Big C Men: On Porn, Their New Venture & Online Hate


EXCLUSIVE: Big C Men (aka Cory and Jared) speak out about the state of porn, their new venture and some recent online drama.

Big C Men are truly one of a kind.

Firstly, they’re a successful, happily married couple who are leading the charge in the quickly rising performer-produced porn field. Having this high degree of control ensures they only ever release content they are 100% happy with it. And it shows. Their content is amongst the best quality content out there.

Secondly, they’re honest and yes, opinionated. Personally, I love that because I think that as a community, we should encourage diversity of opinion from as many different voices as possible. Sure, sometimes we’ll agree and sometimes we won’t, but we should let people say what’s on their minds and have conversations like, you know, adults.

Thirdly, they seem like genuinely nice guys. I don’t know them personally, but I have interacted with them a number of times over the last year. They’ve always been friendly, professional and responsive.



In early March 2019 however, some big drama unfolded. Big C Men were removed from fan site Just For Fans. It was a sudden and unexpected decision, and it played out publicly on Twitter.

With this interview, I didn’t want to continue the negativity or contribute to escalating the drama in any way. That’s not what I’m interested in, or what this blog is about. Instead, I just wanted to give Cory and Jared an opportunity to simply share their thoughts.


I didn’t reach out to Just For Fans or Dominic Ford prior to releasing this article. I do however, realise there are always two sides to every story. I’ve been in contact with Dominic since publishing the article.

He advised: “Cory was given 9 months of constant warnings and this didn’t come out of no where. He knew exactly what he was doing and what the ramifications would be.”

I hope to interview Dominic in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I simply ask that everyone keeps an open mind and engages with each other respectfully.

Little Gay Blog – So, you and Jared have just launched a new site. Congratulations on that! How does the new site work and what can fans expect?

Thank you! We have felt restricted on Just For Fans for some time. I’ve had these amazing ideas and they seem to be severely limited by the platform and “internal politics”.

Our new site – – has been in the works for some time, about a month and a half – and should be launching in the next few weeks. The partner we signed with has worked with some of the biggest names, including one of the most well known and successful couples, The Maverickmen.

The site is going to host all 500 of our videos that comprise our 100% exclusive collection. These videos include solos, our couple sex, and sex with all our hot amateur AND porn star buddies. Our collection from the last 2 years is quite remarkable by any standards. Each video is beautifully and creatively edited by yours truly!

So, fans can expect access to the entire collection, as well as some VERY exciting never before seen videos.

My entrepreneurial, creative brain has many ideas in store for exciting new features, and this new site partner has all of the knowledge and experience necessary to implement them. We look forward to an evolving brand that grows organically.

Perhaps we will create a platform component, where models with well developed portfolios could host their content and join our brand. I’ve also been wanting to create performer produced and owned movies, which is an exciting and unchartered product! Only time will tell…

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You’ve been pioneers in the industry, in particular leading the charge when it comes to performer-produced content. How important is it to you – that you’re in control of the content you put out?

Being quite honest, I would not have gone anywhere near the industry if performer produced content was not realistic.

I saw the first “performer produced income option” unfold with the creation of Onlyfans in 2017. We were one of the first models to sign up, and quickly became fan count leaders. Before Onlyfans existed, studios and directors controlled the entire Industry. Performer produced content finally gave models new power over their careers and their lives on many levels.

Not many models saw the potential, but as a successful businessman, I saw this immediately. And the long term vision of high residual revenue with total freedom stimulated me to put in the effort required to develop a collection.

A collection is not just having a lot of sex. It is networking with creative/hard working models, being responsible in business practices (like getting 2257’s signed), understanding how to have hot sex while filming, putting in the work editing/marketing/posting, and overall connecting with the valued fans.

To be honest, I have seen very few models follow in our footsteps. They seem to either lack the ability or choose not to do one or more of the previously described components. As such, I have always edited videos myself and given beautifully edited, watermarked copies to those we work with.

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OK, so I don’t like to dwell on the negative, but there was a bit of drama when it came to the way you left Just For Fans. What would you like to say about it, and in the spirit of trying to focus on the bright side of things, what are also some of your good recollections about your experience on JFF?

Well I’ve been married to my husband Jared for 8 years. He was a studio porn star when we met, formerly Jayden Grey. When I met him he was in a terrible place, having been abused on so many levels by “The Industry”. Luckily, he was able to quit and enjoy being what many condescendingly call “a house husband”.

I have always enjoyed great success as a non-porn business owner – and still do. Very few models ever find a path that works. Most are sex workers, actively escorting and at the mercy of inconsistent, low paying studio scenes to barely pay bills. It’s a dead end and sad to watch.

So when I entered the Industry with Jared, it was to do things 100% differently. I saw the opportunity.

I myself have always had an authentic love of sex. I knew Jared and I could create some of the hottest content ever, and my business skills could take us to great places. All of that has come true.

