies are?

Considering gay marriage, the least real hurdle, was won in the US, there really isn’t that much else to do. I don’t believe gay people are victims, I certainly don’t feel like one, and so I both resent and despise this notion that we need a new set of protections, policies, and regulations every other week. The Dems did that unnecessary nonsense to cater for votes; it was transparent.

Such being said – Trump’s trans military ban was unnecessary (which is why it’s still being fought) and Sessions’ push back on Title VII protecting gay workers is an infuriating case of government overreach. So, it’s a mixed bag when we’re discussing gay rights specifically.

I am not a single issue voter; I look at what is best for the country rather than what is best for any specific minority that I fall into the category of.

Why do you think America is so divided right now, and what’s one thing you think could improve the situation and bring people closer together?

The media and the dogma of the left. It is only one side that refuses to engage with the other. We are open to debate and conversation; the left isn’t.

Chadwick Moore

Chadwick Moore

Age – 34
City – New York
Twitter – @Chadwick_Moore

Little Gay Blog – You’ve had a very public transition from the left side of politics to the right/conservative side. What prompted that?

I had no idea that this would become so public and that it would impact my life so greatly. It certainly wasn’t my intention. If someone had told me that I would get fired from my job at OUT magazine, never work in print media again, lose every single one my friends, and be Media Matters hit list, all because of a small article in The New York Post taking a stand against the Left, at the time I probably would not have gone through with it.

Of course, I regret nothing. What prompted it? I did it for myself. I felt so strongly compelled to speak out, something I’d never done before in a public way with regard to politics. I was sickened by the lies I saw coming from the media and the Democratic party, and I was enraged by the hysteria and the treatment of decent, principled conservatives in the sphere of public discourse. I thought, even if no one reads this article, at least I said my piece. The fact that my story continues to resonate so powerfully with so many people, was completely unexpected. And truly humbling.

Many in the gay community have publicly criticised you for your move towards conservatism. On a personal level, how did that feel and on a political level, are you happy with where you are now?

I honestly don’t give two fucks about the “gay community” or what they say about me. I’ve outgrown them. We had our fun. Not that I don’t have loads of gay conservative friends now, and I have no problem meeting guys. Most gays aren’t activists. Like most normal people, they may lean one way but don’t care all that much about politics.

The activists are simply the most loud and unhinged among us. They give the “gay community” a bad name and they do not win over hearts and minds. They alienate people. I sometimes think that’s why they hate me so much. Because I’m loved and embraced by so many conservatives and Christians, I’ve not only proved the gays’ narrative wrong, I’ve accomplished more than they have for “equality” and “tolerance” across the political divide. I guess that would piss me off too, if I were a left-wing gay activist.

The difference between me and the people who hate me, is every single day I question what I believe and if I made the right decision. I challenge my own views. And every single time, the answer is “yes.” That is what sane, rational, open-minded people do. That is what people who appreciate free-inquiry and the pursuit of truth do. They question their beliefs and they question themselves. I’ve spent my whole life around leftists, and they do not question what they’ve been told to believe. They’re brainwashed. And they hate me for saying so, but it’s true. Leftism is a cult.

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Chadwick Moore- Gay Conservative on Fox News

What’s your view of the left now, in particular of left-leaning media outlets?

This is a very big question, especially as a former member of the liberal media, and deserves a thorough answer, which is the subject of the political memoir I’m currently writing. But, in brief, they’re a bunch of authoritarian, censorious freaks and liars who only care about power. They’re nihilistic bullies and snobs and also incredibly uninteresting people.

Leftism has become a sort of puritanical religious movement, where victimhood equals sainthood. They see the world through the lens of conspiracy theories like “white supremacy” and “the patriarchy.” If you disagree with this vision, you’re not merely wrong, but evil. However, they don’t use the word “evil.” They say “racist” or “Nazi,” which means the same thing as irredeemably evil.

