19 Gay Blogs Worth Reading In 2019

Gay Blog

Looking for a great gay blog to read? Here is your essential list of 19 awesome gay blogs worth reading, supporting and following in 2019.

I’m a big believer in supporting other gay bloggers. For me, I don’t see them as competition, I see them as a source of inspiration. I don’t make any money off the Little Gay Blog, so my #1 focus isn’t on getting millions of readers. My main goal is to reach guys who might enjoy reading the articles I post.

And look, I realise this blog isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You might be more interested in reading a gay travel blog, or you follow pop culture and news and are interested in that. That’s totally cool. In fact, that’s what inspired the idea for this article in the first place!

There are so many talented, original, insightful, funny and entertaining gay blogs out there. I wanted to share just a few of them with you.

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Below you’ll find a widely varying list of gay blogs and gay bloggers. They span many different topic areas, approaches and styles. Some of them are one guy operations (like me), while some are big, polished and professional machines.

I hope you take the time to check them all out. You never know – you might just discover some great new sources of information! Here they are (in no particular order). Enjoy!

Gay Travel Blogs

Travels of Adam

Travels of Adam - It's a (Gay) Blog

I’m a big admirer of Adam because his blog isn’t just great to read, but the fact that he started it the way he did is actually really inspiring.

It was on a short trip to Iceland in 2009 that Adam caught the travel bug. But he had a full-time job, friends, family and responsibilities back home (in the US). There was no way he could give it all up just to go and travel the world. Or could he?

That’s how the Travels of Adam blog came to be!

It takes a lot of courage to pack up your bags (and your life essentially) to go travel and explore the world. It’s a dream shared by many, and unrealised by most.

I’ve travelled quite a lot (especially in my late teens and early 20s). I think it’s one of the best ways of getting to know who you are and your take in the world. I get that same sense of awe and adventure reading about Adam’s travels.

Nowadays, Adam lives in Berlin and still travels. He makes money in a number of different ways. I believe he has a job in Germany. Plus, he also is able to make some money from the blog itself.

For more, check out the Travels of Adam website.
You can also follow Adam on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Gay Passport

The Gay Passport travel blog

The Gay Passport is my go to source for travel in Asia. I actually relied on this website quite a lot recently when I was in Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. It proved to be incredibly useful for finding places to go and things to do.

It’s beautifully presented (which is a big thing for me). Plus, it showcases the very best of Asia (and Asian men) in a way that’s really great to see! I love how they celebrate the beauty of Asian gay guys. I don’t know why gay mainstream media doesn’t do this, so it’s super important to support the outlets that do!

For more, check out The Gay Passport website.
You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

1 Dad, 1 Kid

1 Dad, 1 Kid

Talon Windwalker is a single gay parent, author, writer, former hospice chaplain, Zen monk, ultra runner, snowshoer, endurance cyclist, certified endurance running coach, scuba instructor, photographer, and lover of travelling, languages, and cultures.

With a demanding career working in intensive care, trauma, and with the dying, Talon’s life motto became – Vivez sans regrets (Live without regrets).

And that’s exactly what he’s doing. On 4 May 2011, he left his career and embarked on a life adventure as a full-time nomad. He now travels around the world slowly with his young daughter (aka Tigger).

Talon “world schools” Tigger. To make ends meet, he also teaches languages, writes, does photography, teaches scuba, as well as any other online work that comes his way.

There are heaps of great articles on the blog. My personal favourite is Amsterdam Surprised Me, mainly because that’s the exact reaction my partner had after we visited there. So many people think Amsterdam is just red lights and pot smoking. While there is that part to the city, there is so much more. And so much more of it is more beautiful and interesting than you’ll ever realise (until you go there and experience it for yourself, that is!)

For more, check out the 1 Dad, 1 Kid website.
You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Nomadic Boys

Nomadic Boys - Gay Travel Blog

Travelling with your partner can bring out the best – and the worst – in you both. The Nomadic Boys (aka Stefan and Sebastien) are clearly a couple that travels well toegther.

The guys have been travelling the world together since 2014 after leaving their lives in London behind. They created the blog as a platform to record their romantic adventures and to write about the different gay scenes they encounter as they trek across the planet.

