Condom-KoozieZ? Yep, It’s A Thing

Condom KooziezSo what does safer sex have to do with beer coolers? Well, and have teamed up to promote condom use and safer sex.

Coinciding with Valentine’s Day and National Condom Month (both in February), KoozieZ is launching the first ever condom-koozie video campaign with ASHA.

The concept driving the campaign is “When you drink, keep it covered.”

In addition to unveiling the videos, KoozieZ has pledged to donate a portion of each order from the month of February to the American Sexual Health Association.

KoozieZ owners Jen and Stephen are excited to pilot this video project and promote condom use.

“Increasingly, for-profit organizations need to support non-profit organizations. Most people have sexual desires and a lot of the time alcohol is involved. These are two common topics that should be openly and freely discussed.”

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This project represents a unique approach for ASHA in educating about sexually transmitted infections. Kay Phillips, ASHA’s Vice President for Strategic Partnerships says,

“There is so much good information about reproductive rights and sexual health but the landscape is crowded, so we’re always looking for new, innovative ways to make sure these messages are heard. The Koozie-Condom videos are short and concise, and we hope that sharing them will engage the public in an entertaining and informative way.”

With that in mind, Kooziez directed and filmed two short, funny videos promoting condoms.

If you’d like to get onboard and raise awareness for this issue, you can jump onto your favourite  social media channel and use “#keepitcovered” to spread the word.

About ASHA

The American Sexual Health Association (ASHA) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1914 to improve the health of individuals, families, and communities, with a focus on educating about and preventing sexually transmitted infections.

You can visit ASHA’s website, their website for teens or their Spanish-language site.

About KoozieZ is an American custom koozie design and sales website. As a family owned business, they are renowned for stellar customer service and quality products. With all products printed and shipped from Kansas, they are able to guarantee overnight delivery of coolers to anywhere in the US.

Check out the KoozieZ website here.
You can also follow KoozieZ on
Facebook and Twitter.

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