Leftism is a refuge for talentless people who have very little confidence, and they use the ideology to blame all their problems and shortcomings on unseen forces. The left offers empty platitudes and warm fuzzies in exchange for votes and power and control.

If you dare challenge their ideas, as I have, they go ballistic. They do not attack with reasoned debate, but with name-calling, character assassination, and smear campaigns. It would be a lot more funny if they didn’t represent the interests of the most powerful forces in our society. All these idiots who see themselves as “hashtag the resistance” have Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Lockheed Martin and every other globalist corporation and war-monger (like Hillary, McCain, Bush, Obama…) on their side. They are actually marching to preserve the status quo and in the interests of the Establishment. But don’t tell them that. They’re too stupid to know that conservatism is the new counterculture.

Journalists are the worst among them. I know from years of experience. They are all of the aforementioned on top of being professionally lazy and stupid. What makes a good journalist, in liberal media, is not being smart, curious, or philosophical. It’s having a rat-like cunning, and nothing else.

My “red-pill” journey, as we say on the Internet, really began in 2013 when I began to see how wrong and divisive my colleagues in the media were. It was one particular story I was writing that opened my eyes. It’ll all be in the book.

How would you rate the Trump presidency so far? What’s been his biggest achievement and what’s been his biggest weakness?

Trump is a cultural figure, and his greatest achievement continues to be dismantling the Left’s stranglehold on culture. All politics is downstream from culture, as Andrew Breitbart famously said. Trump does this best by humiliating the media and the elites. Every time he tweets, they clutch their pearls. It’s fucking hilarious. Their visceral hatred for him and his everyday man way of speaking knows no bounds. And it is glorious to watch them lose their grip on reality because this–in their eyes–unworthy, crass, lowly businessman now leads the country.

The elites believe that they deserve to be in power, but they’ve never actually achieved anything worthwhile in their lives, other than tenure. Or maybe nepotism to land a job at CNN (Cuomo, Cooper).

Policy-wise, the tax overhaul is by far his greatest achievement so far. That alone will most likely get him re-elected in 2020.

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Trump 2020

Let’s flash forward to 2020. Do you think Trump will run again, and if he does, do you think he will win again?

Yes and yes. I think he will go down in history with as much, if not more, conservative star power as Reagan.

Do you think Trump (and his policies) are gay-friendly, and how important is that to you?

Of course he is, this is one of the dumbest questions I get asked all the time. It’s not worth my time to list his gay street cred, which predates Hillary’s and Obama’s by a couple decades.

Trump cares about the economy and the American worker. That’s it. When it comes to the gays, his top priority is to make sure Muslims don’t kill us. His travel ban on six countries that breed anti-gay terrorists seems like a very pro-gay policy to me.

Smart, hardworking gays appreciate Trump because he empowers and humanizes people by not pandering to them, and not treating them like pets.I don’t understand why so many gays want to be babied by the government? Do you need validation that badly? Grow up, gays.

Instead of this question, what you should be asking is why Democrats in congress have for months filibustered the approval of Trump’s openly gay ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell. That doesn’t seem very pro-gay. Probably because the gay lobbyists and gay media don’t care about gay people. They care about left-wing politics. They are just another propaganda wing for the Democrat party. Watching them recoil from Vanity Fair covergirl Caitlyn Jenner as he becomes more and more right-wing is very funny.

Why do you think America is so divided right now, and what’s one thing you think could improve the situation and bring people closer together?

It’s all the media and the academy. The media are the enemy of the American people. Turn off the Fake News, stop reading the New York Times.

The American college campus is nothing but Marxist indoctrination camps. No one should go to college in 2018. It’s a waste of time and money and you leave stupider than when you went in.

Get your information from centrists and classical liberals and conservatives and libertarians on YouTube and your mind will be blown at the lies the tv and your professors have been telling you.

Gays have always been free-thinkers, rebels, and iconoclasts. And from where I sit, they are coming over to the Right in droves. It’s a wonderful time to be alive.

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