The guys not only share their awesome (and very Instagrammable) adventures, they’re actually really great writers too. They have a section on their blog called Gay Stories. It’s their way of seeking out and supporting local LGBT businesses, as well as the local gay friends they make along the way.

Another thing I love about what these guys are doing, is that like with Adam, they took a risk to pursue their dream. As they say in their own words:

“We entered our 30s with comfortable jobs, in a comfortable flat with comfortable lifestyles, doing comfortable things, but after a while comfortable simply lost its shine.

It became dull, routine and we craved excitement, adventure, something different, a new focus and most importantly, wanted to see more of the world together.

So we started saving and planning for several years for a big trip and in June 2014 we were off!”

They’ve now got one of the most popular gay travel blogs in the world. Plus they get to spend their days doing what makes their hearts sing. How inspiring is that?

For more, check out the Nomadic Boys website.
You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Gay News & Entertainment Blogs

Heaps Gay

Heaps Gay Blog

Heaps Gay is an Australian gay news blog/website. What I love about it is that it gives a platform for a whole bunch of local, national and international performers and events that I don’t really come across anywhere else.

I also like how they’ve evolved naturally. Heaps Gay started as started life as a regular series of parties for LGBTIQ+ kids and their friends. This was back in 2013. Since then, it’s become one of Sydney’s best regular events for anyone who wants to have some fun and support charities.

HeapsGay.com was officially launched in November 2015 as a place for people to gather and discuss queer issues and stories. All stories on the site are are written by contributors within the queer community in Sydney.

For more, check out the Heaps Gay website.
You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Queerty - The Gay Agenda

Queerty is probably the biggest gay news blog/website in the world. And for good reason. They post a lot of new, original and really interesting content every single day. They’re a gay news juggernaut.

I also really love their design. It’s super functional. You can quickly scan the site and find articles that jump out at you. They also have a really active comments section, so it’s a great site to feel like you’re part of a community on.

They cover stories ranging from the serious and political, to the fun and frivolous. There’s bound to be something to appeal to you on the site.

For more, check out the Queerty website.
You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Gay Bear Blogs

Accidental Bear

Accidental Bear - Gay Blog

Accidental Bear is an awesome bear-focused site that covers a wide range of topics. They shine a light on many cool gay/queer performers and creative types. They also have a fun, irreverent tone and style that I really enjoy.

But rather than have me describe what they do, I came across their own description of themselves. It’s pretty much better than anything I could come up with.

Here it is:

“ACCIDENTAL BEAR combs the web like the weird old guy at the beach in a thong bikini swinging his metal detector from side to side looking for gems. Gems for some, trash for others.

We are here to titillate and expose people to the non-mainstream, the underbelly of art, music, culture and community. We gather pop culture of interest and strive to be queer and different.

We are all different, that’s what makes us the same.”

For more, check out the Accidental Bear website.
You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Bear World Magazine

Bear World Magazine - Gay Blog

What I really love about Bear World Magazine is the sense that they really do promote and celebrate every type of bear – and every type of body. It’s a very open, embracing and welcoming magazine/website/blog.

Written by bears for bears, the site covers all the main topics you’d expect (travel, entertainment, food, events) from a bear-centric perspective. It’s a nice mix that works well. You can learn when your favourite Netflix show is coming back for a new season in one article, then read about plus-sized men’s fashion in the next!

For more, check out the Bear World Magazine website.
You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

General Gay Blogs

Life, Love and Lube

Life, Love and Lube - Shane

Shane Cunningham is the brilliant writer behind the cheekily titled Life, Love and Lube blog. There are a couple of things I really love and relate to with this particular blog.

Firstly, it’s a one-man show. Like me with this blog, Shane runs the blog, writes the content and does all the social media for it. All of that, while heaps of fun, is also heaps of work. So props to him for that.

The main reason, and what I really LOVE about Shane’s blog, is his writing style. It’s personal, yet super relatable at the same time. He also has this way of writing that makes you feel like you’re chatting away to a smart, funny, witty friend. Shane’s ‘voice’ really shines through. It’s something that I feel like I still struggle with. So I not only enjoy Shane’s take on life, I feel like I’m learning from him too!

