The Bisexual Elephant In The Room

It’d be pretty easy to just sit back and think everything is going just fine for the gay community. But there’s a big ol’ bisexual elephant in the room.

Things are looking good these days for those of us in the gay (umbrella term) community. More and more countries are getting on board with marriage equality.

In countries where it’s still not the law of the land (sigh, Australia), it’s dominating the national consciousness and mainstream media headlines.

Trans issues are everywhere these days too. Even before Caitlyn Jenner broke the internet, the movement was already gaining momentum. Awareness was being raised in a number of ways, notably by Orange is the New Black actress Laverne Cox, but also by an increasingly vocal and visible trans community of engaged, and engaging, writers, bloggers and activists.

But what about bisexuality?…And like with almost anything to do with bisexuality, it’s pretty much invisible and being ignored.

When was the last time a celebrity, sports star or politician graced the front cover of a publication for coming out as bi? When was the last time the internet went crazy with overwhelming positive support for someone embracing their bisexuality?

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