But the point is that we have done things differently, and that has always been met with resistance. Saying no to studios, tweeting secret realities of the pitfalls of the Industry, and refusing to back down to the evil we saw, all led to a slow but cumulative cult like shunning of Jared and I.

Most recently, the “haters” as I like to refer to them, decided to “out” Jared and I, shaming us for voting for the current President of the United States, Donald Trump in 2016. Mind you, we understand the controversy, and have not supported him or publicly even mentioned politics in the last 2 years. Yet every hater was tweeting aggressive, abusive rhetoric and encouraging the industry and fans to shun us.

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Dominic Ford, the owner of Just For Fans decided that the cult-produced anger was too much for him to handle. On March 5th, 2019, without our consent, he terminated our JFF account, publishing a twitter statement saying that JFF would not tolerate “bullying”.

I would adamantly argue that my “bullying” tweets were responses to attacks, and constitutionally protected free speech.

By the way, we all know Twitter has the ability to monitor hateful or abusive speech and not once did Twitter censor or “suspend” me, which it routinely does to many of the bickering, unstable studio stars.

Yet Dominic felt the need/desire to terminate our account entirely. I’m not sure as to the legality, but ethically it was the lowest thing I’ve experienced with the Industry.

Luckily, we have already been developing our own private site, so there shouldn’t be too much of a gap for our valued fans, who are likely very confused and upset.

We have to be thankful to JFF for paying us approximately $150,000 in revenue in about an 8 month period. The platform also allowed us to focus on developing a lot of great content with so many current models.

I had thousands of hours invested in JFF, however, and I still don’t feel it was Dominic’s right, especially on an ethical level, to terminate our existence and shatter all of my hard work with an authoritarian click of a button. To me, I felt like I was being punished by a biased dictator. It felt evil.

Dealing with online hate and negativity is always hard. What advice do you have for other members of our community, especially younger people, about how best to deal with it?

Well the gay adult industry is filled with hate. While humans in general struggle to find love, the industry specifically harbours so many unhealthy individuals on unhealthy paths. Pretending that isn’t the reality is ludicrous.

Most of the models are active sex workers, escorting to pay their bills. The studio scenes are very low paying ($500-$1200) per scene with no ownership rights. They inject models (almost every time) with trimex shots directly into the penis to create a manufactured erection. From there, a horrible series of fake, forced sex occurs between models that often hate one another almost as much as they hate themselves. It’s so sad.

And luckily I’ve never experienced it. But Jared has told me stories and I hear stories from every single studio “star” we work with. And we have worked with I’d say 70%, maybe 80% of them in the last 2 years. Some have spent weeks at our beautiful Manhattan Beach home without leaving at all.

I believe, aside from the terrible pay and no ownership, that it’s impossible to retain mental health when doing these awful, fake studio scenes. Even the strongest minds break down.

So I’d tell anyone new and young to avoid studio porn all together.

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The beauty of the current Industry is you can now make your own content, and ironically it’s the 100% the right business choice, especially long term. You can now get famous on your own through social media like Twitter. Studios are totally unnecessary for exposure.

And in making your own hot porn, you own it 100%, and you are able to get the residual affect by offering a streaming ability to your entire collection for a monthly membership. What a great time to be sexy, hard working, and smart in the gay adult entertainment industry!

I’d tell new models to avoid the obvious pitfalls: Stay away from models on bad paths, those that harbour negativity and have a history of unhealthy behaviour. Many of the models are actively using drugs, and many struggle unsuccessfully with sobriety to various addictions. Be smart on who you let close to you, many of these people simply aren’t stable and inevitably bring you down with.

Stay healthy, and surround yourself with healthy people. Keep sex real, connected, and enjoyable – Video never lies.


And lastly, any final word to your fans?….

Well, in chartering a basically new, healthy, successful path rich with financial reward and a promising future, we have encountered an enormous amount of negativity and resistance from the “Status Quo”.

I’d like to apologise to the fans for seeing me resort to nasty tweets and unflattering behaviour in dealing with what I call “industry trash”. These unfortunate, unhealthy people attack my husband and I in the most unethical ways, and I have always felt the need to stand up for us.

Our fans I’m sure, struggle with the drama of our path, but I think most understand the importance and value in what we are doing, and how we have done it almost singlehandedly. Before our page was shut down on March 5th, 2019, we had approximately 1,400 paying fans at a $14,99 price point. Over 1,000 of those dedicated fans were set to Recurring, and will likely follow us as soon as we launch our new site.

To those valued fans, let me assure you we are going to work harder than ever before. The freedom that comes with this new, exciting step will be hotter than hell to watch.

As our fans already know, we bring them along for our entire “life journey”, not only our X-rated fun. They have followed our path through the industry. They follow us on our vacations. They watch our boy toys and boyfriends cum and go (pun intended). They will be excited, expectant, and eager to watch us grow and prosper.

Thank you to those who have understood our mission and supported us. We look forward to sharing the rest of our real lives with you all.

Check out the new Big C Men website here!

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