For more, check out the Life, Love and Lube website here,
You can also follow the blog on Facebook.

Gay Life After 40

Gay Life After 40 Blog

OK, so even though I’m not quite 40 yet, I am getting closer. But look, you don’t need to be in your 40s to enjoy this blog. What I like most about it is the fact that these guys are talking about ‘real’ issues, that for some reason aren’t that widely covered in other gay media.

The blog has a conversational and relatable tone to it that I really love. It’s as if you’re hearing advice or opinions from friends or people you know.

I also think that the issue of being a gay guy and getting older (gasp) is inadequately dealt with by the collective gay community. But look, it’s going to happen to us all, so we might as well embrace it. This is a great site to help you do just that!

For more, check out the Gay Life After 40 website.
You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

The Modern Gay

The Modern Gay - Lifestyle Blog

Even though Josh isn’t posting as often as he used to, The Modern Gay is still worth checking out. The archive is extensive.

I really like Josh’s writing style. He’s able to bring something fresh and unique to everything that he writes. He also manages to get the mix right when it comes to sharing things about himself, and sticking to the broader topic at hand.

For more, check out The Modern Gay website.
You can also follow the site on Facebook and Twitter.

Gay Wedding Blogs

F Yeah Gay Weddings

F Yeah Gay Weddings

I know this might sound a bit unusual, but I’m the kind of guy that loves looking at other people’s photos. Whether it’s holiday snaps, or childhood albums – I love peering into and getting a glimpse of other people’s lives.

That probably explains why I love F Yeah Gay Weddings so much. It’s basically a sneak peek into the weddings of same sex couples all over the world (mainly Germany and the US).

What blows my mind is the sheer diversity of people in our community. It’s something that I know on an intellectual level, but I just love getting to see people who I know I’ll never meet in ‘real life’. It’s inspiring and so amazing that the world is such a huge, diverse and amazing place.

F Yeah Gay Weddings does a brilliant job of showcasing the love and beauty of gay couples during one of their happiest times in their lives. Whether you’re single or in a relationship – unleash your inner romantic and let yourself fall in love with this site!

For more, check out the F Yeah Gay Weddings website.
You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Equally Wed

Equally Wed- Gay Marriage Blog

Equally Wed is a site that I love not only for the beautiful imagery, but also for the high quality of its’ written content as well. Not only do you get to peer into people’s lives a little bit, you actually get to know them a bit more, learn their story and if you’re anything like me – have your faith in humanity renewed (at least until you read the next tweet from a certain US president :-)

Equally Wed is a more than a blog though. It’s actually an international online wedding magazine, book and education resource for LGBTQ couples and equality-minded wedding professionals. They focus on wedding planning, real weddings and engagements, marriage equality news and spotlight gay-friendly equality-minded wedding vendors. They also publish new content every day which is pretty impressive.

For more, check out the Equally Wed website.
You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Gay Fitness Blogs

Davey Wavey

Davey Wavey Fitness Blog

Davey Wavey is a great example of a polarising figure within the gay community. It seems that everyone has an opinion about him. You either love him – or you don’t. And that speaks directly to my point about writing this article in the first place. Irrespective of whether you like him or not, I think it’s important that as gay men, we support one another.

Davey has worked hard to create the platform that he has. That deserves respect. Plus. he’s an out and proud gay man in the media. He’s outspoken, intelligent and sex-positive. Despite more visibility in recent years, we still need more people like Davey who put themselves out there for the world to see. You might not agree with everything he says, but I think we should support his right to say it.

But what exactly makes Davey qualified to be dishing out fitness advice?

Well, he’s an AFPA certified personal trainer. He created the blog to share his passion for and knowledge of fitness, exercise, health and nutrition with the world. Having struggled with obesity in his childhood, Davey knows first hand the power that body image issues can have over us.

I also like his philosophy of ‘honouring your body is an extension of honouring your life’.

Wherever you are on your fitness journey – whether just starting out or a seasoned expert – this is a great blog with lots of useful information.

