The Rise of Fleshjack Sex Toys


The increasing popularity of fleshjacks is explained by guest blogger Chris – from one of Australia’s most popular sex stores, Randy Fox.

Having worked in the sex toy retail industry for nearly 10 years with Randy Fox, one of Australia’s largest online adult toy stores, I’ve seen an interesting shift towards the acceptance and growth of certain niches within the space.

When we think about the sex toy market, the most common toys that might come to mind are the classics, ones like dildos, vibrators and “fake vaginas”. However, all of these have one thing in common. They are generally marketed towards heterosexual females and to heterosexual males.

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Unlike the female sex toy market, the male community, whether that be heterosexual males or gay males, have not had the same freedom when it comes to discussing sex toy use, experiences, and desires due to the stigma still surrounding adult male toys.

Only in recent times have we seen a growing acceptance and a “market push” towards marketing sex toys to the male market. Of particular interest is the increase in toys targeted specifically towards the gay market; something which was almost unheard of some 10-15 years ago.

Prime case in point, nifty little things known as Fleshjacks.

So, what is a fleshjack exactly?


Looking at it from the outside, fleshjacks look just like most other masturbators you might say.

The fleshjack comes with four basic build components, the outer case which is made of hard plastic, a soft inner sleeve which is made from Interactive Life Form’s SuperSkin, an adjustable end cap, and a removable cap which serves as the protection for the inner sleeve and orifice.

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The key difference?

The Fleshjack is a line of masturbation products from Interactive Life forms, marketed specifically towards gay men. Now if the name sounds familiar, you may have heard of its counterpart.

Fleshjack or fleshlight?

Although the patent is not brand new for this type of product, they released their flagship product, the Fleshlight (they’ve currently sold over 10 million of those by the way), back in 1998.


A search on the trusty Google machine seems to show that the Fleshjack website was launched in 2007, some 10 years later. In the early days, I can definitely attest to the fact that the Fleshjacks were pushed (marketing wise) way less than their heterosexual masturbatory counterparts. I think this must have been because Interactive Life Forms were testing the waters, after all, there weren’t too many products targeted specifically at the gay market and we’re talking about only ten years ago!

Come 2018, the landscape has dramatically changed, and it’s safe to say we are all better for it. Fleshjack now rivals Fleshlight in terms of popularity. On our adult store, our Fleshjack/Fleshlight sales are neck and neck.

This is an amazing shift from the early days, when Fleshlight sales would dominate the “pocket pussy” categories of product. The industry as a whole has seen a great shift towards the acceptance of different types of products, be it those that are specific for the gay market, transgender and other varying niches. Heck, more sex toys for everyone we say!

The different types of fleshjacks

All of the Fleshjack designs and types come with one or more inner textures, which is what helps the individual enjoy a stimulating experience. These textures are made up of ridges, shapes, and bumps and are combined with curves and constricted sections, to provide a unique and pleasurable experience during every single use.


The classic sleeves come with a smoother inner canal which some folks find a bit boring, so if you like a lot of unique experiences, make sure you choose from the popular Fleshjack options that have unique inner textures like the Vortex, Super Ribbed, Wonder Wave, and The Destroya (that’s a pretty funny name I must admit).

The Fleshjack, Sex in a Can option is a lot smaller in size and may not be great for larger men as these have a much tighter fit and extremely intense sensations. Although they are modelled after the popular sleeve designs, their small stature makes a huge difference in the experience you get.

Finally, the Fleshjack Boys product line is their most popular and is modelled after the real-life orifices of popular and well-known gay porn stars. To date, they’ve worked with over 30 gay male performers and that number is rising. The molding of the orifices are an exact replica of the porn star each product is named after.

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Most of the Fleshjack Boys line up comes with a squeeze version and a classic version. Our most popular Fleshjack Boy product? The classic, Brent Corrigan Squeeze.

Beyond the Fleshjack sleeves, there are Fleshjack dildos available which are modelled after each Fleshjack Boy from the Fleshjack Boys product line. Our most popular Fleshjack Replica? The good old Austin Wilde Realistic.

The positive influence of the fleshjack

The growing acceptance of sex toys which are specific to the gay male market is refreshing to see, considering that almost 10 years ago, it was unheard of. It think it is also a sign of the right steps that our society is moving towards as a whole, but we still have a long way to go.

On our site, Fleshlight and Fleshjack products are just as popular. Fleshjack products were some of the pioneers when it came to this shift in acceptance, and I think Interactive Life Form’s move to create the brand was a bold, yet necessary one which has paid off. Everyone should have access to pleasure products which tickle their fancy.

For more – please visit the Randy Fox website.

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