Daddy Issues: London’s Hottest Party?

Daddy Issues London

Image credit: Daddy Issues London

Daddy Issues London is a party that caters to guys into sexy DILFs and their admirers, hot daddies, sexy boys and the guys that drool over them.

The Daddy Issues party is for all ages, races, body types, tops, bottoms, furry, smooth, gay, lesbian transgender, cisgender, gender fluid, species fuck, cross dressers, cosplayers, freaks, nerds, shamans, hippies, aliens and proud to be hetero friendly!

If you’re not in London, then there’s a good chance you’ve come across the brilliant Daddy Issues tshirts. They’re pretty much all over Instagram, with selfie-happy fans from all over the world showing off the distinctively styled tshirts.

Daddy Issues London 1

Image credit: Daddy Issues London

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I recently had the opportunity to speak to one of the founders of Daddy Issues, OLLYWOOD (aka Oly Innes). As I found out, the Daddy Issues parties really are as inclusive, welcoming and inviting of ALL people as they say they are.

Plus, we also spoke about the overall state of the current gay scene, and the changing approach to ageing and getting older within the gay community.

Check out our chat below!

Daddy Issues London Ollywood

OLLYWOOD: One of the founders of Daddy Issues London

Little Gay Blog – How did the idea for Daddy Issues come about?

OLLYWOOD – I worked in nightlife for over 10 years in London working for other peoples parties. I was taking a time out of the scene and developing the idea of starting a tshirt line when Borja Pena, a DJ I had worked with a lot on parties in the past came to me with the idea of starting a new party together. We chatted and we were on the same wave length with what we wanted and we worked out we could easily merge our two ideas together.

It (Daddy Issues) will be one year old in June 2017. Myself and Borja ran the party together every month till February in London and then I moved to Los Angeles. I start the party here next month while Borja continues to run the London party. We have also taken the party to San Francisco and are doing a special party in NYC in September.

There’s a lot of talk about the ‘death of the gay scene’. Given you have a bird’s eye view of it, what’s your take on the current gay scene?

Things change, bars close, bars open. Yes there have been some closures In London, but there’s been some really cool venues opening in the past few years. People tend to focus on the negative and not think about the positives.

There have been some really great new parties starting in London but you have to look for them, you have to be involved, you have to be going out and actually going to them because the scene will only die if people stop supporting their local parties.


Daddy Issues London 2

Image credit: Daddy Issues London

For someone who’s never come to a Daddy Issues party – what can they expect?

Myself and Borja manage different aspects of the brand, I focus on creative direction across the party and merchandise as well as our social media, while Borja manages the music policy of the party, booking the Djs and is very hands on with the production of the merchandise.

We try to keep the standards of the party really high. Great music from credible DJ’s, and always having really fun elements to the party so people come back. We always try to give away some of our popular tshirts at the party, we brand the club in our artwork as people really love it. We give out tequila shots, sometimes we have dancers.

We definitely do not do the party for the money. We would always happily invest all the money back into the party to make sure if someone is coming for the first time they get the full experience.

This article is titled ‘Daddy Issues: London’s Hottest Party?’ So – what’s the answer?

Most clubs will push the idea of coming to a party to get laid or wasted. We wanted to create a party that was totally non intimidating and all inclusive.

We have fun with masculinity and sexuality, but we also poke fun at it. Everyone is welcome. If you’re a super masc top daddy or super fem daddy’s boy – we love you both. It’s the perfect party for both types to mix who usually get separated by nightlife.


Daddy Issues London 3

Image credit: Daddy Issues London

One of the interesting aspects of the ‘daddy admiration issue’ is that it in a way, places the spotlight on what used to be something that was negatively perceived (getting older) and turns it into a good thing, something to be celebrated. What are your personal thoughts about the issues of ageing within the gay community?

No one wants to get old, but older men are definitely on trend right now.

I feel the gay community has less of a hang up about age as maybe straight people do because theres not as much pressure to be settled down by a certain age, have a family at this age or get married. You are much freer to live your life the way you want. If you want to party until your 90, do whatever makes you happy.

The gay community can be ageist and we celebrate beauty, but I certainly don’t feel like I have to conform to a heteronormative lifestyle and have my life a certain way by the time I hit age milestones.

And lastly, I love, love, love seeing your Daddy Issues tees on my Instagram feed. How often do you come up with new designs, and how do you get so many great looking guys to model them?

We work with the incredibly talented @heyrooney who designs all our daddy tees. He’s very much a part of the Daddy Issues team and we owe him all of our success.

We have 6 designs now and we are always thinking of new ones. We would love to get to the point where we have a daddy for everyone. We try to give away a few at the parties so everyone has one and you can buy the tees online at

It has been so exciting to get tagged in photos of guys who have bought them all over the world. I try and re-share as many as I can.

To find out more (or get your hands on your very own t-shirt, head on over to the Daddy Issues website.
You can also follow Daddy Issues on Facebook and Instagram.

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