For more, check out the Davey Wavey Fitness website.
You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Authentic Gay

The Authentic Gay - Fitness Blog

The Authentic Gay isn’t just a fitness blog, but fitness and health articles do make up a big part of it. While I do like a number of sections on the site (Relationships and Ego are awesome and worth checking out in their own right), for me, it’s their Fitness section that really stands out.

It’s just nice to read about health and fitness issues from a gay perspective. I mean, you won’t find an article like Does Pure For Men Really Work? on Men’s Health anytime soon. The Authentic Gay isn’t preachy or judgey. It just delivers interesting fitness and health articles that I think a lot of gay guys would really enjoy.

For more, check out The Authentic Gay website.
You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

The Stable

The Stable - Gay Fitness Blog

The Stable is London’s premier gay sauna and massage destination. So, why is it included in this list? Well, the owners don’t just walk the walk – they also talk the talk. With an “enduring passion for everything associated with gay health and fitness”, they’ve created an awesome health and fitness blog on their website.

What I really like, is their focus on the benefits of things such as sleep (and yes, the sauna) into your life and workout schedule. These sort of topics aren’t covered in as much depth elsewhere, so it makes for a really interesting read.

For more, check out The Stable Blog here.
You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Stonewall Fitness

Stonewall Fitness - Gay Blog

Stonewall Fitness is the creation of David Smith. His fitness journey has seen him go from someone who was unhappy with being overweight, to joining a gay swim club, competing in the Gay Game, to taking control of his life, fitness and mental outlook. It really is an inspiring story.

What I like most about Stonewall Fitness is the variety of articles and approaches it promotes. There’s no strict ‘you must do this’ mentality on the site. And, it doesn’t make you feel bad if you’re not super fit already. David strikes a tone that is welcoming, accepting and informative (without being overwhelming).

Here’s David on why he started the blog:

With several prominent training certifications and a Bachelor’s Degree in kinesiology, I am working to create programs and a community within the LGBT+ community who seek to break the constraints and pressures of body image. By focusing on what we can accomplish and always training to achieve our personal best in exercise, fitness and sport we can transcend the stigmas and barriers of being fit. Exercise and fitness knows no limits, nor does it recognize the differences of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, national origin or body type. We are all human and passion and a little bit of sweat, we are all capable of accomplishing our goals together.

For more, check out the Stonewall Fitness website.
You can also follow David on Facebook and Twitter.

(Mis)Adventures Of A Gay Acrobat

(Mis)Adventures Of A Gay Acrobat

Tony Cavanagh is an acrobat who happens to be gay. His blog isn’t a gay blog in the sense that it’s main focus is on fitness. But it is gay in that he is openly gay, and occasionally shares an insight into his life with his partner. It’s an interesting combination that Tony manages to make work really well.

For more, check out the (Mis)Adventures Of A Gay Acrobat website.

Gay Sex/Porn Blogs

NSFW – This next section might best be viewed when not in a work environment :-)

You might also like:

Behind The Porn – Johnny V

Behind The Porn – Billy Santoro

Behind The Porn – Logan Moore

Behind The Porn – Skyy Knox

Behind The Porn – Ryan Rose

Behind The Porn – Wesley Woods

Str8 Up Gay Porn

Str8 Up Gay Porn Blog

Think of Str8 Up Gay Porn as the TMZ of the gay porn world. It’s a news, gossip and entertainment website/blog covering all facets of the gay porn industry. It’s basically a one-stop destination for all things related to gay culture, gay porn – and everything in between.

It was started in 2013 by two adult industry insiders, Zachary Sire and Davyd Dixon Entertainment. It’s now become the leading website for gay guys who want to get the insider scoop on upcoming porn releases, behind the scenes images and interviews with the hottest gay porn stars.

One of my favourote things about the site is that they’re real and genuine. Their tagline is – No Filter. No Agenda. No Censors. And they mean it. Here’s what they have to say:

“While today’s media—whether it be mainstream or otherwise—seem to pay lip service to their advertisers through glowing reviews and toothless regurgitation of press releases masquerading as “news,” Str8UpGayPorn publishes the good, the bad, and the ugly hard truths that readers crave and some in the industry fear.”

For more, check out the Str8 Up Gay Porn website.
You can also follow them on Twitter.

Follow the Little Gay Blog on:

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