Beard Oil – Gimmick Or Grooming Essential?

When a barber recently applied beard oil – and it made my beard smell great and feel smooth – it got me thinking, is beard oil more than just a gimmick?

I’m a low maintenance kind of guy when it comes to grooming. I wash my face morning and night, and apply a good quality face cream. I’ll try and put on a face mask once a week, if I can remember. That’s about as complicated as things get for me.

I don’t use many products, but I am conscious of skin being the body’s largest organ. So I know that what I apply onto it, gets absorbed into my body. As I’ve become more aware of this, and been able to afford it, I have over the years transitioned to using pretty much only organic products on my hair and skin.

Now this could just be me buying into the marketing hype that ‘organic is better’. If it is, so be it. The results seem to speak for themselves. My skin responds well to the products. I’m happy to spend the money and ultimately, support what are in most cases, smaller, boutique companies at least trying to be more conscious of using higher quality products and employing better processes than most multinational cosmetic companies do.

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But I’ve been a holdout when it comes to beard oil. Why? Well, mainly because I conflated it with the rise of the hipster, which happened at around the same time that beards came back into vogue again. I don’t eat $10 artisanal toast, I don’t have a man bun or tattoo sleeves, and I don’t use beard oil.

But I’m a curious guy, and always open to changing my opinion based on new information. So, I reached out to Per, who founded the Danish-based Nordic Beard Factory in 2015. Per couldn’t find a beard oil that worked for his skin, which led him to not only starting the company, but also to ensuring it used only organic ingredients and was 100% paraben-free.

Here’s what we chatted about –

Little Gay Blog – Alright, I’m a little sceptical about beard oil (plus, totally lazy when it comes to grooming). Why should bearded guys, like me, use a beard oil?

Per – It is important to use beard oil when you have a beard. Nordic beard factory is designed to nourish the skin under the beard too, avoiding, itching, ingrown hair and dandruff. The organic oils take care of that.

Tee tree oil and jasmine oil has anti-inflammatory properties that cleans up the beard. Jojoba oil provides care. These are just a few of my ingredients with natural nourishing functions, therefore it is a must to use beard oil if you want to appear well-kept.

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How did you come across beard oils yourself, and what led you to starting your own beard oil company?

It all started when I was acting in a Viking movie, where we  used beard oil daily on the set. I soon found out that my skin couldn’t handle it. I then began to make my own oil at home in my kitchen. It only contained organic oils, without additives.

It quickly turned out that it worked perfectly in my beard and the other Vikings immediately saw the difference and wanted to use my beard oil too. The need was too big for me to just give it away for free and that’s how Nordic Beard Factory started.

Now it is being sold in many countries in Europe and is very popular in the gay community.

Nordic Beard Factory uses only organic ingredients. Why did you decide to do this, and what are the main benefits of using organic ingredients, as opposed to non-organic?

The reason why I use organic raw material is that I wanted a product that contains no parabens and other toxic additives.

Many other beard-grooming products are produced in China with very little control over production, but I chose to have my products produced in Scandinavia and only with the best ingredients.

It means a lot to me that what I sell is a product of the highest quality and I can vouch for it 100 percent.

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I actually lived in Malmo, Sweden back in the last 90’s/early 00s and I was one of the only guys with a beard. How popular are beards in Scandinavia nowadays, especially within the gay community?

Today beards are a big trend, where very young men also grow beards. In the past, beards were reserved for slightly older men, but this trend has changed.

In the gay community beards are incredibly popular today. They ooze masculinity, and manliness. Men use their beard so make a statement and of course also to attract others that are into beards.

For many people, the size and density of the beard is sign of masculinity and more male hormones, but I obviously do not agree. The density and growth is far more genetically related, and being able to grow a beard or not has nothing to do with a mans actual masculinity.

To view the entire range, check out the Nordic Beard Factory website.
You can also follow Nordic Beard Factory on Instagram.



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