About The Little Gay Blog

Hi. My name is Paul and the Little Gay Blog is my creation.

I started the blog in April 2013 as a way to raise a number of gay issues I was thinking about, and not necessarily seeing reflected back to me in the gay press.

I’ve never really felt part of any gay community, so I used that as a starting point. I began writing about my own take on life, love, sex, monogamy, gay rights, equality and more.

Over the years, I’m happy to have seen the blog grow, find its voice and build up an awesome audience of (predominantly, but not exclusively) gay men from all around the world.


Here’s a bit more info about me:

Reasons For Starting

I had two main motivators in starting the blog. Firstly, I think there’s an unfulfilled writer living inside of me. Since childhood, I have always loved writing. My work has always involved words (policy, comms), but they’ve never been my own true words. They didn’t reflect my innermost thoughts and feelings.

Secondly, I wanted to share my ideas with others, in the hope of connecting, learning and growing as a person. I know it sounds a bit wanky, but for me, this is something that’s important to me at this point in my life.

Reasons To Keep Going

I don’t make any money from the Little Gay Blog, and I don’t intend to monetise it anytime soon either. This blog isn’t about money for me. (But hey, I’m not going to pass up any paid opportunities to write on other blogs/sites – You can contact me here, hint, hint :-)

Being a blogger, especially a gay blogger, can be hard and quite lonely at times. Sometimes it feels like being all alone in a room, talking to yourself. It’s hard to find an audience in a world of gay porn blogs. Competing against fit guys, buff biceps and large penises is hard when all I’m offering up is words.

But as long as the words keep coming, I’ll keep blogging. I think it’s important to share ideas and opinions that don’t necessarily fit within what mainstream gay media produces. I believe there’s room for so many, many more voices to be heard. I’d like my voice to be just one of countless others.

Who Am I?

How do you write about yourself and not sound like a pretentious wanker? Hmm, well for starters, I am going to avoid using the following terms: grounded, normal, down to earth, easy going…..They’ve all been done to death.

Which leaves what exactly?…See the dilemma?

OK, here are a few facts about me:

  • I’m a 1980s baby.
  • My partner and I have moved out of the city (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) and now live on acreage about an hour and a half outside of the city.
  • I spent 5 years living overseas in Europe between the ages of 18-23. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done.
  • I am genuinely really happy with my life. It’s not perfect, but I don’t ever think life ever gets perfect. But I am happy.
  • I’m a qualified Pilates instructor.
  • I’m loving getting older. I’ve always had older friends, and now that I find myself starting to slide into that older age bracket, I realise just how much I’ve grown up and gotten my life together. It’s a nice feeling.

So, I hope that just about covers it.
If there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to contact me!