4 Seriously Smart & Sexy Gay Magazines

Gay Magazines

With the media, and specifically print media, in a state of decline and chaos, here are 4 seriously smart and sexy gay magazines that are killing it right now.

Anyone who has the audacity and courage to start a print magazine at the start of the 21st century has my respect. It’s not an easy endeavour by any means. The internet has changed the way we consume news and information. People expect instant access and possibly worst of all – for everything to be free.

So why would anyone buy a magazine?

Magazines have a long lead time, meaning that they are compiled over a period of months before the printing process can begin. Then there’s the distribution side of things and and getting the magazine out and made available all over the world.

Plus you have to find stockists willing to sell the magazine. And then after all of this, you have to set a price. The price needs to cover costs and not scare people off from making the purchase. Unlike websites, magazines do need to charge a price.

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So given the difficulty of the situation magazines face, it’s amazing to me that right now in 2017, there are some gay magazines that are absolutely amazing. They’re producing original, in-depth content, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

If you think gay magazines are all about hot, young, white, jock looking dudes, get ready to be surprised. Here is a collection of 4 seriously smart and sexy gay magazines you might like to check out:

Hello Mr


Hello Mr has been a huge personal inspiration for me. It’s the first gay magazine I’ve ever read that felt real and authentic to me. With contributions from gay guys all over the world, it spans a huge diversity in terms of opinions and perspectives.

It’s made up of a range of different content. This ranges from typical magazine style articles, to fiction stories, poetry, art and more. By not being limited to a typical magaziney genre, the magazine is imbued with a sense of freedom and diversity that personally, I don’t think any other gay magazine can match at the moment.

Hello Mr website

BUTT Magazine


BUTT Magazine is unabashedly queer and revels in its faggotry. It’s bold, expressive and retro-styled….things I’d never really seen before. Which probably explains why I like it so much.

In a world where homo-culture is being homo-genised, it’s good to see a representation that celebrates different sides to our sexuality. I realise it may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely worth checking out and supporting.

BUTT Magazine website

Playbear Magazine


I was fortunate to speak with Playbear Magazine founder Steven when the magazine first debuted. You can read that interview here if you like.

Here’s what I wrote about the magazine’s first edition:

The first thing that stood out to me was the quality of the publication. It’s beautifully produced. The time, care and attention to detail is clear to see on every page, and in every article. Often times, LGBT media doesn’t have the highest production values for a number of reasons (budget restraints, tight deadlines). Playbear Magazine doesn’t show any signs of these constraints.

The thing I loved most about the magazine though, was its content. It’s funny that in these times of 24 hour news cycles and media overload, it’s actually hard to find genuine, original, unique and engaging content. Playbear Magazine touches on a lot of issues that I find fascinating and fun to explore (sex, body image, community). It presents articles, ideas and images in a way that’s fun to read, while giving you something to think about too.

Playbear Magazine website

Groom + Guy


Australia may have the somewhat dubious distinction of being the only English-speaking country on the planet not to have marriage equality, but thankfully, that hasn’t stopped Groom + Guy from launching. It’s Australia’s (and New Zealand’s) first wedding magazine for the gay community.

The quality and production of the magazine is absolutely beautiful. Plus, the magazine has an awesome platform to continue prosecuting the argument for marriage equality in Australia.

Groom + Guy website

So, there you have it. Four very diverse and very different (yet all equally awesome) gay magazines.

It was only as I was finishing this article that I actually realised just how different all of these magazines are from each other. I mean BUTT Magazine celebrates queer counter-culture and expressive sexuality, while Groom + Guy is for guys wanting to settle down and get married. You can’t get much more different than that!

How awesome is it that we’re living in times when we as gay men, have such a wide variety of choices when it comes to living our lives?

So if you’ve been inspired, please check these magazines out and if you can, please do support them. They can only continue to exist for our community if we as a community, actively support them.