Want To See Davide Zongoli Naked?

Davide Zongoli Naked in Boys Of Life

David Zongoli (aka AcroDave) gets naked in Boys Of Life. In our chat, he opens up about being nude, social media and following your passion.

In case you’re not familiar with him, Davide is a performer, pole dancer, aerialist and fitness model. Originally from Italy, he began his dancing career at the age of 17. He has worked for numerous national and international theatres and tv shows as a soloist and principal dancer.

He has performed with a number of the world’s leading aerial and acrobatics companies. You might for instance have caught him performing in Leona Lewis’s first international tour.

Davide also participates in pole dancing. During his career, he has won the Italian National Championship and the European PoleSport Championship. He placed second to win the Silver Medallist at the World PoleSports Championships.

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Given his natural talents, and the fact that he is an incredibly good looking guy, it’s no surprise that Davide has acquired a massive following on social media where he uses the handle @acrdoave (all links to his social media channels can be found at the end of the article).

Davide Zongoli gets naked for Boys of Life

Davide Zongoli Nude in Boys Of Life

Being such a good looking guy, there’s a lot of pent-up (and understandable) demand to see Davide in the nude. Luckily, Davide’s very obliging to his fans.

He is the star of the debut episode of Boys of Life, an arousing online film series that captures the beauty of the male body and the spirit of poetry. Each episode is a visually stunning short film that stars a favorite Instagram male model, against narration of classic and modern poetry.

In Davide’s episode, he explores his loneliness in a surreal afternoon indoors. Unaware of his own sexuality and seduced by a wistful yearning, he takes a warm shower, analyses his image in the mirror and plays with himself while sitting on the couch, while a celestial entity watches over him.

This episode also features the poems “I’d like for you to be still” by Pablo Neruda and “I Carry Your Heart With Me” by E.E Cummings.

Here’s the trailer for Davide’s episode.

My chat with Davide

Davide recently took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with me. I was curious to know how he get involved with Boys of Life, his relationship to nudity and the importance of following your passion in life.

Check out our chat!

Little Gay Blog – Thanks so much for your time Davide. How did you become involved with the Boys of Life film?

Davide – You’re welcome Paul. I met the director of the Boys of Life series, Ronald Riqueros, in October last year in the Norwegian Jewel cruise to Cabo. I was performing there as a principal gymnast for the show Le Cirque Bijou.

He really enjoyed my performance. I told him about my upcoming trip to New York where he lives. He vaguely mentioned something about Boys of Life but I didn’t think much about it then.

A few months later when I landed in New York, we reconnected and he liked the idea of having me in the debut episode.

Because the title Boys of Life, is a direct reference to the novel Ragazzi Di Vita, by Pier Paolo Pasolini, a famous Italian filmmaker and poet from the 1950’s – and the series is all about guys and poetry, it totally made sense.

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Davide Zongoli Porn

You are seen in varying stages of undress in the film. I assume you’re comfortable with your body and with being naked?

Davide – I think of my body as an instrument for the arts, so I’m always comfortable being naked on-stage. But in real life, I’m definitely more covered up. I don’t even sleep naked.

You get to do something you love for a living. So many people don’t. How does it feel being able to combine your passion and talent into making a living?

Davide – I feel very lucky, although the life of an artist is always full of sacrifices. In my case, it’s all worth it. I get to travel the world and meet amazing new people with each job I get. This is what I was born to do, and I feel successful just because I get to do it.

You have a huge following on social media and are an inspiration to many of people all around the world. What’s the best life advice you’ve ever received?

Davide – Treat people with respect. Life gives you opportunities, and some of those opportunities are given to you through people. So always make sure you are kind and respectful to everyone that crosses your path.

And finally, have you ever been to Australia? (And if you have, what did you think of Aussie guys?)

Davide – I have not been to Australia yet, But If you get me there and let me stay with you, I will absolutely come over and let you know what I think of the Aussie guys!

To find out more about Davide, you can follow him on Facebook and Instagram.