Bearded Homos Australia on Instagram

Bearded Homos Australia
Bearded Homos Australia is an awesome Instagram account celebrating beards, and the men who make them look so damn irresistible.

I didn’t get laid for most of my 20s. I attribute this rather sad fact in large part due to having a beard. Back in the mid naughties, beards were out. Way out. But my how times have changed!

Today, beards are back and bigger (literally!) than ever. As usual, something that has been around and popular for decades within the gay community (specifically the bear community) has been taken over and is seen as something new and novel by straight guys.

Beards are great equalisers. It doesn’t matter about your age, your race, you body type or face shape, pretty much all guys can rock the bearded look. There’s something inherently primal and masculine about facial hair. It’s a look that I’ve also liked, and now it seems, so does everyone else!

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The Little Gay Blog recently joined Instagram. As I was getting acquainted with the site, one of the first pages I came across was the Bearded Homos Australia Instagram page. As the name suggests, it’s a page dedicated to celebrating gay guys who have beards.

I reached out to the page’s creator Mitch (who happens to be a fellow Brissie boy). Mitch was kind enough to share some of his insight into beards, and the gays who love them!

Here’s what we chatted about:

Little Gay Blog – What first sparked your own interest and like of beards/facial hair?

Mitch – I guess it’s something that has always been there. I couldn’t tell you exactly when. I have always enjoyed having facial hair, and I think it’s sexy on a guy.

What inspired you to create the Bearded Homos Australia Instagram page?

I really just wanted a platform for guys to connect on (in Australia). There were other pages that I had seen before but they were full of models from Spain or Italy, they weren’t guys that you could actually meet.

I think thats why its been so popular because the guys we publish are the guys that follow, its about them.

I thought it was so cool that you could be traveling to Australia and be following the page and see guys that you want to connect with and vice versa for guys that live in Australia. We post guys that may have their profile on private, that may not use hashtags, and guys who may be in your city that you haven’t heard of because they aren’t on ‘the apps ‘

The whole idea with #bringtheboystogether (which I created day one) was to connect beardy guys all in one place.

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It’s interesting how beards and facial hair are so popular amongst straight guys at the moment, whereas they’ve been a staple of the gay bear community for decades now. Do you think beards will remain popular for straight guys, or is it more of a trend/fad?

I think that beards will remain popular in both the gay and straight communities. I don’t really see it as a fad but there are definitely a lot of beards around at the moment. I love it!

The Bearded Homos Australia page has a really positive and supportive feel to it. How do you manage to create such an accepting and inviting environment on social media, which has been known to not be the most friendly platform?

I tend to be very protective of guys that want here photo uploaded. I don’t tolerate any sort of bullying or negative comments on the guys because I don’t upload them for them to be ridiculed. Its a positive fun place for guys to connect with guys from Australia. I have had to delete comments and block people before.

It has never been about who has the biggest beard, or who’s the biggest bear, or who’s the hottest, or the fittest, or the skinniest or the biggest or how old/young they are, its a mix of everyone, and I think most people get it. I hope people see it for what it is.

I think even though all our guys are beardy, I hope it teaches more tolerance in the LGBT community.

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For guys thinking of submitting their pic to the page (using the hashtag #bringtheboystogether), what advice can you give them to help their pic get selected?

Most of the guys that get uploaded are from pictures through ‘Direct message’. So the best advice I can give them is, when you upload a pic instead of clicking ‘followers’ click ‘direct ‘ and type us in and it will send through as a private message.

You can also tag us in your photos, so click tag on the photo, not just @beardedhomos.australia in the comments as I have hundreds of notifications a day and I won’t see  it.

The other thing is please be patient. I have a lot of messages but i try and work through them all.

What are your goals for the page? Where do you see it in 5 years time?

Without giving too much away, I do have a lot of exciting ideas. So far it has been used as an advertising platform for events and products, as well as other pages, websites and causes. I hope to see it grow into something spectacular as at the moment it’s pretty special.

If you’re on Instagram, be sure to follow the Bearded Homos Australia on Instagram.
(If you’re not on Instagram, it’s worth joining for this page alone! :-)

All images used in this article are provided for by,
and used with the express permission of, Bearded Homos Australia!


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