Exploring Gay Health

Gay health is often synonymous with issues such as HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted infections. These are important issues that need to be addressed.

In the new year however, the Little Gay Blog will be focusing more on other gay health issues as well. There’s nothing inherently ‘gay’ about these issues, but I guess I’m labelling them ‘gay health issues’ because they’re things that I am going through and experiencing – and I happen to be a gay guy! That lends itself to making the experience slightly unique and different to perhaps a straight guy, going through the same sort of stuff that I am.

So, what kind of issues fall under this gay health label?

Well, they’re pretty broad and varied. I’ll be looking at fitness, and issues of external body image and self-esteem. The gay community is obsessed with beauty, muscles and youth – so what happens when we start getting older, and our bodies start changing in ways that we may not necessarily like, or in ways that don’t conform to the narrow depictions of beauty that we celebrate?

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I’ll also be exploring nutrition, and ways of trying to eat more of the ‘right’ types of food, and less of the ‘bad’ types of food. Trying to get the right information about nutrition can be hard enough, then to apply it in a meaningful and long-term way into your daily life is another challenge altogether. But it’s something that I am trying to do, so I’d like to share my experience and observations with you all.

Then there are everyday, lifestyle sort of questions that I have. Some relate to getting older, some are about being in a long-term relationship and others are just individual state of mind topics, such as self-confidence, internal mental chatter and how to just find peace and acceptance in every day life.

All of these issues feed into the direction I am ultimately trying to steer my life into – one that is happy, fulfilled and meaningful – from the inside out. I’m not looking for short-term, surface solutions to what are essentially pretty serious and in some cases, existential types of questions.

Don’t worry though, the blog isn’t about to become preachy or GOOP-y in any way. In fact, one of the issues I’ll be dealing with is how to become a healthier person, without sounding/behaving like a dick at the same time. Trust me, it can be a challenge :-)

Also, gay health isn’t about to become the only focus of the blog. I’ll still be writing about more mainstream gay issues (such as marriage equality, relationships, the gay community etc). These gay health pieces will simply complement the type of articles I normally write, and they’ll show up on the blog every once in a while. For me, I’m not seeing these types of issues being discussed more widely in the gay media, and I’d love to get people thinking and talking about these sorts of things. I think the interest is there, so I hope you’ll enjoy it!