Daddy Ink


Ali Lyda delivers in this heartwarming story about misfits and underdogs.

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, and this was very true to me with Daddy Ink. I saw this book popping up on Amazon quite a lot (thanks algorithmic overlords) but for some reason, the cover just didn’t do it for me. I should point out, there’s nothing wrong with a cover. In fact it’s actually a pretty good cover. For whatever reason, I just didn’t like it personally.

So it took me way longer than it should have to get into what is an amazing story.

Gordo is the divorced single father of Giuliana who is just one month old when the story begins. His next door neighbour, the incredibly hot Javi has a bad stutter which gets even worse when he is nervous and Gordo makes him very nervous. Everything about their story is great – from their first meeting to the way their relationship unfolds. Everything feels natural, organic and is well paced.

I love books about misfits, that make you root for the underdog and Daddy Ink delivers both in spades. I also love the sensitive, thoughtful way the author approached Javi’s stutter. It was handled really well, part of the story, but never overwhelming or distracting.

Back to the cover for a minute, The setting for some of the story is in a tattoo parlour. That didn’t necessarily appeal to me at the start, but let me tell you that by the end, I was loving it. The author made it really accessible and I am now totally invested and cannot wait to read the follow-up stories.