Firm Hand (Perfect Hands Book 1)


Firm Hand by Nora Phoenix is the first book in the Perfect Hands series – and it’s a pure, sexy delight.

The book was released in May 2019, and the series has been rolling out ever since. This was actually the first book I had ever read by Nora, and instantly, I was hooked.

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I am a huge fan of slow burn, age gap romances with sexy daddies and boys. What this book does so well is that it presents in many ways, a new take on that. It flips the dynamic by showcasing a younger daddy with an older sub.

Firm Hand – A perfect start to a deliciously binge-worthy daddy/boy series.

Rhys and Cornell are not your average daddy/boy couple. There’s also the added complication of Rhys dad’s death. His father, Jonas, was also the best friend of Cornell. So, there is a lot to unpack there and Nora does a brilliant job with it all.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about the book was the pacing. Sometimes, slow burn romances can get this critical aspect wrong. Things either take way too long, or the opposite happens, with the action happening too quickly and in uneven spurts. Not here. The timing is perfection, which was absolutely necessary given some of the complexities being explored and unraveled throughout this wonderful story.

Another great thing that Nora does so well is create secondary characters that complement the current story, as well as get you excited for their own future spin-offs. These characters are unique and interesting, but don’t detract from the main characters at the heart of this story. (BTW – The rest of the series is brilliant as well!)

If you’re looking to spend a few hours curled up and totally lost in an amazing world, the Perfect Hands series should be your go to!